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    Good day and I hope this email finds you well. On our chat I have had a number of questions regarding what's going on and I wanted to send out a note to reassure you. If you are not aware, since the "election" social media companies have been hard at work silencing those they simply do not agree with. Twitter has banned over 70,000 accounts and FaceBook is purging posts that have key terms like "Stop the steal." Today, the purge hit the firearms community and a site that pretty much everyone is familiar with, AR15.com. Unfortunately, this is not surprising and anyone in the domain community has known for some time that GoDaddy is Anti-Gun and Anti Freedom of Speech. So while I am irritated that GoDaddy took these actions with AR15.com, I am more surprised that it was somehow a shock to someone who should have known better. AR15.com was registered at GoDaddy, and far more disturbing, is still having it's website hosted on Amazon's AWS. Just last night, Amazon chose to cut off services to Parler, which ran on the very same Amazon Web Services' cloud computing platform. How Does this Impact NJGF and How Are We Exposed? Since DAY 1, over 12 years ago, being at the mercy of anti-gun companies has been a concern of mine. As such, the domain has ALWAYS been registered and managed at either an offshore web registrar, Internet.bs, registered in the Bahamas, or, and for the last few years, at Epik.com, a registrar owned by a Freedom loving, CEO Rob Monster, someone I have come to known fairly well over the prior few years. Before Gab.com, Parler.com and now AR15.com found Epik.com, we have been using them for NJGunForums.com registration along with many other domains in my firearms portfolio. The company is strongly in support of the First and Second Amendments and I do not have any concerns there. In either case, if there is trouble on the horizon, the next step would be to register the domain at an offshore registrar. Hosting wise, there is a weeeeeee bit more exposure. NJGF is hosted on a dedicated server, with a host we have used for the last 8 years or so. I have had multiple discussions with the host over the years regarding firearms and they are completely okay with the firearms community. More than that, we are not on a "cloud" hosting platform where the data is all over the place, the data is on a server, backed up to two drivers. We DO use Amazon for cheap backup storage however, however an outage there, would have no impact on the community. As a backup, I maintain a number of backup hosts offshore as well, currently Norway, a country that values internet freedom, and will look into adding a second in either Switzerland or Bulgaria. In the event the current host would have an issue with the firearms community, it would take a few hours to transition to an offshore hosting account. Many people have asked about what they can do, and why we have "Premier Memberships" on the forum, this is why. Bottom Line While I am deeply concerned about the "cancel culture," I am not concerned about being in the position that AR15.com is today, and what many other firearms communities may find themselves in tomorrow. For the last 10 years, these concerns were top of mind and it is why we block traffic from most of Asia, and have the domain registered and servers hosted where we do. If you want to support the community and help with the additional backup servers, please consider becoming a Premier Member. You can do that here... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/ If you have domains left over at GoDaddy, and want to tell them to pound sand, I highly recommend Epik.com, and it is where I have the vast majority of my domains registered, please use our link, http://slav.li/epik Thanks! -Maks
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    Now if only we can get NJGF and its members to stop promoting and using Anti-Gun PayPal.
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    Well done. There’s nothing like being prepared.
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    Maks, very reassuring. Thank you for the write-up. regards, Art
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    need the NRA, anyone that says otherwise is a moron
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    There are things to consider based on how long he plans to keep the car. Audi is a terrible long term purchase. Great cars for under 100k and 4 years, after that.. like most higher end European cars they become expensive mechanical and electrical nightmares.
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    I was hoping the Can-Can sale meant I could get one for the Glock, one for the AR. But apparently Shop-Rite interprets 'can' to mean something else entirely.
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    Just a heads up for some who may have forgot and or don't know about it eagle arms is having a 650 table show this fri. sat. and Sunday in Morgantown pa . if your having trouble finding ammo and or reloading supplies this may be a good time to take a trip . I'm sure prices will be a bit high but if they have it buy it.
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    My first house in Keyport was $29k. No heat,no insulation, built in 1865 but better than an apartment. I survived. Too many people now "need" granite and central AC. I bet there are plenty of affordable houses.
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    I'm quoting this because this thread had jetted off into another direction, but if you're commenting on the ORIGINAL topic, I think this comment above really summed it up. This was NOT an NRA/ANJRPC "lawsuit". They filed an amicus brief only - an entirely different, often narrowly focused, and very low-cost proposition (I mention cost because it's not something that sucks up a lot of member donations). And as Siderman pointed out, they do this for OTHER groups, too, around the country - most often non-LEO groups. Whatever you think of the NRA - good, bad, or indifferent - facts matter... and a lawsuit is wholly different than an amicus brief and doesn't necessarily reflect the totality of the filer's position.
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    My morning Dump...
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    I joined the NRA because the closest range to my home requires it. But, until they get their house cleaned up, they don't get another penny. The NRA is a big sponge that absorbs money AND takes the brunt of the government attention. We, the voting, Second Amendment supporting, gun owning, citizens are the ones responsible for our rights. We can't remain quiet.
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    ha!! hust hope he doesn't get the civic, put a giant wing on the back and a fartcan......and 47 degrees of negative camber, lol
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    You're still missing the point . . . Only a small portion of the time that you are "waiting for a NICS check" is actually the check. Most of the time that you are waiting, you are actually waiting for the NJSP to pick up the work (online or paper, it doesn't matter) then the check is done quickly, then the NJSP has to communicate the status back to your local PD. The slow down IS here in NJ. It doesn't take 5 days to run a NICS.
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    I got my 30 cans of Progresso soup. Great time to stock up.
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    For anyone starting (or replenishing) a well-stocked home pantry, the Shop-Rite Can-Can sale is on right now and continues through this Saturday, Jan 9th. As per usual,, they have some decent prices on pantry staples like canned tomatoes, tuna, soups & broths, etc. The can-can sale is a good option price-wise for filling any gaps in your pantry, particularly if you're not a member of Costco or another discount club. Start here to find your local Shop-Rite store - https://shop.shoprite.com/globaldata/banner-pages/store-locator - from there you can view that store's weekly flyer with sale details. Happy prepping!
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    Ok. You go with me? Ill drive
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    Thanks! Too bad we can't sell reloads (I understand why not!). We could make some money as well as help our brother gun owners! I am tempted to go to the show even though a 2 hour drive. I fear that I will find crazy high pricing on primers and ammo.
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    Its getting up in price, going up to 40 cpr lowest price online. After the election results got certified, price spiked up. One of the things that Biden/Harris can do is stop the import of foreign made ammo, such as 7.62x39 (which by the way, most 7.62x39 is made outside of the US.)
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    no doubt!
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    I think there is still a role for the NRA to play. We don’t want them “dismantled”. It would give the democrats another “we did it!” moment. More importantly even in its current form the NRA is the tank, receiving and absorbing all the damage while other orgs like GOA FPC, etc go on offense. NRA-ILa and local branches are also continuing to put up a fight.
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    Yeah, thank goodness Trump fixed all those issues, and Obama is long gone. I made a lot of money the past 4 years, didn't make crap during Obama's last few years.. how about you? Check back in 6 months, we'll see how humorous or accurate it was.
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    And Manchin came out today as saying he’s a hard no for the $2k checks. They basically lied for the votes...but that’s just normal politicking. i effing hate them all...
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    You didn't hear...? Biden is planning a multi trillion dollar stimulus plan... its already in the works. He also said there would another one later on... So when he signs that stimulus bill that will definitely make its way to him, his signature will in fact be the seal that prints trillions of "fake" dollars. Your post doesn't qualify as humor, unfortunately. Even if I laugh at its stupidity. I mean Jerk off Biden literally promised the voters of Georgia a stimulus check if they voted Democrat in the senate run off. Seems like he believes he can print money.
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    Based on what's coming down the pike, with the NJ budget completely destroyed, you're going to be happy that it was only $18 NOW... Just wait for Murphy's "Hold My Beer" moment.
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    Ask yourself this, if a unarmed person was breaking you door down or climbing thru a window threatening you would you shoot . ? What if the backpack contained 5 Lbs of C-4 . Would you shoot? No real answer to speculate ,but there are better ways to change the government than forcing your way into a government building.
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    Too many people look for the law to tell them what they can do. That's not the purpose of law. Law is supposed to tell you what YOU CAN'T DO. You can't steal, you can't murder, etc. If you look at the law Federally and in most states no one tells you "it is legal to use hollow points in self defense in the home". Law is not there to tell you what you can do. If you lawfully shoot an intruder with a hollow point in your home there is no law that says you can't and no law that says you can. An "aggressive prosecutor" cannot make up a law that says you were wrong. If you hit an intruder with your legally possessed baseball bat in your living room who was going to kill you a prosecutor can't go after you.
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    Use the shotgun! I would NEVER trust reloads that someone gave me to defend myself or my loved ones! I would however, use my own reloads for defense over factory ammo any day!
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    All I can say is that if someone threatens my life or the lives of my family, I will kill them! I will use the most effective ammunition I can get my hands on to accomplish that goal and I don't give two shits what someone sitting in Trenton thinks about my choices!
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    Will do, but wanted to make a post so others here are alerted in case he contacted them in the same time frame and so it will get indexed for google searches on that email address.
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    Next time hit "Report" on the PM. This is a known issue that happens. Took care of it.
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    Ive got SPP. $300/1000.
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    Biden prints the money? Bro did you go to Trump University? If the President was allowed to print money the current hooker wig wearing Pres would have made things even worse. We are still feeling the results of Obama 8 years. Your posting was humorous.

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