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    PRE-ORDER NOW! All pre-orders will be Signed by me! You choose to have them shipped or you can pick up at the range when they arrive! Support those who support you. https://crimeproofbook.com IMG_6186.MP4
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    If all the firearms in question were purchased legally, all of them are legal in NJ, your friend is specifically named in the will as the recipient of the firearms, and your friend is not a prohibited person, then he can take possession of them and bring them here. As mentioned above make sure he gets a copy of the will to demonstrate where they came from and that he obtained them legally. I would also make a personal record of make, model and serial numbers received from the will. Shipping them through FFLs will really complicate things, especially if there's any handguns in the collection.
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    Congrats, Been there a few times, always enjoyed shooting outdoors. Good timing with the nice weather coming.
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    Im in! An official CJRPC member now... Time to get this press churning out some ammo so i can actually shoot and not feel too guilty for using ammo durin gthe high price/high demand times were in...
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    Maybe not freebies, but here is the BEST way to go. Been there, done that with 3 kids... Have her go to Community College for the first two years to take all the basic classes, and graduate with a A.A. degree. Will save TONS of money not going to a four year school. Then, with the A.A. degree, EVERY credit transfers to a four year state school, even if it's not a exact match. Then, have her stack up classes at the four year state school over two days, three at most, and DON'T live at school, but commute. There's NO benefit in living at college, except to blow a bunch of bucks.. This way she can work part time a few days each week, to help pay as she goes.. The key and goal is to get a four year degree at the LOWEST COST!!! Regarding scholarships, there are tons of businesses, companies and organization that give out small ones, in the ranges of $500 - $1000, but if she gets a few, it can add up. My son applied for scholarships from companies like Walmart, Comcast, etc. and ended up with enough to pay for his Community College, with some left over for the 4 year school.
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    Every one of us have three representatives in the assembly. One senator and two assemblymen. They don't like to hear complaints from constituents. I would suggest that you contact all three offices after 60 days and then every 30 there after. The truth is that the law needs to be changed. The 30 day limit was put in and overridden back when much of the check was manual. With all of the automation, it makes no sense that that it remains ignored. It's time for the legislature and/or the courts to revisit the decision.
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    I came into this thread hoping to read about an astronaut and a test pilot...
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    Guilty as charged. That particular 10X is my profile pic. Turns out, sights work just fine with the gun sideways. Now if only the FBI crouch stages were that easy!
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    Waste of lots of cash and NJ will know what you have. Bring them in in UNMARKED boxes.
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    This. Going through an FFL will be an expensive and time consuming process.
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    I did the process online. I went to gun's for hire for the required training, which is mandatory, and they filled all the paperwork for me. I sent it by mail and 90 days later got my permit. Easy Peasy! Beats going somewhere in person to get it done in my book.
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    Pre-ordered previously via the NJ Firearms Owners Syndicate group. Happy to support your book Ant, appreciate all you do for what's left of the RKBA in NJ.
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    I'll take the winchester block. I'll take the winchester. I live in New Egypt and can meet up with you. Thanks Pete
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    Are they legal per NJ laws? If so and your friend inherited them and has a copy of the will saying so. There is no reason to go to FFL. Securely case them in Uhaul and good to go! I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night!!!
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    Not sure they would or could do anything about a personnel issue. That is for the Chief/Deputy Chief. I would start with them and escalate with a local politician or state rep if that doesn't work.
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    Thanks! Looking forward to shooting more in the near future.. Was a member at Range14 but could never find the time in their limited open hours. This should work with my busy schedule much better.... if now only ammo would come back to fiscal reality.. I ended up going Glock boy.. Took the model 22 (.40 s&w).. the little Springfield XDs is a little tough for me to efficiently and quickly manipulate with the thick hands i got.. The full size Glock is just simple and second nature..
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    Congrats, Reading the threads, sounds like a club you really wanted to join, Enjoy. After reading the threads, what gun did you decide to use? .
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    Congratulations! I see you didn't waste any time listing your home range. Still sorting out finances since retirement, and concerned about my ammo reserves, but definitely would like to join too.
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    I agree 100%. Civil servants never want a complaint against them. Even if the retiree is best buds with the Chief a formal complaint is something that is a headache for the retiree and the Chief. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. The ass-kissing citizen will get walked on all day long. You need to assert yourself either directly or getting either a local or state rep involved. A lazy civil servant will do you no favors just because you kiss their ass. Call the NJSP firearms unit number and inform them of what happened. I had an incident when I was living in NJ when OGAM became law and my local department would not issue more than one PP. I called the NJSP firearms unit and spoke with the sergeant to get clarification on the law. He called the local PD and told them that they were violating my rights and could be sued as a result. My permits (4) were delivered by a Sgt from the local PD with an apology for their misunderstanding of the law.
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    Sc arms in spotswood had one last time I was in there
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    She already does! Settled right in. LOL.
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    1. Renounce Citizenship 2. Become Citizen of another country 3. Illegally immigrate back into U.S. 4. Free college in NJ - Profit.
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    I have a Dirty Harry!! Really Light em up!!!
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    Sure is tempting dave! Have to look and see if i have any .38 rounds laying around.. No sense in belching fire and scaring the newbies with some hot .357 loads... May have been more fun if i had picked up the DW .44 from you!
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    I would bring the 686!. I brought a GP100 about 16-17 years ago LOL!!!. NO FtoF no FtoF. Easy Peasy!!
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    Thanks kev for the detailed info! And glad its in this thread as it may be a benefit to someone else in the future. Cant imagine someone could be that stupid or clueless to walk up with a loaded gun, like 'im here and ready'.. WTF.. Im confident in my gun handling and etiquette. Been a gun owner, shooter, and hunter for 30 years now. My biggest dilemma is what gun to bring! My .22 handgun, a saturday night special phoenix arms HP22 has been acting up, so thats out.. Could bring the glock .40 but dont want to look like one of those new Glock boys.. lol Probably just bring the little XDs 9mm.. But for simplicity sake, could always bring my first love, the stainless S&W 686. But that may look like im trying to compensate for something like the guys with the big ol' lifted diesel trucks..
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    Permit me to assist in the translation. I'll send you my invoice. You may not understand this unless you have studied Physics, but do not be dissuaded and please continue to read to the end Here’s the math.... Here’s the explanation: Here’s the Illustration: Here’s the Practical Demonstration: And that's your Physics Lesson for Today. Now imagine if this is how they started teaching us Physics way back in High School; I'm sure there would be a couple of 'Nobel Prizes' among us! For some reason I can't delete the following images from this post. But who cares?
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    I don't believe in having to kiss ass to enjoy your rights! I do have to agree with @Sniper in extreme cases like this. Email the CPD very politely asking for help. Do not put down the guy you spoke with! You don't know his relationship with the Chief!
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    @EdF The first part of your answer is correct. The second part is completely FALSE. If the OP is named in the Will as the new owner, they're HIS, no paperwork needed. 'Cept maybe for a hand-written receipt from the Executrix of the Estate. OGAM goes away too, since there's NO paperwork If the OP @Gosnellus is NOT named in the Will as the new owner of the personal property, then the OP must file all the regular paperwork for purchasing both long guns (and pistols if so desired). Once the permits come thru, the OP can submit an OGAM exemption form, naming the firearms to be transferred. What people THINK doesn't matter....what the LAW SAYS matters. Rosey
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    That's a feature, not a bug, as far as NJ is concerned. I was working for an employer with a very anti-RKBA stance when I first applied for my FID, and I was sweating the employment verification then. I'm sure some people decide to forgo the whole thing based on that.
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