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    Several weeks ago I visited the newly renovated and reopened range at Collier-Mills WMA. Thought I would post my impressions. (I am having problems posting my images. Will do so later once I resolve the issue.) - Overall a substantial improvement over the prior range facility. - The shooting benches in particular are a great improvement over the old shooting benches. The countertop area is quite spacious and accommodates both left and right handed shooters. I found the ergonomics were great when shooting my Ruger Precision Rifle(556/223). The benches/tables are made of smooth concrete. Recommend bringing a towel or moving blanket(Harbor Freight) as the concrete seats can be cold/damp depending on the weather. - One of the eight shooting benches has no seats in order to accommodate handicapped shooters(e.g. wheelchair). - There are two handicap parking spaces directly next to the shooting positions. Other than that, you need park in the same area as before. It is possible to temporarily pull your vehicle down the hill near the benches in order to offload/load your gear. I was very much hoping this would be the case. In the past, I didn't like having to lug all my stuff to/from the car in hot weather. (Am not as young or fit as I once was.) - The line of shooting benches are approx 25 years further back from the berm. So the range is now approx 125 yards rather than the pervious 100 yards. This also means you are 25 yards closer to your vehicle when you go to/from it during the course of your visit. - The roof over the shooting line is large and provides much more protection from the sun and rain than the old concrete bunkers did. - There is a slanted concrete structure in front of the shooting line to stop bullets from going over the top of the berm. I.e. when shooting you do not have line of sight of the top of the berm. - My only criticism, and it struct me as quite odd, is that the shooing line is skewed to the left relative to the berm. If you imagine a straight line from each bench to the berm, only the approx left 3/5's of the berm is being used. I do not believe this is an optical illusion. Another shooter there thought the same. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with NJ Wildlife Management Area ranges; you need a NJ Hunting License or be the guest of someone who has one. For the Collier-Mills WMA in particular, you can shoot rifles (up to and including .30 caliber) and shotguns(slugs or buckshot only). No clay shooting nor handguns are allowed. Refer to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife website for information on the various WMA's and what types of shooting is allowed at each of them.
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    Here you go! (I downsized the files to 1980x1024 and they now seemed to have uploaded fine.)
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    Obviously the gun jumped into his hand and/or waistband. Likely without the innocent child's knowledge. It, or another sentient gun, also fired itself 8 times with no involvement by any outside forces or people. This also proves limpwristing is a myth, and malfunctions are simply your gun having a bad day. Thankfully it wasn't one of those dangerous AR15s with the shoulder thing that goes up, it would have murdered everyone in Chicago all on its own.
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    30% of American Gun Sales Were in This State (msn.com)
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    I have to agree that the tool is a worthless POS. I lost my original one and bought one and got one from Brownell's. I just found them in stock at Midwest Gun Works https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/C61721
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    Poorly designed and executed tool. Mine broke (at the supposedly welded seam) not too long after I got my Storm in .45acp new, back in 2005. No problem though, as I mounted a red dot on the top rail and don't use the factory irons.
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    CORRECT. allowing any alphabet agency(such as CARB) to essentially make laws at any level is a recipe for disaster. the fact that congress(and state legislatures) have allowed this to happen is bordering on criminal.
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    i just want to show my DL like all the other free states.
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    No, but the current one-sided paper version of the FID doesn't either. What a friggin farce, the whole NJ firearms permitting scheme.
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    Victory? A victory would have been the elimination of FID card and P2P's.
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    I disagree! I see one critical difference here... on this lawsuit, the main 2A orgs in the state are finally working together, without any notable exceptions! This is a great development. It's one that I figured might be coming, when some months ago Alex Roubian was featured on Anthony Colandro's radio show, but nonetheless, I'm glad to see it's come to fruition. I'm hoping this partnership holds together and becomes a permanent 2A strategy within the state. So, sure, I'm happy to see the lawsuit itself.. but I'm even happier at the collaborative union the announcement reveals. It's smart... very smart!
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    I was very disjointed in my youth with tattoos....nothing cohesive or symmetrical... So, sleeves, chest panels, solved that... ... it is nice to see it being so mainstream..... Man has be adorning their bodies with marks for ages....

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