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    The Buckmark logo can be seen on the rear windows of about half the pickup trucks in America. You have seen that logo many times, but probably never registered because you don't own a Browning.... Commie.
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    This is amazing. I'm guessing in 5 years this will be main stream SOP in the Socom platform .
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    The OP has only mentioned having handguns. An FPIC gives you nothing with regard to handguns except the ability to buy handgun ammo. It gives you no protections for acquisition, possession or transportation. For handguns you need a permit to carry a handgun. Otherwise you rely on the exemptions and exceptions written into the law. Can you imagine being in a traffic stop at the side of the road and when asked for your license you offer a boating license? That is what you are doing if you offer a FPIC as a license to possess a handgun. I know lots of FFLs ask for your FPIC when you buy a handgun. They don't need to. All the info they need is on the PtPP including your SBI number - with the added bonus that the PtPP actually authorizes the transfer of a handgun. An FPIC does not. An FPIC allows you to do things with rifles and shotguns.
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    WC Brig and an old 92FS completely redone by Beretta. I was going to sell one of the two to thin out the collection and couldn’t part with either of them. The Wilson combat cerakoting is spectacular quality.
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    If you are moving to NYC forget the guns. I have an apartment in Lincoln square and wouldn’t entertain going through the process. As a non-NJ resident it may be hard to store the guns and retrieve them for use unless they are stored at an actual range. You’ll need a non-resident FPID which means the nearest state police barracks to your NYC location. I would not leave my firearms with friends or family in NJ bedside that’s an illegal transfer if you do not live with them. Sure you can sign a fake lease stating you live there but why risk it for three pistols that are common? If all you care about is going the the range sell the guns and rent on range days it’s way less hassle. I keep my firearms, small quantity, in NJ and the bulk in FL. If NYC was my only residence I’d not have firearms and rent when I came out to Nj.
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    It took me a minute of spinning my phone around in circles until I noticed the antlers. lol. I have browning stickers right on my reloading bench, among others I constantly see.
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    Primers have been popping up on MidwayUSA yesterday and today. You need to do the "wishlist trick". Create an account, and add it to your wishlist, it will show in stock there, but not on the main page. Big downside is most places are restricting orders to 1k now, which greatly increases the cpr once you add shipping, hazmat & tax.
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    FC 20 would be coming out of the lake city plant with the year stamp. FC with a year denotes military surplus for any nato cartridge. Edit. The one posted is a browning cartridge, that is their logo.
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    Their endgame is: Confiscation and the elimination of civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny and persecution can begin.
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    Where in NJ? North/South? I expect higher prices in Northeastern NJ closer to NYC... I always head over to Steve at Monmouth Arms. $35 Transfer + NICS and a discount on additional transfers.
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