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    IT is a national security issue. without the 2nd, we'd have been done with long ago. no one wants to screw with us on our own soil because of what we have.
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    If you sell you might as well post on this board to the other NJ gun forum members. Just have to become a premiere member before you can post for sale. $3/mo i believe.
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    Bad timing for optional home improvement projects. Material prices sky high and contractors have more work then they can handle = Homeowners getting fleeced.
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    Safemoon!! Yes, bit of a process.... Trying to use pancake swap to purchase. But having issue with Bin wallet connecting.... Gave up on PS. Follow your directions, .... thank you. Now any move to around a cent would be nice start... lol
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    GunMag Warehouse has both long & short 10 rounders in stock for about $20 ea.
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    This is amazing. I'm guessing in 5 years this will be main stream SOP in the Socom platform .
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    Primer prices at a show last weekend were almost as crazy as GB. Scarce and $150-$200 per thousand. A little powder was available but not much variety.
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    Gun show loophole mostly. Oh, and ghost guns. They print their own.
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    There, made it more noticeable. Some here want to use the story that kids were vaccinate with other vaccines, so this should be no big deal. But, those other vaccines went through MULTIPLE YEARS worth of trials and data collection BEFORE approved by the FDA. The China Flu vaccine was given a EUA less than 2 MONTHS after second injection, and this is a brand NEW vaccine, there hasn't be a single mRNA vaccine approved for use by the FDA in the country. Anyone who is fine with mandatory, mass vaccination with this unproven vaccine is nuts!
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    I'm with @Sniper for once. I see the benefits of the vaccine, however it is NOT FDA approved. If you want to get it, fine. However, mandating someone get a vaccination that isn't even approved is absurd. I'm not sure what the "rule" is here, but schools typically only require certain vaccinations if you live on campus. Even then, the vaccinations are approved by the FDA.
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