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    All i own is ford for trucks. Dont get one They’re best for heavy duty work trucks. For every day driver. Gmc or chevy.
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    For $16K you can get a VERY nice used pickup!
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    i have 2 friends who are used car dealers. jared....owns aces auto sales. 609-560-1392 mike....owns iron horse auto sales. 856-577-1760 i dunno what either of them have right now as far as pickups, but they both let me fix things properly...no bandaid on the bleeding artery bs........and neither one of them will bs you. throw my name around. you'll prolly get their voice mail. they do return calls though. mike just sold a REALLY nice gmc 2500hd for well under what you say your son has saved. i'm john from cherry hill btw
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    https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/30/john-cornyn-introduces-national-concealed-carry-reciprocity-senate/ here we go again. What i would really like to see happen along with this, and now might be the perfect time to to do it is for pro 2A states with pro american governors and legislatures to introduce legislation in their states that require states that do not honor their respective states CCW laws to make it a requirement that the refusing states drivers (NJ ) MUST first obtain a driving permit for that state to legally drive in that state. NO EXCEPTIONS! so if a legally licensed NJ driver wishes to drive across country on a vacation they will need to check all the laws of all the states they are passing through and first obtain a driving permit. If they can do it with CCW than drivers licenses should be the same.
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    I'm sure his mother would love that!
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    Voted for Singh in the Senate primary last summer, though it ultimately went against him, and have been following him since. He has at least been consistent and he's got my vote in this primary. FWIW.
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    I ain’t afraid of dying. Just don’t want my wife to shoot me. She wouldn’t make it quick
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    U haul Parking. LOL
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    I have a few thousand Dogecoin as well, bought at around $.005. My prediction is similar to others above, when it hits $1 people are going to dump it. It will bounce back. I don’t really have a lot of $$ to lose in it, so I’ll hold it for awhile and see what happens.
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    I'm just glad I bought that extra 1000 doge when it was at .26. I should have bought a lot more. I expect some lift when Musk is on SNL. I'm not sure I'm willing to sell at $1. I mean, of course I'm greedy, $2 is better than $1.
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    Not to get political here. This is just an observation of the actually party breakdown in the Senate. The reality is that the republican party, particularly in the Senate, is divided. There are really three parties. The Democrats, the Republicans and a ReDemricans. That 3rd party being comprised of Collins, Romney, Murkowski, Sasse, Toomey and a few others whose names I can recall right now. McCain was among them. With this three party system in the Senate, where each generally stays unified, the Republicans haven’t has anything more than a super slim majority when there were 40 dems and Scott Brown won his seat, giving the Republicans and a Redemricans a combined 60 seats. The problem was that 3rd party, the Redemricans usually voted with the Dems.
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    I just got a Ruger pc carbine. Can’t wait to bring it to the range
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    With an adaptor the RAK 9 will take either Beretta 92 or Glock magazines. It's a different adaptor for each type. I have the Beretta adaptor and it ran them flawlessly. It also moves the release from the traditional AK behind the magazine to a side release. They did not drop free but I think with more use that will change.
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    This is a couple years old, but I believe Greg Gutfeld re-ran it on his nightly show. Even more correct now. And... here's one more.
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    For new reloaders, I am a HUGE proponent of single stage presses. With a single stage you're only focusing on one thing at a time. When you get to the point where single stage reloading is downright boring, you should consider a turret or progressive. I still use my single stage for match grade 6.5 Creedmoor loads.

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