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    My bride just got her FID. Took almost exactly 4 weeks. And thats was with her forgetting to make the finger print appointment. Made the appointment and less then a week later had her permit. If my town can do it, the ones that don't are dragging their feet.
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    I have an 11 foot StarCraft that my wife wants me to get rid of, you are welcome to it. No leaks that I am aware of, we are off exit 8 on the NJTPK.
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    Perhaps JB Weld Marine Weld will work...
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    Agreed. No election is too small to be ignored. And the primary is coming. Change has to start from the bottom up.
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    Here's a few things . . . Since 1977, no Democrat has been re-elected as governor of New Jersey. Since that same time, every year that the nation puts a Democrat in the White House, NJ puts a Republican in the Governor's Mansion. The polls on Murphy are deeply slanted in his favor. Singh is 35 years old and lives with his parents. He has lost five statewide elections in the last four years. He pulling out Ciattarelli quotes from 2015 to tell us that Ciattarelli didn't support Trump. Back in 2015 I had to stop listening to Glenn Beck because he was so anti-Trump and I had to stop reading National Review because they devoted an entire issue to knocking Trump. Both have since come around and so have many others. All just for your consideration . . .
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    Voted for Singh in the Senate primary last summer, though it ultimately went against him, and have been following him since. He has at least been consistent and he's got my vote in this primary. FWIW.
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    Heard him today on Breitbart News Saturday. Seemed pretty decent as a candidate. Says he has been and is a big Trump supporter. The others seem like RINOs. We don’t need another Chris Christie.
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    i Got the same mailing, He seems to be the least damaging at this point
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    Just received this flyer in the mail today (more like a medium sized poster)
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    There usually isn't much real activity in the NJ primaries and, in truth, that's the case this year as well. The state GOP has chosen to back Jack Ciattarelli and most ot the assembly and senate seats do have have challengers. The real event is in November. By all means, research the candidates for governor and vote for who you believe to be the best but, in November you need to back the Republican whoever it is. The governor though will have little power without Republicans in the senate and assembly. The states politics needs to be turned upside down this year. We are all hoping for a few SCOTUS decisions to improve 2A rights in the state but we also need to make sure that the legislature will not just pass new laws that we need to fight. Find out who your legislators are today and find out who is challenging them. Get in touch and make sure that they know what your vote will be based on. It's difficult to run a 2A campaign in this state and no matter their personal views most of those running for office are not going to make it a big part of their campaign. That doesn't mean that they are not on your side.
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    Work/life balance is key. Sounds like you have absolutely none right now... Time to make a change.
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    He lives in a town the doesn't give a crap about letters. His PD knows N.J. courts have ruled they can take their sweet time on FID applications. The panic gun buying has been going on for a year, obviously at this point excessively lengthy FID delays are deliberate.

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