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    Israeli surplus HP. Great mechanics and bore, finish not so much Detail strip .... assess parts.... Remove black paint...clean up dings and dehorn. Remove sharp edges at magwell, slight bevel. Polish out balance of parts, degrease and refinish. Add a touch more hardener for some sheen, dry and then bake. Waiting on - ambi safety, night sights, muzzle reface, polish chamber and ramp, new springs, ring hammer and of course lanyard ring...
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    Very nice work. More recently, I picked up a police surplus S&W 915 from JW Imports off of gun broker. The dirtiest gun I have every received but it looks like it has some stories to tell for sure.
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    Thank you !.... Scotch brite pad and elbow grease... took the black paint off ...kinda easy. Then a very fine flat knife sharpening file to take out surface scratches.... and needle files to do the dehorn etc. Once that's done i go back with a very fine pad and rub it down... then a cloth with fine grit polishing compound. Then i hit it all with brake cleaner...then bake it to get any residual oils out... brake cleaner again...then a final dose of the true strip spray... Then it is all new dry gloves and mask and hang it.. the finish portion is the fastest and easiest..the prep is the hard part. Thanks for asking...!
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    LMAO. 56f95dc750420c060bb35f8c7d010d18.mp4
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    Thanks to everyone for jumping in on this topic. Debate is good, that shows passion. We should be passionate about gun laws and how they can affect us. It's also sad that in NJ something like a $40 CO2 pistol should cause division. I have to admit that this is much more complex than I thought it would be. I'm glad that this forum exists to help navigate the NJ highway of gun laws.
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    Those are Kolpin Rhino grips, made for securing long guns to an ATV roll bar. $30/pair from Amazon.

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