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    They did manage to get a very few back.
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    Yes Chef. It was during the Plainfield riots that they accidentally broke into the PMC and borrowed the machine guns. With about 40 rifles still missing today, they could get them back again if they offered say a $5,000 reward and no questions asked to turn them in.
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    CA will definitely appeal. I'm not sure what an appeal will do since it's either constitutional or it isn't but in 30 days their AWB might be gone: https://old.reddit.com/r/CAguns/comments/nsiuo3/miller_v_bonta_decision_on_assault_weapons/
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    You're right, they don't ever face any consequences, they have total immunity, which of course they gave themselves through unconstitutional legislation.
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    Looking to sell a gas grill. Good shape, needs a cleaning, comes with 2 tanks - $325 OBO. Local Pickup Morristown NJ.
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    Sure buy an item at a licensed dealer for an inflated price due to the “unprecedented times” (bullshit excuse to price gouge) ... then the brown shirts say surrender your legally purchased property or your going to be arrested.... f$&@ them ... sell it out of state through an ffl have the transfer paper where the ffl took possession and tell them to eat a 55gal bag of [email protected]$&!
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    Neither were the NJ state Troopers!. My mom worked at Sears on Elizabeth ave in Newark. Had a gun section downstairs. First store that was hit! Closed for good. After the armory was hit, became a shooting gallery! Newark never recovered, I worked there until 08.
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    But all in all it's getting somewhere.
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    Thats because the media attacked him for eight years culminating in Bridge-gate (a traffic jam at the GWB) the forerunner of the Russiagate collusion smear used against Trump. i.e. manufacture a "scandal" then repeat the lie endlessly nazi propaganda style, the truth be dammed. The media controls the narrative. Their mission in life is to prop up democrats and destroy republicans.
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    They're probably rotting away in some forgotten derelict safehouse in the Pine Barrens or upstate NY

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