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    If a town reassesses ONLY your house and find the value higher, your tax bill will go up and everybody else's will go down a little. If they reassess all of the houses in your town and they are all found to be higher, the tax bill will be the same. The town's budget doesn't increase just because the property values go up.
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    New Jersey lawmakers on Monday imposed a 2 percent limit on annual property tax increases by local governments, trying to gain control of one of the state’s most contentious issues. The new law includes exceptions for certain kinds of expenses, and also allows voters in each town or school district to exceed the limit and tax themselves more, leaving it unclear what the effective ceiling will be.
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    That's because your bullets are not sized...properly.....and/or your flaring the case mouth too much and your seating die is incorrectly setup. The 45 spaces on the case mouth...if you try to crimp it...your into the barrel a bit...that's bad.
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    The news reports make it sound like he is leaving for "something better", without specifying what that might be. Typically an indication that a prominent employee royally ticked off the boss and is being eased out. I'd be of the "good riddance" frame of mind re Grubby GrowBalls, except for my conviction that the guy Ph***tard Phil has appointed as his interim replacement will be even worse on 2A issues.
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    325.00 needs a reblue, stock is excellent. you pay transfer bayville or lacey. Pay in waretown. 1st I WILL TAKE!!!. https://imgur.com/a/kVWn4xE
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    Never opened 1968 can with Key. 350.00 pick up in waretown. Also have clips to sell.
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    We worked our asses off for 45 years since teenagers. 2-3 jobs often. Scraped, sacrificed, saved. We were responsible. So all we get is the bill. We don't get s***. Illegal filth and PRISONEERS do though. Wonder why I hate rats?

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