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    On the basis of the most recent activity by this "conservative" SCOTUS, I believe they will continue to punt on any case of consequence.
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    Who wants to move to West Virginia? West Virginian lawmakers have eliminated the sales tax on all small firearms and ammunition and are also offering weapon manufacturers tax credits in hopes of sparking an economic boom, according to local news WOWK. The law was passed in House Bill 2499, which went into effect on July 1. Customers can purchase handguns, shotguns, rifles, and whatever their heart desires (chambered up to .50 caliber) without sales tax. But the sales tax is only a small part…the bill also stimulates economic growth in manufacturing industries by allowing tax credits for arms and ammo makers in the state. “If they do a $1 million piece of equipment, we will tax it as if it’s a $50,000 piece of equipment. That’s to encourage investment in the state,” said Delegate Howell. “It makes West Virginia the single best place to locate arms or ammunition manufacturing plant,” said Delegate Howell. Manufactures in bordering states are already thinking about making West Virginia their new home. The state hopes to get in on the action of record gun sales and millions of first-time gun owners sparked by the virus pandemic and social unrest of 2020. With millions of new guns owners, parts and ammo will be needed, and West Virginia plans to capitalize on that. If you are going to buy that $2,000 riffle, it's going to be $120 cheaper here in West Virginia than compared to our neighboring states," said Delegate Gary Howell, (R) District 56.
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    Ok I’ll walk down that street With you… if the other/brace ban comes to fruition … what is the barrel length of an other? 10.5” - 12.5” …. Take off the brace and do what.. put on a stock? You have just build an unstamped sbr …not even an option in nj …… so take off the brace and vfg leave the buffer tube bare…you have an ar pistol not legal in nj have any other ar or stocks in your house/garage/property… constructive intent to build an sbr… take off the brace leave the vfg nj would call that an “illegal assault pistol”…not sure in other states …but would no doubt be found illegal as it would be considered an ar pistol with a vfg… Best hope would seem to me to be 16”barrel and stock swap making it a rifle for the poor souls trapped in nj that own a Troy “other” if it’s a built one…disassemble, get rid of the short barrel or pin one of those goofy long muzzle devices on and no one knows anything more than parts for future rifle builds
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    'The View' Announces New Trans-Woman Cast Member Donella Trump Hat tip: Babylon Bee
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