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    The 2nd amendment isn't for leftists or rightists, it's for Americans.
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    Hey, are you a glass-half-empty kinda guy? I see your point, but I guess I'm more glass-half-full, lol. The way I see it is that "Thomas" (the guy in your example) has not changed his attitude (at least not yet) - so that's a neutral score, because we (the 2A side) are no worse off than where we started. But "Jabril" (the guy I quoted) HAS changed and now he does look at guns much differently... and that would likely make him very displeased if someone wanted to strip away his 2A rights. So, that's a "win" for our side. Moreover, his mom and his 2 aunts are now looking at guns differently as well... so that's potentially 3 more wins. Every single person that realizes - "hey, wait a minute - the 2A is for ME, too - and guns are only as safe or dangerous as the person holding them" - is a good thing for us. That's how I see it anyway. And that's why taking people to the range is so important.
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    So you both agree then that there be a litmus test, for a codified right in the USCONN, in order for someone to exercise that right? They must demonstrate some pre-conceived allegiance to a particular 'group think', to exercise that right? Seems it is good for me and not for thee, because you don't think like me.... So You must then advocate for mandated training for them to exercise a right? Curious all around....
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    I can relate some personal experience I had, but can't guarantee yours would be the same. I had a friend who was the caretaker of a private facility on private land in NJ. The facility was in a municipality that did NOT have a no-discharge ordinance. This municipality is also extremely wealthy, not what I'd expect to be a "firearm friendly" town. He secured permission from the owners to shoot there, in the form of a letter. A couple of times a year he'd host "group shoots" at the facility. I went to a couple. There was one portion of the property that had a large hill that was used as berm/backstop for an impromptu range. The first time I went the local police rolled up in 3 cars about half an hour after we started shooting. Multiple neighboring homes on the borders of the property called in about all the gunfire. Friend identified himself as the caretaker of the property, explained that he had permission from the owners to shoot there (showed the letter) and that there were no laws/ordinances prohibiting shooting there. Police left without any further action. Pistols and long guns were out and visibly obvious on our "range" tables.
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    No no. The possessed spawn of hell that turns the owner into a violent psychopath like a Stephen King character.
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    You mean those inanimate objects mostly acquired illegally and used illegally in the illegal act of violence?
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    That thing would be perfect for the ranch….
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    He does live on the land, it's his primary residence, but no berm yet. He just bought it a month ago. I was planning on going down there ahead of time to help him put up a berm. Rosey, I will pm you later with my contact info. I'm a little inundated with meetings today. Thanks.
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    Why not? We've driven a Sherman around Belvidere before, wasn't the first time and won't be the last.
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    Sounds like another reason to reload.
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    IANAL but unless there is a specific legal definition in NJ statutes or admin code the common definition would be used. One of which is, "a place for firearms practice".
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    Some time ago I used to go shooting in some gravel pits. I believe it was public land. You would pick out an embankment to use as a backstop and shoot handguns and/or long guns. The local police would drive by, check everyone was being safe and leave. Never saw them bother anyone. While this was years ago the same laws were in effect in NJ. Reasonable deviation included stopping at a diner for lunch on the way home.
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    I've never understood the whole glass half full or half empty thing. If the glass is in the process of being filled, then I consider it half full. Likewise if the glass is being emptied, then its half empty. Not sure what that says about me. I do see your point that anyone changing their views in a positive (for 2A) way is a good thing. I'm less convinced that it will amount to much.
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    Congrats to anyone lucky enuff to get out of this state. But Florida is way off my radar. I just got back from a 3000 mi. motorcycle trip down south. Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia were targeted. So much more to offer then Florida. Unless you need the ocean. I don't. I need seasons, trees, mountains and curvie roads. Florida is just a boring state. I have a buddy who moved to Florida. He gets up early on Sunday to ride around the local malls parking lot on his Harley. Says its all he's got...
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    If that were true, the entire IDPA or IPSC target would be scored as an 'A' hit. I suspect you meant that any hit will do damage. The effect of the damage will be vastly different, depending on the shot placement.
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    Just because someone buys a gun, does not make them proficient in it's use! No need to worry here!
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    Leftists are not Americans. They selectively use laws and rights of a nation as means to destroy the nation.
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    Where is the executive order to stop Cuomo from sexually harassing women?
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    'The View' Announces New Trans-Woman Cast Member Donella Trump Hat tip: Babylon Bee
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    My son-in-law just informed me that he used his to buy his first gun (a Sig P320).
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    The disease is spreading.... ....."A 5 cent per bullet tax will be proposed in Pennsylvania as part of legislation to be brought forth by two state House Democrats, Rep. Manny Guzman and Rep. Stephen Kinsey. The tax would fund a state police database of ammunition sold in Pennsylvania. The planned legislation would require ammunition manufacturers to encode ammunition provided for retail sale in Pennsylvania, and to provide ammunition serial numbers to the Pennsylvania State Police for the ammunition database. The plan was revealed in a joint memo to the state legislature by Guzman and Kinsey. “By maintaining a record of purchases of ammunition,” the memo continues, “our law enforcement officers will be able to easily trace the ownership of any ammunition involved in a crime. This proposal is a much more reliable method of forensic tracing than current systems like ballistic fingerprinting, since determination of a bullet’s code does not require any special skills or equipment, and it serves as an objective identifier.” https://www.zerohedge.com/political/pennsylvania-democrats-propose-bullet-tax-and-encoded-rounds-track-ammo-owners It is unclear how such a law would address unmarked ammunition from other states or the ammunition already owned by Pennsylvanians.

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