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    R. Lee Ermey beats Jack Webb any day. RIP Gunny.
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    That's a contemporary urban schoolyard game. Rock, paper, pistol.
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    Ya had to be there!
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    I don't know if we did this, But this is just embarrassing. FJB P.S. I don't speak Russian but I understand what their saying. c127b213-c5a8-4af5-a3ed-6c357c8b026c.MP4
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    One country is serious about competing for world domination. The other country is serious about helping them do it.
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    Day three was very good to the Team USA Skeet Shooters, as they won the gold in both the Men's and Women's events! Returning Olympic Medalist Vincent Hancock was in 4th place after the previous day's qualification round, 2 birds behind the leader, while Amber English was in 3rd place, but 3 birds back. Both pulled it out in the final, each setting new Olympic records, Vincent winning an unprecedented third Olympic Gold Medal in the event. Men's Skeet Gold V. Hancock, USA, 59 (Olympic Record!) Silver J. Hansen, Denmark, 55 Bronze A. Al-Rahshidi, Kuwait, 46 Men's Skeet Finals - video Women's Skeet Gold A. English, USA, 56 (Olympic Record!) Silver D. Bacosi, Italy, 55 Bronze M. Wei, China, 46 Women's Skeet Finals - video In Skeet, after a 125 target qualification round, six shooters advance to the final. In a manner similar to that seen in the air gun events, partway through the final the lowest shooters are eliminated from the squad, one by one, until at the end only the top two shooters remain in head-to-head competition. It is another fairly recent change to how the match is run, probably made in the interest of making it more interesting for the TV audience (and more stressful to the shooters). Since so much is different in international competition than what we are used to in US shooting events, I've attached the link below with good information on how every event works. How are the Olympic shooting events scored?
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    I got a service grade from them about a year ago and it was great. It does have a replacement stock with the CMP cartouche. I would absoluetly get another on but I'm on the list for the 1911's.
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    My Company Commander was a 2nd class Machinists Mate who much more resembled the Gunny! Albeit a perpetually drunk version!
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    been there, woke up to that
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    You asked for it!
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    And tells the EU to stick it! Czechs Approve Constitutional Amendment Granting Right to Bear Arms (breitbart.com)

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