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    This is a fun little discussion going on over on one of the pilot boards, so I thought I'd bring it here. I'll start off with the one movie that is generating the most disagreement there: True Grit. The original and the remake are running neck and neck in that debate. I'll concede both are very good. But c'mon...the original stars The Duke. It's better than the remake.
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    NJ wrote NJ's rules. NY wrote NY's rules. Nobody said they have to be the same. NJ's Sheriffs are powerless compared to most other states. Their deputies are mostly limited to county jail duties, county court security, prisoner transport and serving court papers. In other states the Sheriffs are elected officials with much more power to make decisions. e.g. Sheriff Haggar in Perry Co., PA
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    It's like Bullet. Steve McQueen makes that movie, well, the Mustang too, but mostly McQueen. There is nothing, NOTHING that can be done to that movie that will make it better. The only reason that flick would get remade is because Ford backed it to sell more Mustangs. It would not be an improvement. The entire movie would be a long entertaining advertisement with a good bit of wokeness in it.
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    Since the Chipman nomination to head the BATFE appears to be headed down the crapper, a bill (HR 4953) to treat all semi auto rifles as machine guns was introduced in Nancy's House on Friday. So far, there are 8 co-sponsors to the bill introduced by Ted Deutch of FL. All the co-sponsors are also Dems. What a surprise. The text of the bill has not been made public yet, and none of the sponsors of this bill have issued any press releases about it. The title of the bill says everything you need to know: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine. You can keep an eye on the bill at GovTrack. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr4953
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    It's not ignorance. It's malice. And it's nota blank hate of firearms ownshership. It's hate of firemarm ownership by certain classes of people.
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    Yeah, I have to talk to the FFL but more than likely I’ll pay in full if they want me to..then apply for the permit either when they know the pistols are en route..or once they have them. I don’t think they’ll charge storage or anything. I just don’t want the permits to expire before the guns show up.
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    Not sure if anybody here is aware but, the CCW lawsuits against NJ carry scheme are piling up. I saw this on youtube, apparently filed by the firearms policy coalition. What are we up to now 3 or 4 conceal carry lawsuits against NJ? (1) FPC Files New Carry Lawsuit in New Jersey - YouTube
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    "My other concern is that states like NY, NJ will just ignore the ruling and change nothing. They learned that the Bill of Rights can be ignored." The above statement is exactly why we need a SINGLE 2a organization fighting for us on the potential outcome of this case. Obviously we dont count on the NRA or its state affiliates for anything as they have no positive history on this matter. The 2A orgs in the state should have already started a strategy to fight the state if this case is positive in our favor because the state under the current communist dictatorship will not comply with that order and will throw every obstacle in the way. We have to have our permit applications ready on that day to submit and The class action lawsuits will have to ready to submit with the first denial. this is what I think should be happening NOW: 1. 2A groups in NJ start a NJ CCW permit class just like the Florida/ Utah classes, fingerprints, pictures, notary's and what ever else is needed and have packets ready to drop off on day 1. 2. Start the law suits against the state/ SP colonel/governor, local towns/mayors/police chiefs and judges, get them prepared now ready for filing on day 1.
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    Will the White House agree to be held responsible when the bills it supports and pass into law do harm to people?
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    I am keeping the faith on this one! As far as Feinstein cooking up another assault weapons ban....First, the optics are bad since Biden just handed over 600,000+ REAL assault weapons to the terrorists and second, Feinstein is too old to be cooking anything, she might burn herself!
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    In the 18th century, "well regulated" meant well-trained, and working with precision. I am so tired of people interpreting this "carte-blanche" to enact new laws. That was not at all what the founders meant, and anyone with an even rudimentary understanding of 18th century terminology should know that.
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    i just want to show my DL like all the other free states.

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