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    Bruce?? I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
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    most of my family is normal. the only lefttard in the family is my mothers other son.....and he's in florida, stopped talking to me about 8 years ago and only calls mom when he needs something. on the mom note...i take care of her. 4 months ago, she was totally against anyone mandating vaccines for any reason. thanks to the lsm, she now thinks that when a venue requires a vaccine id that it's ok. she's being brainwashed. but i still talk to her, because she just doesn't know any better...and i am the only reason she's not in a home...which i promised her that i'd not let happen.
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    I don't have rabid leftist family members, but there are a couple definitely on that side of the fence. I simply don't talk to them unless there's a necessary reason. And necessary topics don't include politics. That same treatment would hold for parents, if they were alive, or children. Remember that during the Civil War (war of secession actually) many 'friends' and 'family members' killed each other when the conflict got real. It's quite possible that will happen again. I can appreciate your situation. There's a least one lifelong friend I dumped because of this.
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    Jeff Bezos can suck my Conservative c0ck.
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    This is a fun little discussion going on over on one of the pilot boards, so I thought I'd bring it here. I'll start off with the one movie that is generating the most disagreement there: True Grit. The original and the remake are running neck and neck in that debate. I'll concede both are very good. But c'mon...the original stars The Duke. It's better than the remake.
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    EDIT: ***SOLD*** For sale is a like new Bulgarian Arsenal SAM7SF AK in 7.62x39mm with upgraded FIME trigger. Obviously NJ compliant so has pinned factory 74 style brake, fixed stock, bayonet lug tabs ground off. Was only fired to confirm zero. SAM7SF-84E | SAM7SF model 7.62x39mm caliber rifle, milled and forged receiver, enhanced FCG, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, 24x1.5mm muzzle right hand threads, muzzle brake, tubular buttstock, black polymer pistol grip and handguards, stainless steel heat shield, ambidextrous safety lever, scope rail, sectional cleaning rod, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit. I have included a (very rare and expensive) ARM5F pistol grip. The rifle has a very useful and intuitive ambi safety lever on the left hand side which works incredibly well. Will come in original box. I have 6 mags included (2 10/30 WBP Polish polymer mags, 3 FEG Hungarian 10/30's, 1 Arsenal 10 round mag that came with the rifle). 10/30 mags are riveted so can be drilled out if/when moving out of state. I also have 1.5k of tula/wolf russian ammo as well as 810 rounds of M67 brass case Igman-sealed ammo can. Russian ammo was bought before the Biden ban. I will sell at cost, will not price gouge. Located in NNJ willing to drive to NNJ/CNJ to FFL of your choice. Obviously State ID+FPID will be required. Although I'd absolutely love to keep it, selling to upgrade my nods. Happy to answer any questions or provide specific pictures. IMO, this is pretty much the best AK you can buy on the US market. Incredible trigger (absolutely no need to upgrade to ALG) , action smooth as glass, very low recoil, and the milled receiver will literally outlive you. Asking $2k for everything. If you choose to take it all, we can work on a good price. Only trades for high spec WP dual tubes (plus cash on my end)
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    In this instance, I guess, Janis Joplin was right. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose. It is the fear of loosing what few good things we have that ties us to the bad things that hold us down. It took courage to move away for the sake of your principles. In this day and age, where money tops all, we live in a nation of mostly unprincipled people. Always remember that freedom is not free, there is always some cost, financial, social, etc.. associated with it.
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    Don't let anyone pull you down their fukin rabbit hole.
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    i've got eldorado sport fury on my excursion. i put them on because i had a customer request that model for his chevy 2500hd, and he loved them.....so i gave em a try. fooking great tire. made by cooper i believe.
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    How big of an optic are you looking for? If you don't want to go much higher for height over bore, you may want to look at a smaller pistol type red dot - like a Holosun HS507c
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    Do you want magnification? If you don't look at the Vortex UH-1. It is a great holographic sight that works with my astigmatism. On my non-NFA other I mated it with a 3x magnifier.
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    I put a set of General Grabbers on my '16 Ram in the spring. Love them so far.
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    I've been happy with the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT I put on my GMC 2500HD. The extent of my "off-roading" consists of dirt tracks; but I also plow snow commercially. Number one complaint I typically read about with Cooper tires in general is trouble getting them balanced. I was lucky and did not have any issues.
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    I enjoyed the original Bond novels, but if you changed the title, author, and a few character names, a reader would have trouble matching many of them to the movies that followed. Moonraker the book was about one missile that could hit London, and the missile silo was already in England, so not much of a stretch. Moonraker the movie had dozens of space shuttles, an enormous stealth space station, and a plot to eliminate all human life remaining on earth.
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    And we’ll have none of those dangerous bayonet lugs either. We have way too many drive by bayonettings as it is
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    I'm not sure those are M-lok. They look a bit big. I think they are called cooling vents.
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    yes it its called stock stop...its just a strip of plastic
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    The original (Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989) went WAY better than the remake (US withdrawal in 2021)! But getting back to movies, Casino Royale was very good, but the original was kind of a spoof, so I hesitate to call Daniel Craig's version a remake. Much like The Three Amigos wasn't quite a remake of The Magnificent Seven. More of a comedic re-imagination of the original.
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    Doesn’t really count since it’s movie to series, and technically is a sequel, but… Westworld. May go out on a limb but how about Dune.
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    Try being married to someone with views mostly opposite yours.

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