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    Courtesy of my email. I was at the mall yesterday and walked into the book store. I asked if they had Trump's new book on how to deport illegal aliens. The clerk said "Get the fuck out of here and don't come back!". And I replied "Yes, that's the one. Do you have it in paperback?".
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    9/11..... This is gone.... Please delete ad.... Thank you..... My son bought this huge tank, used it for a few months, and then ran off to join the Air Force. I have had it in my garage for a year and I am sick of it. Please, please, please...... come take it away. It has a 78" x 18" footprint and is 24" tall. This is HEAVY and will require at least 3 adult men to load up. It has a home-made 2x4 base that we then put on cinder blocks to support it. Pick up in Bayville, Ocean County.
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    Congrats. We closed August 11. Accepted bid mid June, so was sorta bummed it took so long to close, but close it did. Check cleared, billed paid, mortgage closed, done and done. We also didn't take the highest bid. We took the bid where they put 20% down and were easily approved for the rest. I've been a Florida resident officially since early April, reaping the benefits of not paying NJ taxes. I've actually gotten to know the new owners of our house and he drops me an email when he's got questions. I was up there helping my neighbor move since they sold at the same time, with the same realtor. The new owner was there and we spent 3 hours going over all the stuff you need to know about my old house. Nice guy, glad they got the place, they won't cut all the trees down and turn it into an AirBNB or something. I was up in NJ for a week at Ocean City and we left a day early because of IDA. We stayed up there with her parents in Cherry Hill for a few days after IDA went through and was eating at Ponzios when those Tornados went through. Every phone in the place went off at the same time "Seek shelter immediately". Ah, I now prefer the Hurricanes, you get a lot more advanced notice
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    Thank you so much for the replies! I plan on joining Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe once I actually get my firearm (these approval times are insane). I’ve signed up for the NRA home gun course it through ROC training at UHGC. That course does not require a firearm and seems to have a lot of good knowledge for first time gun owners. It will also get me more exposure to the club.
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    I would start the list of essentials as follows: Safety instruction Hearing protection Eye protection Cleaning supplies Targets
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    I can only imagine from the buyers perspective… We had a lot of solid offers. We didn’t accept the highest, but we took the one that seemed the most committed. She offered a nice chunk of cash up in escrow, and conventional financing. Well qualified buyer. That made the difference to us, knowing she was a committed buyer, with cash to put down. She waived inspection, which I found odd. Not that we have any issues with our house, but me, I wouldn’t even think of buying a house without an inspection. Most all the other offers waived inspection as well. We had a few VA/FHA offers that were above hers, but they weren’t putting much, if any money up front, and that kind of bothered us. I think nowadays, showing the commitment with cash up front is the key. Separates the men from the boys, so to speak. She wants to close by mid October to lock in her rate, and we will rent back from her for a couple of weeks to make the timing work for our move.
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    Our house went on market 9/1. We actually had to cut off the showings, because we had such an overwhelming response. Had over 60 showings in 4 days, and 13 offers, all over asking. 13. We couldn’t believe it. This was an absolute roller coaster ride!! We accepted an offer yesterday, nicely over asking. Close date mid October. This is an insane market.
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    It's got to be better than crock pot preparation, no?
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    This sucks. The guy i know from the liquor store down the road from me. 25 years old. Another drowning victim. I cant believe it. Im not sure if his body was found yet. We got hit very hard here in hopewell. I pulled a few cars out out of the floodwaters. Couldn’t get them all. Rip bro.

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