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    It's always nice to see what our 2A brethren in other states are doing on the legal front... I found this story to be an interesting development from our feisty Virginia friends (and I don't recall seeing it posted elsewhere). I'm posting this in a public thread to ensure the most eyes/discussion. Please be mindful of the rules though... no political diatribes, yada yada yada! The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) made the rather bold move (or was it just stupid?) of calling the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) a "domestic terrorist organization" in an official press release. Hmmm... I take it the CSGV doesn't put their press releases through, ya know, legal review? VCDL is now suing the group for libel... so this should be interesting to watch. I applaud the effort frankly. Gun owners and 2A groups need to push back with full force of law on some of these more outrageous - and yes libelous - claims made by gun control groups. Good for the VCDL! Link: https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/vcdl-sues-gun-ban-group/451759
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    Sunday 9/19/21 2 Gun Rimfire and 2 Gun Pistol Caliber Carbine Two Gun (rifle/pistol) Rimfire shoot 19 Sept 2021. $5 fee pre entry. Practice at 9AM shoot will start at 9:30AM. Limited amount of .22 ammo will be available for purchase by competitors if needed. Memberships for the 2021-2022 membership year will be available during the shoot. 152 Bangor Vein Road, Bangor, PA
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    So true. Reminds me of the day many years ago in the late 60s/early 70s when a neighbor on my street in Jersey City brought home a new BOSS 429 Mustang. Only saw and heard the car one time for a minute. But the exhaust sound was so amazing it has stuck with me for these ensuing 50 years.
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    I have a bat-shit, crazy Progressive brother and one that should be more aligned with my thoughts. However, he is being brainwashed as well to the point where there is no common ground (That is occuring with the corporate-indoctrinated better half as well)... For example, he actually believes wholeheartely that "mean-tweeting" Trump legitimately lost the election. Nothing I can do but put distance between my two brothers and myself. It has gone much further than just Left and Right. There is the shifting Left and even the middle is being labled and attacked as being to the right. There isn't even a sliver of doubt deviating from the Globalist Religion. And there cannot be for this great reset scheme to go forward. My parents are more aligned with my thoughts. One is ultra-patriotic and believes that I am attacking her country when I point out the bad actors. Just about ALL of this propaganda and repetition and DIVISION is planned. And what is not planned is comandered and utilized, making use of a crisis. Even the active support of Trump is being used to identify those supporters that will eventually have to be addressd that are on the list and who will at the very least need to be reeducated.. "Must get vaccinated. Cops bad. Guns bad. Must stay home. Trump Devil. Fox Bad (Screw Fox by the way). Must wear masks. Must get vaccinated. Cops bad. Guns bad. Must stay home. Trump Devil..." Those managing the intelligence, surveillence state, and propaganda wing are creating a new religion with two different sets of Commandments. One for them and one for the rest.
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    here ya go. watch this one. zl1 on top with telemetry. you can watch the backgrounds to guage how they're doing had it been a side by side. and the shelby pulled away on the final straight where the zl topped out. 2013-14 Ford Mustang SVT Shelby GT500 Vs 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Nürburgring Laps - YouTube
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    I will take the 240 round can please kind sir. PM inbound.
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    I have four sheepdogs, a wolf and three sheep for neighbors.
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    Dont leave TN Dont come back to NJ My mother got murdered...so can't talk to her... Don't talk to my father for other reasons...only when needed...it gets easier. Don't talk to my sister either....other reasons...only if needed...it gets easier... The old adage is you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends... They *may* be your parents, doesn't mean you need to love them, respect them or like them...
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    most of my family is normal. the only lefttard in the family is my mothers other son.....and he's in florida, stopped talking to me about 8 years ago and only calls mom when he needs something. on the mom note...i take care of her. 4 months ago, she was totally against anyone mandating vaccines for any reason. thanks to the lsm, she now thinks that when a venue requires a vaccine id that it's ok. she's being brainwashed. but i still talk to her, because she just doesn't know any better...and i am the only reason she's not in a home...which i promised her that i'd not let happen.
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    Try being married to someone with views mostly opposite yours.
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    I don't have rabid leftist family members, but there are a couple definitely on that side of the fence. I simply don't talk to them unless there's a necessary reason. And necessary topics don't include politics. That same treatment would hold for parents, if they were alive, or children. Remember that during the Civil War (war of secession actually) many 'friends' and 'family members' killed each other when the conflict got real. It's quite possible that will happen again. I can appreciate your situation. There's a least one lifelong friend I dumped because of this.

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