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    Let me clarify my original statement... I don't feel it's wrong for him to have a lawyer! What's unconscionable is that he and his lawyer are apparently not speaking to the police at all. That's what I meant by "hiding behind a lawyer". He could be sitting in that police station, with his lawyer by his side, forthrightly saying: THIS is the last place & time where I saw her, and she was alive and perfectly fine when we separated. I'll help in any way I can. If he was innocent, that would not only put that affirmative statement on the record, but I'm guessing it would be incredibly helpful information to locating her (dead or alive). He's her boyfriend... they planned on getting married... if he was a decent guy (even if he was ticked off at her during the end of their trip), wouldn't his concern for her override any recent peevishness? But instead, right now, my understanding is the police aren't even sure exactly where to look for her - how does THAT help anything? By refusing to speak with the police - even with a lawyer - frankly, it radiates extreme callousness, perhaps even sociopathy, or worse yet, just plain old guilt. Legal representation is good... impeding a police investigation is not good!
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    Jeez, That is a steal!! with 8 mags!!!
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    "Did the kid do it" ? I personally don't know. But what I do know is Mob justice and being convicted in the media is wrong.
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    People have been convicted of murder without the evidence of a body. In this guy's case, it may simply be that speaking about literally anything and getting any part of it wrong will likely lead to his conviction and incarceration. boyfriend: "We were drinking and we left about midnight" "We have you on camera leaving at 2am, what happened in those missing two hours?" When in fact he was drunk and has a swiss cheese memory. It could also be that he murdered her and the two married girls in a complete blackout. Upon coming out of blackout, he drops the girlfriend down a cavern and drives home. His calculus probably goes about like this: "Nothing I say or do will bring her back, therefore, telling the cops anything is not helpful, _to me_". A normal person would be wracked with guilt. Some non-trivial percentage of the population are sociopaths with literally zero guilt about anything. Your average blue-haired tik-tok harpy is a good example and this demon probably is the same.
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    Case Closed, Johnson. Let’s sprinkle Some crack on him and get out of here.
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    Yeah, I've been following this story, too. I cannot even fathom what that young lady's family is going through... the growing sense of dread and despair... and the utter frustration that this guy is now hiding behind his lawyer! I mean, does he really think he can return home from a cross-country trip MINUS his girlfriend... and no one is going to notice?! And that he can dodge police questioning about her absence indefinitely? His behavior is just implicating himself and magnifying her family's pain. This guy has NO honor. What a bum... probably a murderer, too. These cases are all too common. I know we all view these situations through our own "lens", but I do feel that people really need to teach their young daughters to be savvy about relationships, to learn how to maintain their own emotional self-control, to de-escalate situations with a date/boyfriend, to be cognizant of the physical differential, and most importantly, to just get the hell out of the situation at the earliest signs of an abusive dynamic forming. I understand that the "law" is apparently neutral and that the officers couldn't really consider the muscle/power differential between these two, but I also found it almost distasteful how deferential they were to him... they're joking around with him, complaining about their own girlfriends/wives, etc. - contrast that with how one of the officers talks to HER at minute 49 for example...he's got a total hard ass tone and attitude with her. They even have a long discussion about whether afterwards she might go "full on domestic abuse" on the boyfriend... it's like they heard "anxiety + woman" and had their minds made up... they never even considered that the boyfriend was also a full player in this drama, by locking her out of her own damn car on the highway, and therefore they were BOTH starting to spin out of control behaviorally. It's like they never even considered either that the boyfriend was perhaps charming the crap out of them and might lash out at her later (which is what I suspect happened). Of course, it's soooo easy to Monday morning quarterback these situations! I feel sorry for cops having to deal with people at their worst moments and trying to decipher their intentions from the most scant clues. Impossible job! I also wonder what she said to her parents on that call? Because if I was her parent and I found out she just had an altercation with her boyfriend bad enough to involve police, I'd be putting money into her account and pleading with her to just get a flight home... and let him bring the van home himself. Deal with it when pressure has blown over. And if she didn't agree, I'd want a call every day! Oh, this poor kid... I'm afraid they're going to find her dead body in the desert somewhere.
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    that's what people don't seem to understand. the sound, the feel, the smell, the vibration. it all plays a part. sadly, we're less than 1 generation away from kids not being able to experience that.
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    here ya go. watch this one. zl1 on top with telemetry. you can watch the backgrounds to guage how they're doing had it been a side by side. and the shelby pulled away on the final straight where the zl topped out. 2013-14 Ford Mustang SVT Shelby GT500 Vs 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Nürburgring Laps - YouTube
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