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    In case you haven't heard, George W. Bush is headlining a fundraiser in Texas for Liz Cheney.
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    The monthly knockdown steel match at CJ will be held Saturday 9/25. This match has been modified to be ammo friendly yet a lot of fun. It's open to members and non-members. The signup begins at 0815, first shot at 0900. We aim to be done and cleaned up before 1:00 PM so this is usually a quick match for the shooters. Sign up at www.steelscoring.com or just show up to shoot. Last match we featured a man vs. man side match for anyone interested. This is a pistol iron sight side match. Everyone kicks in three dollars and the winner takes the pot. The rules for the match can be found at https://cjrpcknockdown.com/
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    What optic mounting plate do you have for your P320? Different red dots have different footprints. I have a Holosun HS507c that I'll be putting on a Walther PDP. I have the Sig RXP Slide on my P226 - It's milled for a Sig Romeo 1 Pro and has the suppressor height sights. This way the red dot is basically cowitnessed to the sights. With standard height sights, you may or may not be able to see through the optic window to see the dot. You should be able to install the sight yourself, however you will also have to sight it in yourself as well.
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    in the short time i've been on this forum i have seen too many times when we all "KNEW" the scotus was gonna smack down nj's illegal scheme. accordingly, i'm not really overly excited. i'll believe it when i see it.

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