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    Check this video out. https://www.toddstarnes.com/video/watch-florida-man-fights-gator-with-trash-can/
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    OH, I see. Nazi Pelosi is a White Supremacist! She knows all the signs!
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    Will do! I've actually had one up for awhile with powder, dies, and some components; I need to get an updated one there soon.
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    There are a few foreign brands, but they can be hard to find and usually command premium prices (Scheutzen if you can find it, Swiss). GOEX has always been the "go to" choice for most shooters I know. And you can always use Pyrodex, but it just ain't the same. This part of the hobby is about to become a lot more expensive.
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    Bring a friend that's on the fence and show them how much fun and how safe it is. maybe you can convert them. We need all we can get.
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    Two in ocean county that rent with only a driver license are, Weshoot and Shore Shot pistols range. Both require 2 people to to rent a hand gun, you can’t walk in alone to rent. Both are in Lakewood 2 miles apart.
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    Update: Went to a "Meet the Mayor" event and after about an hour of people bitching about a pool community or whatever I was able to talk to the mayor and deputy mayor. A police sergeant approached me and asked me for my information and stated that someone would get back to me this week. Here is hoping.
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    This is the last black powder manufacturing facility in the US.

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