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    It may not be 100%, but they're going. Buh Bye MA. Smith & Wesson Ditches Massachusetts Over Pending Legislation, Moves Headquarters To Tennessee | ZeroHedge
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    A sign of our times. Almost every gunmaker from the 1800's situated in the New England or Hudson Valley region of NY has gone out of business or pulled stakes and went elsewhere.
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    I was fortunate to work with Jimmy for 3+ years. He did many great things there.
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    And no tattoos. Dead giveaway nowadays
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    Can’t blame them one bit.
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    Thank you for the kind words, few ranges in NJ have teamed up with me to offer great classes and new curriculum.
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    Just needs a little shove! Soon I hope.
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    I'm near Asbury Park. Scheduling might be tough, but if you paid for the range time and the ammo I could bring my handguns and you could try out a variety. I don't have an M&P 2.0. If interested PM and we'll work out details.
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    Ole Nancy looks like she’s knocking on deaths door
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    He built a great program at the other range.
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    Id use that 308 bolt i got. But i dont have confirmed dope on it out to 900. You were reading my mind though
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    Tell me which part of this hobby is NOT getting more expensive or elusive!
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    Personally, I don't need to fire handguns to make a decision to buy. If comfortable, well balanced and what I'm looking for thats enough. Its just a handgun not a used car.
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    Get an Ar-15, mount a good light and get the proper ammo for HD and you will never regret it!

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