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    Most currencies have no real "substance" or "value". They aren't backed by anything except the promise of the issueing country that they are indeed worth something. The government of the issuing country controls the amount and relative worth of thee currency by printing more of it or taking it out of circulation. The main allure of bitcoin / crypto is it takes that control out of the government's hand (unless it is outright banned by a country). It also levels the worth of different currencies. One bitcoin is worth one bitcoin no matter what country you are buying or selling something in. I wouldn't by any means put a large chunk of my networth in it. But then I wouldn't but a large chunk of my networth in one investment ever. if the bubble does burst in crypto, there will still be millions and millions of people who made money. For every buyer there has to be a seller. If you buy some and it doubles or triples and you sell the amount you orginally invested and let the rest "ride" then you wouldn't have lost anything at all. It's not for everyone. It is HIGHLY speculative. But as others have pointed out, we are already at the point that you can complete transactions for a variety of different products and services in bitcoint / crypto. It's no longer the future. It's here. It's happending NOW. It's just a matter of if governments allow it to conitnue and compete with their fiat currencies and if it's popularity and use continues to be adopted by more and more users.
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    Correct i don't believe a crypto like bitcoin will replace the countries currency like the dollar etc. I will work along side it. Example el Salvador make bitcoin a legal currency along side its money not replacing it. Wall Street companies are placing billion dollar bets on bitcoin. Im sure those guys wouldn't invest a dime if they knew its got no staying power. Those guys know the inside baseball more than we ever will. Who knows but crypto is liquid enough to place a sell order in a millisecond if u ever need to get out back into fiat. Bitcoin is now 11 years old. If it had to go im sure it would be gone by now. Who knows but just casually keep an eye out you will see bitcoin atms and wall st adoption. I spend 100 dollars out on a good night easy. 100 into bitcoin certainly is worth the risk to me. But live n let live I say.
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    I will remove all ammo from my basement in locked containers and clear/safety check. Thank you all for inspiring confidence. I have a little TV with a fire stick in my work area to help me field strip/clean. Thank you all again!
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    overkill is just right. unless you're flushing a 50 gallon fuel tank with water and blue dawn. then overkill is overkill. don't ask me how i know this.
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    There was a guy over at arf.com who claimed to work with smokeless powders. They would throw jugs of powder in a outdoor storage shed subject to large tempature swings and humidity. He claimed the powders were relatively unaffected due to stabilizers. Powders and primers should be stored in an "open" box such as a wood crate. Moisture absorbing chemicals wouldn't do much. Under no circumstances should they be stored in metal sealed containers since smokeless powder gets its explosive properties under pressure. Powder jugs are sealed, so moisture shouldn't be a problem. Many people have stored primers for years in attics and they still go boom.
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    Shoulda been more specific. Looking for Red Dot powder. Sorry guys.
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    Yes I plan on locking all ammo/loaded magazine in a separate closet while cleaning. I'm not sure if that is overkill or not but thats what I plan on doing.
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    there are 2 people on planet earth that should know you have a gun, you and the person you got it from. if you are skilled enough to build your own than that reduces the the number to 1
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    It just means I found my target audience - you're no worse than I am, but that doesn't say much
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