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    I won't let this day pass without acknowledging this important holiday... yes, we can celebrate the person whose intrepid journey brought Western civilization to this land...at the same time, giving a deserving nod to the many Italian-Americans who've contributed to this great nation. Let's not politicize this thread since it's outside of 1A... just leave it as a positive affirmation of ethnic & national pride... in line with the original intent of this Federal Holiday! Ciao!
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    Easy.....You don't register it! Registration is voluntary in NJ. So don't even think about it.
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    I am selling a Para Ordnance C7 LDA Companion Pistol. It is .45 acp and is officer model sized. The gun has crimson trace laser grips. I do not have the original factory grips. The gun also has meprolight night sights that are a few years old , but still glowing. The gun comes with 2 Chip McCormick 7 round magazines. The gun is in great condition. I also have the original factory box including the Para Ordnance instructional video tape. I am asking $750 for the whole package. I can meet at any ffl in Camden, Gloucester , Burlington or Mercer County. The first " I'll take it" wins the sale. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    Typically, as in when people aren't panic buying and driving prices up. This has been a supply chain issue from the very beginning. There will be no improvements anytime soon. I also don't see how cheap Russian ammo plays into this, or components. Russian components made up an extremely small presence in American markets. Even more common complete cartridges make up something like less than 5% after considering all other imports and domestic production. Cheap Russian ammo going byebye is gonna really only hurt those who buy specific calibers. Most companies like Wolf, had already been moving production out of Russia anyway. With the current clusterfuck around the world, inflation etc prices are gonna suck for a while. However, demand is not weaning and thus shelves being stocked is not necessarily a good sign of improvement. Powder and primers trickle out every week, anywhere reasonably priced sells out in minutes or hours.
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    That hasn't been a problem here since last year.
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    If it's fun, it's a no. Now I know what to ask Santa for this year.
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    Please lock....no longer for sale...shipping to my kiddo in a free state...
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    Belated Happy Columbus Day! Courageous man. Someone down voted this? Lmao... “So sad” -President Trump
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    FPM and the entire Dim legislature. Vote for Ed Farmer for Assembly if you live in his district. He will spur on a Conservative revolution here in the Glorious PRNJ. Go @EdF !!!
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    Amazing (and dangerous) journey! It is interesting how countries initially employed explorers from other countries. Henry Hudson also comes to mind, sailing for the Dutch right in the middle of the English settlements!
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    The days of cheap primers (or anything) probably won't be back any time soon. With supply line issues, transportation bottlenecks and labor shortages forecast until at least next year $70 per 1k fir primers could be the "new normal" for a while. And that's cheap compared to $100 with hazmat and shipping if you order online. I hope I'm wrong and things turn around sooner rather than later.
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    FYI: What NJ’s cancel culture got so wrong about Columbus Day (nj1015.com)
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    Some Walmarts will carry them. Shooter's in LEH carries them, as does Cheyenne in Bordentown, but it looks like they're a distance from you. Likewise Pineland in Jackson & Salomon in Farmingdale.
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    Save it....one day you will kick yourself for not doing so... It could be worth much more than scrap or credit prices in a potential coming collapse. Why aren't you reloading? It is never too late to start
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    I can’t find the thread but this came up when Crosman released their full auto, Mk-18 looking thing. Since NJ considers BB guns the same as real guns they’d have to charge you as possessing a machine gun AND an SBR! I assume over 10-round magazines too? Why not! The prosecutor would be the laughingstock of the rest of the country but I doubt they’d care
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    Since in NJ BB guns are considered firearms... that's a firm no. If it's an Airsoft gun, however, have at it.

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