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    It’s my understanding the first Marlin, an 1895, rolled off the assembly line in North Carolina today.
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    Cleaned up this post - @SJG - this is not the place for chat - do not comment on a FS post. If this was not legal, the posting would be removed.
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    Aguila is fine.
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    https://trueshotgunclub.com/?utm_source=Welcome Series&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Welcome Series%2C Email %233 (Scqrzz)&_kx=_bLLWUmL4MshaDoKTvgAo2-CZeQlF1Wm9KLcioKDVXs%3D.XMtUDB
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    There are a lot of bald faced lies and twisted facts in that document.
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    This thread made me order this....
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    This is how I see my old Glenfield turning out. This one was cut to 20” as it lines up perfectly with the vent rib. To keep it simple, I’ll probably do the same thing.
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    The reaction button really needs an angry face emoji. At the very least. Jus' sayin'.
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    Up for sale is a Remington 700 AAC-SD chambered in 300 blackout. About 100 rounds down the pipe. Nikon 2-7 scope $800 obo. Willing to meet most any ffl in northern jersey. First to post I take it gets it
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    Empty shelves indeed, stop by the WalMart in Kearny and you will think you are in some Venezuelan super market.
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