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    I’m joking about it but in reality it’s horrible. Schadenfreude aside, this will help no one. Two innocent people that didn’t deserve to be shot were. One has now died and one is seriously injured - this is what we all train to avoid - and this does nothing to further our cause of gun rights. This will win us no allies it won’t sway a single person towards our cause. This incident is dark comedy materiel for some, but mostly it is fuel that the Anti 2A crowd can use against us. One more tragedy on their list that they can put their finger on as they scream that guns are killing people.
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    If it is a freak accident, it can happen to anyone. Better question: If this happened to Keanu Reeves would we be so happy to celebrate this tragedy at his expense and so eager to see him headed to the gallows?
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    Lots of prop guns are real guns. Sometimes fitted with blank adapters internally. There are dedicated blank firing replicas, but they pretty much suck in terms of looks and reliability. So it's usually real, airsoft, simulators, or rubber guns. With simulators being the most uncommon. But.... 1) There should be NO live ammo on set, ever. 2) blanks should never be fired AT someone. Usually you take advantage of the 2d nature of film and the charactersits of the lens to make it look like you are pointing it at someone. So in this case, some kind of fuckery was afoot. It wouldn't surprise me if you saw a repeat of the Brandon Lee situation, where budget issue, shitty conditions, and shitty hours left them with no armorer on set and they decided to play amateur hour and got someone killed for it. From the sounds of the news so far, it seems like they were filming a shot where the gun would be fired towards the camera, and the DP and director didn't vacate the space behind the camera.
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    Rule 1: Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Alternately, Know the condition of your firearm at all times. (I will argue an empty gun when you need it to be live is just as much as a safety violation as a live gun when you thought it was empty.) I teach my kid to follow the rules with nerf and laser tag guns. I teach all new shooters to follow the Four rules with red guns and inert trainers. No excuse and no exceptions.
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    Also recommend "doubling up" on ear pro. Foam earplugs + earmuffs. It can be LOUD if you're in a port next to someone firing a rifle with a muzzle brake.
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    Step 1... Buy a metallic reloading manual. Read it. Step 2... Buy a shotshell reloading manual. Read it. Step 3 ... Go to YouTube and watch reloading videos until your eyes bleed. Step 4 ... Sell a kidney, or other surplus organ, maybe an eye. Who need two eyes anyway. Step 5... Buy reloading supplies.
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    The actor is the one holding the firearm, pointing it and pulling trigger. I don't care if Jerry Miculek is the prop master. If anyone hands me a firearm then I'm checking it. PERIOD. Learn how to properly handle a firearm if a good part of your living comes from pretending you are shooting firearms.
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    OK, so seriously. Baldwin is a rich, big-mouth, pompous ass who's reveled for years and used his fame haranguing gun owners because he has virtuously decided they're evil. But that didn't dissuade him from making a bunch of money waving guns around in movies. That's why he gets no sympathy from me. If he was serious about 'gun safety', and knew he'd be handling firearms whether props or not, he would have taken safety courses. Then he would have known that the last hand on the firearm is the one responsible for it's discharge, and checked it himself. His latest online remark is something to the effect that 'I've never been handed a live gun on set'. From here on in Alec, you'll probably never be handed a firearm. On set or off.
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    He is only a murderer if he intended to kill the victim. Guilty of homicide, for sure. Not necessarily murder. Consider if you shot and killed someone in self defense. You would have caused the death of that someone, but it would not have been murder. There are other degrees of homicide between a justified killing and murder, too.
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    It’s not that simple. Remove your predisposed dislike for the person and look at the actions.
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    Was texting a friend about this earlier. AB's actions caused the death of someone, he is a murderer. That seems rather clear to me. He pulled the trigger. Very few people in the World know all of the facts right now. Those facts would determine who else holds partial blame for the death. I think there are probably several people who hold partial blame. Many safety rules had to have been broken here. If Jane Doe handed John Doe a firearm and said it's not loaded, then John pointed that firearm at Jill Doe and pulled the trigger, sending a projectile into Jill's body causing her death, who would be facing murder charges? John would be. Sure, Jane might face some charges herself, but John would not walk away free. The fact that this tragedy (which it still is, no matter who was responsible) happened on a movie set, has zero bearing on anything else, in my opinion. AB needs to face the consequences of his actions. The fact that he probably will not serves as further proof Justice is not in fact blind as we're all asked to believe. There are rules for them and rules for us.
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    Brandon Lee was killed by a bullet fragment during a scene in which blanks were supposed to be fired from a .44 Magnum In an earlier special-effects scene, a .44-caliber bullet was fired from the same gun. That bullet broke apart, leaving a piece lodged in the barrel. No one properly checked or cleaned the gun before placing it in storage, and it was pulled out for Lee’s scene because it contained dummy rounds. During Lee’s scene, the fragment fired out of the barrel.
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    I agree it’s rewarding to see karma smack that twatwaffle in the face. But the resulting death and injury help no one. Mostly, it won’t help us. We all treat guns seriously. We train ourselves, we teach others, and we constantly preach safety - precisely so this kind of thing doesn’t happen - regardless of who it happens to. We shouldn’t celebrate when it does, even if they had it coming.
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    It looks like PSA is getting into the steel cased ammo manufacturing business. https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/palmetto-state-armory-says-f-u-to-biden-bringing-over-ammo-tooling-equipment-from-e-europe
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    Wow, lots of facts missing and many questions. For starters, since when is a movie “prop” gun able to fire live rounds?
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    Even smells like tequila when you fire it!
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    My views changed considerably. 1). why would anyone need to own an AR-15, it really is just an efficient tool, not the bad black sheep the media makes it out to be. Now I think, everyone should own one. 2). never understood why one person would need more than 100 rounds of ammo. Now I’m nervous with only having 1600 rounds of .45 acp. 3). why does anyone need a gun, once I felt someone could possible tell me I couldn’t own one to protect my family, I couldn’t sit back and take that mentality. Now I feel, everyone should be armed. 4). why does anyone need more than one gun, it is no different than any other hobby, I have multiple golf driver, I have 6 different golf balls I use, I have multiple bowling balls for different types of lanes. I have multiple guns for different uses 5). laws! We’re a needed thing and correct to be implemented. Now, Jesus Christ is an adjustable stock really an evil thing, I look more closely at politicians and their stand on the second amendment while researching. you could say my views on guns have done almost a complete 360.

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