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    There is no scenario! Enjoy the hobby.
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    Tomorrow is the anniversary date of the Sandy Hook shooting. I’m sure today’s meeting/vote was no coincidence. Expect an announcement tonight or tomorrow referencing this tragedy from our Governor. He and his crew know exactly what they are doing.
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    Thanks for punting on this issue, SCOTUS. They've chosen to look the other way while allowing partisan lawfare to become a norm.
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    "I think it' the beaten-dog syndrome that we face in NJ..." Well said! Good Morning Gentlemen! I really appreciate the feedback on this subject. I suppose having LEO friends and seeing how things can go very sideways sometimes, even when the best intentions are there, I am just a little paranoid about getting myself in a bad situation, considering how seriously firearms violations can affect one's life. I don't have a very large collection.....a few handguns (two more as soon as my permits come back approved) and some long arms, (just added a few more over the weekend) and I don't get the practice I should anymore. I used to really enjoy going to the range and would blow through a couple hundred dollars worth of ammo each time. Then "life got in the way" and that time and related expense had to be set aside. I'm ready to get back into it as I did before, or at least a lot more than it has been anyway. And I want to make sure I am doing it right, and don't find myself in a situation that could turn out badly for me. The help I'm finding here from all of you is deeply appreciated!
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    The employee handbook for the company I work for has a similar policy in it - it says an employee may not be in possession of a firearm while on company business. I have the fortune, for all intents and purposes, to be on call 24/7 but receive no compensation for it. I have used the policy in the company handbook a few times to refuse a call out as I was at the range and already in possession of a firearm. With no way to legally dispossess myself of the firearm, it was company policy that I could not take the call and do any work. Truly a shame, it was.
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    Two thirds right. PtPP is a permit to purchase a pistol (and can be used to buy handgun ammo). It confers no permission to possess a handgun. FPIC is a permit to purchase rifles and shotguns FPIC is also a permit to possess unloaded rifles and shotguns
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    The P2P and FPID are permits to purchase, not possess.
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    What the Texas law did is push some of that power over to uninvolved citizens. To my non-lawyer understanding, any citizen would essentially be granted legal standing to bring suit for an act that has basically nothing to do with them directly. Yes, I know anyone can sue anyone at any time, but that law gave it some teeth & less likelihood that nuisance suits would be tossed. I knew when that was first proposed that it was an awful can of worms to open up, especially if that was then directed against rights like the 2A! Can you imagine... some amped up Bloomsburg activists being given what is essentially a license to harass the 2A community? Mmm...yeah, I don't think this is a good trend at all.
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    take a look here, looks like NJ and CA are trying to one-up each other https://nj2as.org/nj-proposes-law-to-criminalize-nj2as-and-you/
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    No idea…I’m hoping for MOA.
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    Nothing to worry about! The state and your city PD both have a copy. You don't need a copy to own or sell the handguns in question!
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    Some of us argued a couple of months ago that the particular TX abortion law referred to was going to have bad, unintended consequences. So, Newsome's play here is not a surprising development. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Murphy try something similar.
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    The Hodgdon site says .430 cast and .429 jacketed for .44mag But it's NOT a caliber I reload. https://hodgdonreloading.com/reloading-data-center?rdc=true&type=53
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    I like what I’m reading about Springfield Armory’s reintroduction of the Browning High Power. Most parts interchange with the originals, but they lost the mag disconnect and further refined the trigger, improved the sights, bobbed the hammer, made the safety more ergonomic, beveled the mag well, and came up with a new magazine follower that lets one get 15 rounds of 9 mm in a flush mount mag. All for $699 MSRP. AMERICAN Rifleman tested 3 types of ammo and all grouped around 1.8” at 25 yards. I’m impressed!
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    When I was a boy my father got me a Air Force Survival Knife and a Ka-Bar. The Ka-Bar, which wasn't allowed out of the house, was my favorite. USMC KA-BAR Folks...
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    Here we go again. Pleas go to anjrpc.org and contact all the anti gun oath breakers. https://www.anjrpc.org/page/AssemblyCommitteePassesAntiGunPackage

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