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    Don't put them down because they're still in NJ. Lots of reasons people can't move from NJ. There's also the faction that choose to stay and fight. I know a few guys that will compare their b___ sack to yours. Were you on Delta,, a SEAL, a Ranger, Recon Marine,SF, USAF Pararecue or (old term) Combat Controller, CIA Operator, ? No need to be crude. I guarantee you I know people in all those jobs that still live in NJ. MIND YOUR CRITICISM!!! Those who have chosen to stay and fight don't deserve it!!!
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    So after removing all the MIM parts except for the glued in extractor - I did a little work to the front strap. Nothing like a hand stipple to increase the grippiness, without the bite.
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    This is a Israeli Police HP that I got in for myself, and wanted to refurb it - before, after's and trigger work. Didn't like the spur hammer and changed it to the ring hammer. Polished the trigger bar contact area on the frame, shortened and re-profiled the trigger bar tip and polish engagement area. Cleaned up the sear engagement area and polished. Polished the sear spring contact point in the spring and the sear. Polished the trigger bar contact locations for sear, frame sides and trigger bar contact point Added a stronger trigger return spring... You can see the take-up, till the trigger bar sits perfectly against the sear lever, a clean break with no overtravel and then a smooth audible and felt reset. No hammer push off and no hammer follow.
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    Couldnt you go with shorter than a 10.5 barrel if you used a noveske flaming pig which is 3.25 inches long and if you pin and weld it?
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    We have 2016 CX5, more my wife's car. I tease her that it's a waste on her lol, that car is way to peppy and agile for her style of driving. For what it is it's pretty quick ,handles great and is designed for sportier driving. Also it's very safe, at least for us. This is our second one as the first 2015 was totaled after an ahole ran a Red light and and did a 50mph header at an intersection. Wife and her sister sustained only seatbelt injuriis and minor at that. Took ins money and got the current 2016. Back seats can be a bit tight getting in/ out and I'm not fond of the overall cockpit feel but all in it's a great vehicle.
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    That wouldn't stop the federal government from doing it. Especially if it's 'for your own safety'.
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    Not on you, but I call bullshit on that. Then why even collect all that (very usefull) info. That statute is probably even more susceptible to abuse than our Constitution. I find it very unlikely, especially now that it's known that we have an abusive and toxic 4th branch of govt that has no issues doing covert and illegal "monitoring" of whoever they want.
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    Location: Millville (Cumberland County) Good morning! Looking to make a quick sale on this Stevens 320 12 gauge pump. Comes as seen with the +1 extension, cheapo NCSTAR side saddle, and tri-rail, *MINUS* the shells and Olight Odin light mount (didn't feel like digging around for an allen wrench this morning). Never fired it, just sat in the safe. I have the manual, and I *MAY* have the box (gonna have to dig around in the basement after work). Asking $100 FIRM. Cash or Venmo. You drive to me and pay the transfer fee. My local FFL will do it for $42 (which includes NICS), so total cost to you: $142. I think that's better than fair for what is, essentially, a new shotgun. If you're a fellow LEO, we can do a person to person transfer so you can skip the $42. Will also ship to FFL of your choice on your dime. Inevitably, someone will ask if I have ammo I can sell with it. Sorry, but no (at least none that I can spare). NOTE: I believe the serial# is underneath the side saddle, so, unfortunately, the velcro will likely need to be removed for the FFL to do the transfer. Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
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    I’m a sucker for cheap shotguns. I will take it!
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    1) the one in philthy couldn't have happened. you need a ltcf in philthy to carry. you need to be able to legally own a firearm to get that, therefor, it couldn't have happened, since a criminal can't get that ltcf. 2) the only thing that's gonna come outta this is more anti-gun laws.
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    Nice work! Where did you purchase it from?
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    Actually, "Taylor Ham" is a registered trademark of the Taylor Provisions Company, so if you order Taylor Ham and they serve you anything other than Taylor Pork Roll, they are comitting fraud. Book'em, Dano.
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    I’ll take them based on our conversation.
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    I don’t know what’s difficult about this. It’s written RIGHT ON THE PACKAGE….Pork Roll. ‘Ham’ isn’t even in the ingredients list! I don’t know why this is even a debate.
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    No need, it was decided in 1906. Pork roll Unfortunately, some of our North Jersey friends are a little slow when it comes to reading

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