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    Happy New Year, All. Thought I'd start you off smiling and thinking to clear your hangovers...
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    Snipped quote from CFP https://twitter.com/Doranimated/status/1476958176121663495
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    Interesting their civilians can possess full autos!
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    I asked you s civil question. You gave me a profane answer. I never said you lied.
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    So you can steal $900 without being arrested, so I wonder if there's a limit to what you need to claim. Questions Is it net amount per looting or gross? is it the value of price tag or what you hocked it for? Can you itemize? Can you deduct Masks, Hammer, getaway car, fuel. Can you file jointly if you loot together ? Is there a hotline number to help eith questions.
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    I'm man enough, Watched it with my mom, Enjoyed it, actually really funny show, Better than most crap on today by far.
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    R.I.P Watched her on so many shows as a kid. 17 days short of 100 https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/betty-white-dies-at-99-golden-girls-star-200312960.html
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    That's exactly the issue I have with wifey and twisting her arm to leave, the grandkids. I've told her between technology today (where she can chat with them anytime) and that I'll take her on a road trip in the RV to come visit them when ever she wants, I can't get any traction.
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    We were planning on getting out of north Jersey and splitting our time between the shore and Florida, but our 10 month old grandson has caused us to reconsider. From what I've heard, we are not the first to whom that has happened. Rob0115, we looked all over Florida for years before buying something. We checked north and south, both coasts, saw a lot of nice places, and had trouble deciding. Nice that you have both coasts, north and south covered. If you got down to one place in Florida, which would it be?
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    Thanks for the info/links. I am going to contact Daisy next week. See if they have a seals kit or something. Then just diving in and see what happens.
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    You only need the receipts in case you get audited......lol.
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    Yeah, I get it. Can't imagine anyone would think that someone unscrupulous enough to steal and loot would be honest enough to report said illegal gains on their tax return, let alone even do a return.
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    RIP she was one of the great ones...
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    Lol. Yeah. Cost more than it is worth, but was fun to do.
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    I stared at the wts ad from the moment it was posted, hoping, praying someone would snatch it up quickly because I as about to take it. For someone who already has a Ruger or Glock, it's a perfect pairing. My problem is, I have neither Glock or Ruger and it would have been a slippery slope leading me to a LGS to buy even more mouths to feed. @1LtCAP I owe you a beer for saving me a lot of money bro.
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    ...and most of them stink
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    Ever heard of Dale Carnegie? You may want to look him up.
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    So Epstein really didn't kill himself?
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    You mean like getting National Reciprocity, in2017, when the Republicans held both houses of Congress, and the House passed it, but the Senate wouldn't even bring it up for a vote? That hope?
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    okay, show of hands who still has hope that the SCOTUS case will result in NJ getting carry? I personally am holding a sliver of hope as this is a SCOTUS case unlike other potential cases that have come down the pike. SCOTUS cases have a national effect and cannot be ignored by states including NJ. I just don't see how NJ can ignore a landmark SCOTUS decision? If SCOTUS strikes down "may-issue" schemes NJ would have to abide just like it does with possession of firearms under Heller V DC.
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    I hope you're right, but I'm pretty sure they'll bring it up again. The Heller decision won't stop them from enacting it, and then counting on years in the courts to maybe get a rejection. IMO there's not a single Democrat in Trenton that believes in, supports and defends the Constitution as written.
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    hope whatever situation you're in works itself out
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    Might be rough at first , but I say save your money and move into Snipers house.
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    The only restriction on muzzle devices applies to flash hiders on semi-auto rifles that have too many other "evil features". You can put anything you like on your handgun and not even worry about the pin/weld nonsense that you'd have to do with a rifle. NB. The mere existence of a suppressor in NJ is verboten, regardless of what you intend to mount it on so I was ignoring those.
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    Raniersec AKA Ranier Gun Store On uther sites, many buyers got screwed.

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