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    Thank Goodness there’s no snow there. Last year you got an inch of snow, your whole state lost power, and everyone went Donner Party.
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    I always lock my car door whenever I am outside and away from my car. Could be at home, at work (parking garage) or if I am only getting out of the car to drop or pick something up. Unless I got someone else in the car I trust, whenever I leave my car, I take my keys out of the ignition and lock the car door.
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    Darn... based on the latest update from the National Weather Service at 9:45 PM, we lost the top spot. They claim we had 17 inches, but we got beat by Bayville, at 21 inches, which was the highest in the state.
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    Right!! We don’t have the infrastructure for snow like you guys do! When the first flakes fall, everyone freaks out.
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    More utility than tactical shotguns…
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    i might have a stock laying around......lemme look after i get outta a hot shower......
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    I stand corrected. Awesome!
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    No rattlesnakes under my porch in NJ.
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    It could be worse. We could be in NE. 82 MPH wind gusts. 19" snow. How big are the drifts going to be?? FOX Weather | Home of America's Weather Team
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    16? that's it? nothin like when we had over 3ft in 93/94 or 96, huh?
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    I see you have a Blackwater Mossberg. I, too, have a Blackwater...
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    Are you talking about holding government employees accountable? Let alone law enforcement ...... Hahahahhahahahah what’s the temperature in hell ? I don’t think it froze over yet. but to help, the mental health check, I believe, goes back ten years. So if you lived anywhere else in those ten years. They want to check that states records also.
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    Seller is a great guy. Super easy to work with. Smooth transaction, would definitely do business with again. Thanks!
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    They are flying a lot of them in to y’all, I understand. Maybe you can get them to shovel snow.
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    That’s Homdel, the police station has a giant sign that reads lock your doors take your keys. The youngsters from the urban areas were taking the last train into town and leaving with Audi’s BMW etc just by walking around those million dollar neighborhoods and jumping in them. Fobs always inside.

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