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    Want to explain it in terms that liberal may understand? Ask they if the federal governement should outlaw or strictly regulated: Grow lights Plant fertilizer Pots for growing plants Seed Starter Trays Gardening tools All of the above ARE used in illegally growing marijuana. Should everything and anything that could possible be used to grow and harvest marijuana be illegal? You can change the assosicated supporting paraphernalia to any drug or activity that liberals enjoy. It's all just as absurd.
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    I heard Master Po: https://web.archive.org/web/20000620055732/home.att.net/~Masterpo/M1load.htm
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    No. H4895 & IMR4064 work fine, just more powder. Same powders I find most accurate in the .308 Win. I have yet to try Varget. Maybe that will happen sometime this summer.
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    I've done nothing special. I started with Master Po's Garand loads, and also searched the CMP forums for data for lighter weight bullets like the 125 Speer TNT. (I have not found any .30 cal. rifle that cannot shoot that bullet well, and recoil is mild.) I've used four powders to date: 3031, 4064, W748, and both brands of 4895. Bullet weights from 125 gr. to 150 grs. I had hangfires with W748, probably because of wrong primer or I was starting off too low on the powder weight. I've never gone back to testing with it. I've been meaning to try 168's HPBT's but haven't had the time, life got in the way. I use the standard gas plug too, no adjustable gas plug.
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    should be bringing back ALL...or at least most....manufacturing to home.
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