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    The man's been a con-artist, liar and flunkie his entire life....his son had a good role model.....and now the people's Role Model....omo.
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    I think he was talking about Kamala
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    Remembering this lately:
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    Although perhaps she's more of a converted progressive now. It's Naomi Wolf, a former darling of the left who has classically gained wisdom as she has aged. Thus awakened, she has written as full throated a defense of the 2nd Amendment as I have seen anywhere, cast in contrast to her former progressive views. And includes a full explanation of why it's needed more today than ever before. You need to read this. "The last thing keeping us free in America, as the lights go off all over Europe- and Australia, and Canada - is, yes, we must face this fact, the Second Amendment. I can’t believe I am writing those words. But here we are and I stand by them." Rethinking the Second Amendment (substack.com) Cross posted on PAFOA.
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    Can we just have some common sense pool laws??!
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    One of the senate co sponsors stated that the shooter "...killed 19 kids and left them unidentifiable." Did i miss something? How were the victims unidentifiable by the shooter? A quick net search had lots of information about the victims.
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    Yeah, that's what pisses me off the most.
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    I will say this - standard case prep to make is SAAMI specs - one item to note if using once fired or twice fired M1 brass be sure to check each cases head for distortion - the M1 as most semi's is a robust extraction - it would not be uncommon to see some heads where the extractor grabs to distort the brass in this area - this is turn *could* possibly prevent a full in battery lock of the bolt. An example, I have a micrometer to check case sizes after being resized and that is a two step process for me: 1) 2) I have noticed differentials in some cases that were cause for come possible concern. Other than that - making sure that the primer depth is correct - a standard load workup using 4064 and 147gr heads seems to work. Another example of load development is I have a WW2 S&W Lend Lease Revolver in 38 S&W - I cast a 190GR head and using Bullseye powder at X.X0 (I have to look up the load) was a very wide group - once I upped the load to X.X9 the groups tightened up quite a bit - each rifle will be different as you know for what load it likes.
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    Too much slide bite - try this -
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    I have both myself, the best ARs I have are SIG 516s which both are sub moa with nearly every piece of factory nato ammunition I've tried. I also have a kel tec RDB bullpup, it shoots great, maybe not as good as the SIG but the SIG is twice plus the cost of the kel tec. The SIG produces noticeably less recall, because it is heavier. I would expect a heavier bullpup would equalize that felt recoil. The kel tek is much more maneuverable, as you would expect a smaller package to be, and I can fire it right or left, as it discharges down not to either side, this is why I purchased it. None of the other bullpups I considered discharged this way. I also have a Troy other, and that almost equals the kel tecs maneuverability so purhaps that is an option for you as others already have a required VFG, but then you lose the ambidextrous shooting ability, and go with a direct impingement AR which I do not prefer in the least compared to the SIG or kel tec, which are both piston guns. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    Maybe put a VFG on the DDM4? Not the same body positioning as with a Tavor, but close
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    My AUG trigger felt like a pneumatic staple gun when I first bought it. I installed a 2020 Prefision sear, and it’s much better now. It makes a big difference in how I shoot it. The rifle itself is plenty ‘accurate’ inherently out of the box, but the improved trigger pull with the new sear makes ME shoot it more towards its potential.
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    I've got the "old style" Tavor with a trigger pack/bar upgrade. I like the trigger, and it's way more accurate than I am. I like the rifle overall, but it's relatively heavy and the magazine changes are awkward. Agree with H.E. on the "blasty" part - the end of the barrel is closer to your face, so you're a bit closer to the shockwave coming out of the muzzle brake. @Cheflife15 - If you want to try it out at a range near me LMK and we'll set something up.
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    I think the accuracy ‘issue’ many people talk about with bullpup rifles has more to do with poor triggers than anything else. Kind of the trade off you get it’s bull pups. In many cases, the crap trigger pulls can be remedied with aftermarket parts.
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    You got that right Emma! The Deep State Media is alive and well! So it's up to us to spread the word when we hear it. Far and wide!
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    Why would there be a disadvantage to having a bull pup and shooting past 100 yards? What do you think a bullpup will be better for you following spinal surgery? Bullpups don’t have shorter barrels. They have shorter overall length because the action is moved behind the trigger. In fact, my MSAR with 16” barrel is shorter than my SBF with 11.75” barrel. The MSAR is also heavier with a center of balance well behind the grip. Manual of arms is different than the M16/M4 FOW but other than slower emergency reloads (arguable) weapon handling/manipulations are merely different, not better or worse. The Hellion is too new to have any kind of track record, but so far reviews have been meh. I did not like the Tavor the few times I have shot one.
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    Reading another post in a different NJGF forum reminded me that there have ALREADY been several drownings in NJ this season. How tragic... it seems it's already shaping up to be a bad one. So, I'm resurrecting this thread - please read the article in the original post. Everyone should be familiar with what the signs of drowning actually look like & be vigilant, particularly when young children are involved. Whether the swimmer is in the ocean, a lake, or a pool, drowning is a huge risk factor during this warm weather as more people get into the water. Who knows?... perhaps being more familiar with how drowning actually appears might just save a life!
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    Thanks for the input all! I went for a PPK stainless because I kept thinking about it. It's tiny and too classy looking. Now to embrace my inner secret agent...
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    The reasons for her change of heart are even more amazing than the change itself. I've enjoy quite a bit of her writing over the years even I usually disagreed with her completely. I don't know if this will create even a ripple on the left but I would like to help spread the word.
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    Following along those lines.
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    I haven't looked at my 403b this month yet, but I'm not sure I want to.
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    And stayed there. 29,927 at the close. All the others down too over 3%.

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