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    There always that one guy that fucks it up for everyone. Good job.
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    Thanks everyone . . . I called Cherry Hill Police this afternoon. The detective called me back and we updated the email address without an issue. He was very friendly and happy to help!
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    Gun for Hire is excited to announce the first full successful week of NJ CCW Qualifications is completed! We have been running police and security guard quals for 29 years with over 28,000 successful qualifications! Check out our Quarantine Crawl family, The Firearm Notaries, who will be at Gun For Hire during most qualification hours notarizing applications and taking the 1.5x1.5in photos for your application. Find their upcoming schedule at thefirearmnotaries.com Keep it in the family and make Gun For Hire your one-stop shop for your NJCCW. #gunforhire #quarantinecrawl #gunpermit #ny #nj #2a #tipofthespear #stickwiththebest #learn #civilrights #nra #knowledgeispower #firearms #guns #pewpew #gun #ar #tactical #shooting #pistol #pewpewlife #rifle #edc #responsibility #freedom #firearm #military #training @gunforhire IMG_0650.MOV
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    How familiar are you with him? He does a lot of fear mongering, case and point. And a lot of people have issues with the NRA profiteering.
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    When historic precedent is found, and it does not help the left's agenda, the new thing now is well, back then women were property and all white men were racists, something something patriarchy and an extra topping of racist.
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    Suit filed against NJ Mag Limit! It looks like Governor Murphy may have to eat some serious humble pie, as the law he signed doing this to New Jerseyans looks like it’s in severe peril. With the FPC et.al. filing this brief, they found historical accounts of weapons with more than 10 rounds dating back to the 16th century. Wishing good luck to Murphy’s team in trying to defend that. Not really. https://bearingarms.com/john-petrolino/2022/07/08/some-marching-orders-in-njs-magazine-capacity-suit-gvr-n60189?utm_source=badaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=00ea90fbf351bbfd29c96affd26f2dca49954a466ec9e3e8139f308bd8a1cb93 FU Phil!
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    I had them all in my bag, the bag went into the range with me. The only gun out was the one I qualified with. Only time they were out was when the instructor recorded the SSN's after everyone qualified.
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    So I'm told....guys have gotten their permits already.....is this believable.....where.....I dunno.
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    No, I emailed the Cheif and asked him to forward it for me, that was the only email they published on the PD website. I know my PD is responsive, so I figured emailing was actually the least disruptive and best use of time. Calling or stopping in usually results in a wait or "leave a message", and often pulling the officer from a duty etc.
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    BTW, we now know what brought down the "Georgia Guidestones"!
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    The law doesn't take effect for 7 months. But you're already emailing TS basically telling them they shouldn't be selling us ammo.
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    They are some of the most knowledgeable staff I have ever dealt with. Class act all the way, constantly in touch with the latest updates. Yes, they know where to find SSN's.
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    My answer to 26 is No, so I'm going to leave 27 blank. Neither yes or no make sense unless you answered yes to 26.
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    PtPP is a permit to purchase a pistol. If you don't already have a handgun you're going to need one of those to acquire the gun you intend to carry. Doing the quals ahead of time is what I did. I actually did it before the Bruen decision came out as I was sure it would be issued soon and the quals are good so long as they were done no more than 6 months before the application is submitted.
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    5k, well if that doesn't speak volumes, i do not know what does..... Welcome to NJ, where the charlatans rule....5k..lol.... that buys a lot of burgerbusy.... in NH, hey chubby ubsy....
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    You can always do this instead...... Nappen: Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun Fixed Flat Fee Legal Assistance Package. Many people do not realize that the New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun “NJPCH” is issued by a New Jersey Superior Court Judge. After the application is investigated by the Chief of Police or Superintendent of State Police (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) “CLEO”, regardless of whether they approve or deny the application, it needs to go to the New Jersey Superior Court “NJSC” to proceed further. The CLEO is required by law to approve or deny the permit within 60 days. Otherwise, it is deemed approved, but it still needs to go to the NJSC Judge who is the issuing authority and retains full authority to approve or deny. Sometimes there is unreasonable delay by the CLEO in forwarding the application to the Court within the 60 days. The Law Firm will work to compel compliance. Once your application is approved by the CLEO, the application is required to be forwarded to the NJSC where a Judge will decide whether to issue your Permit. Before deciding whether to issue your NJPCH, the Judge may require a hearing. Additionally, if the CLEO denies your application, then a hearing must be requested by the applicant to the NJSC. The Law Firm will make the request on your behalf should you be denied. The Law Firm will represent you at all times during this process and at Court. The application process often involves a hearing before a NJSC Judge before deciding whether to issue your NJPCH. It is not advisable to go to Court without an attorney. Many people have contacted our Law Firm seeking legal representation on obtaining a NJPCH. Due to this demand, the Law Firm is pleased to offer a fixed flat fee legal services package that not only includes assisting our client with the entire process of applying for a NJPCH, but also includes representation at NJSC, if necessary, throughout the process. At an hourly rate, legal services can quickly add up. This fixed flat fee package gives our clients the peace of mind to know exactly what these legal services will cost and to know that they are getting personal assistance from our Law Firm with this complicated process. The fixed flat fee is $5,000. If you are interested in retaining the firm, please call our office at 732-389-8888 and say you want the Fixed Flat Fee NJPCH Legal Assistance Package. Fixed Flat Fee NJPCH Legal Assistance Package Includes: Advice and assistance on completing the application form. Advice on how to remove potential firearm possession disqualifiers.* Advice on fingerprinting procedures. Recommendation of Range Facilities that meet the requirements. In-house Notary service to maintain privacy of your application. In-house Passport photos to maintain privacy of your application. Compel compliance with the 60-day time limit to initially process your application by your CLEO. Representation in New Jersey Superior Court for an Appeal of a Denial by your CLEO. Representation in NJSC if your CLEO approves, but the NJSC still requires a hearing on the application. Follow up to make sure permit is properly and timely issued by the Court. *Rights Restoration legal services may incur additional fees.
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    If I was an ammo dealer, I would be tempted to keep my records in a text file on a Commodore Pet with magnetic tape storage.
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    Had to go to one in Philly. Made my appointment yesterday evening for today. Had to pay out of state fee but I was looking at a 30+ day wait for a nj faculty. Sucks but felt it was worth it.
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    Submitted my application today at local PD. They were very accommodating. I showed up at the scheduled time. Same requirements as listed in NJSP site. The officer made copies of the passport, DL, firearm ownership (P2P). On to scheduling fingerprinting. PD gave me a "Contributor Case #" that has no name etc, just numbers. The officer said its their own internal tracking # and its better that way. Application Date: Jul 7th, 2022 Location: Local PD Requirements: As noted in NJSP standard application Quals Included: HCQ-1 and Use Of Force (RealoaderZNJ Range) Finger Printing Date: Pending
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    Legal or not, leaving guns in an unattended car is a bad idea.
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    Went to rtsp in union yesterday. 3,5,7,10, and 15 yards. Timed but nothing crazy. Holstered, fire 5, mag change, reholster, fire five more, clear and holster. Same at each distance. Were super friendly. FBI q target. Hoping that since they’re listed on state police website for qualifications I won’t run into any issues. They even list the state code that this qual satisfies on the paperwork. Handed completed app in at lunch today in Mt. Laurel. They were super friendly as always. They said once fingerprints are back the chief will approve asap. After that it’s out of their hands. Going for fingerprinting tomorrow. Have to go to Philly as their were no appointments available in a 50 mile radius to me in nj for a month. Sucks but whatever. Trying to get this done asap before they move the goal post on us. Fingers crossed.
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    I guess they are waiting to see if your application lays baby carry apps and grows wings. Lol.
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    Because it's a "permit to carry a handgun" in NJ.

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