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    County: Hunterdon Fingerprinted: 6/30 - Easton, PA Applied via: NJSP Washington 6/30 Approved by NJSP Washington: Approx 8/9 Approved by NJSP FIU: 8/15 Received by court: 8/18 Docketed by court: 8/19 Approved by court: 9/14 I don't have it in hand yet, but I'm told it is restricted to the guns I qualified with. When I get the paperwork I'll know about any other details.
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    I qualify with my Gen1 Ruger LCP .380 (the early model with the tiny bumps for sights) twice a year - each qual is 90 rounds total for the HQC and HNQC including 10 rounds at 25 yards and ~30 with a handheld flashlight. The shooting fundamentals don’t change with caliber or because they are pocket sized guns. Align the sights properly, work the trigger without disturbing your sight picture, and follow through. Thats not to say I don’t shoot my full size guns better* - because I do - I’m just pointing out that qualifying with small guns is doable if you stick to the fundamentals and do your part. * better = tighter groups with faster splits.
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    They'll fix that shortly, to allow just 10 clicks before you have to reload the page, then 10 more clicks, then reload... It is NJ, after all.
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    I'm imagining the conversation at NJSP went like this: Platkin to Callahan - "Oh shit, the gun nuts are rallying, time's up on getting that training thing together" Later: Callahan at NJSP meeting - "Ok, who's got the best online firearms training program out there?" Trooper - "Sir, the NRA has well established and vetted training and safety materials that we should take a look at..." Callahan - "WTF Did you just say to me!?" Trooper - "The NRA..." Callahan - "GET DA FUQ OUTTA HERE! Get me that new recruit who's good with powerpoint, we're going to knock this out right here and now..."
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    Known in my universe as Ramalama.
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    There are already examples of disregarding the law. Cannot carry in a vehicle - illegal Can only carry specific handguns - illegal Placing restrictions on a permit without holding a hearing to allow the applicant to address the Judge's concerns - illegal Openly refusing to process any applications - illegal
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    Too many people here are panicking over the car carry restriction. The whole process is so new to Jersey, and police departments and courts are still figuring out what to do. Sure, there may be some activist judges applying restrictions to permits. I think this will all shake out over time as challenges are brought forward to the court regarding these issues, and new directives are created to address them. At least get your process started and hand in your application. Hopefully by the time your permit comes up for renewal in 2 years, all of this stuff will be worked out. Don’t sweat it.
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    Ummm, I'm just sharing an experience with my fellow forum members...NOT 'complaining' to the shop. I was highlighting how absurd gun shops in NJ have become. I honestly don't give a shit "why" they're doing it. I find it stupid, so I won't shop there. I'll go to places like FSS in Pine Brook. Smaller shop, but last time I was there I was looking at rifles and chatting with a guy that works there when another guy say, "Oh shit, we forgot to ask to see your FID...do you have it?". I pulled it out to hand it to them and they said "No, that's cool. As long as you have it with you".
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    Galloway twp. Atlantic I called the court and spoke with the lady handling the applications. I asked her if mine was there, she found it and told me she would process it. If I hadn’t of called it would still be sitting there in the stacks and stacks she said she had on her desk
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    Kamala Harris National Disgrace & Class Clown
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    Been following this forum for some time. Finally pulled the trigger and signed up. Looking to share my knowledge and gain from you all. Avid collector and shooter. Before u ask yes I already qualified and submitted everything. Just waiting…..
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    Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate it all! @gleninjersey I love my 04.5 Chevy Duramax. Older gm here too. The Grand Prix was a 2002. @JohnnyB I’ll keep my eye out for u! Now for the CJRPC guys, if you hear something that sounds like a 747 in the gun club, it’s not a low flying plane….it’s just me coming in the Duramax to get off a few rounds!
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    Report it anyway. They said it’s better to overreport than underreport.
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    @GRIZ there ya go again, bringing logic and sense into it. Don’t you know this is a gun forum. It’s all ‘bout feelings and opinion. Don’t go bringing facts into it! Sheesh! Some people’s kids!
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    Update to my court letter in Union NJ, my money order has finally been cashed today.
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    Welcome from a fellow CJRPC member.. And PORK ROLL it is damn it!
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    I qualified with my Seecamp .380 pocket gun with 2” barrel out to 25 yards. Scored an 88. The grip screw broke with six shots to go, but was able to keep it together to finish the qual. Definitely not meant to shoot that far, but that’s what we’re stuck with.
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    @gleninjersey thank you. I collect WW1 & WW2 rifles and pistols. Yes I probably have it. I have my FFL C&R Type 03. I enjoy collecting. My prize piece is a 1918 Colt 1911. She’s a beauty. Or maybe the 1945 Springfield M1 Garand? Maybe the 1926 Mosin? Nah probably the 1941 38H. Or the 1943 K98K. Possibly the 1944 browning hipower. Ok it’s the 1938 Luger. You got me. None of my foreign firearms have import marks. Numbers matching as numbers matching. For the german firearms all the waffen marks are visible . As for my 1918 .45. It’s never been back to an armory. Ive the rifles and pistols appraised and I was shocked at the value. As far as the username, man your good. Im a GM BOY. The L36 was supercharged. Took the M90 off the L67. She was fast and fun. 333hp/358tq. Lots of engine/trans work to attain that. the plate is on my newer none GM car. Won’t let it go.
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    Honestly, I'm surprised it's taken this long to come down to where it's at. I still think we have a way to go though. Rates are going to be hiked 0.75% at a minimum next week. The speculation of a 1% bump jumped to about 40% today and yesterday it was pretty much non-existent. IMHO they SHOULD raise it 1% but if they it will be sign of desperation and will cauase panic selling. So they won't. They should have been raising rates over a year ago. They are trying to play catch up now and they are way behind. As they continue to raise the Fed rate mortage rates will climb. We recently hit 6% on the 30 year fixed which we haven't seen in A LONG time. As mortgage rates climb, home prices have to come down. So the housing market WILL tank. Not as bad as 2008 but you'll still people suddenlty realizing that they are upside down on their mortgage and credit lines. And credit card rates will climb even higher (if that's possible). Many people are near or maxed out on their credit cards. As rates rise the monthly payments are goign to go up. Borrowing costs for businesses will be rising at the same time. Guess who those costs get passed along to? The consumer. Over 50% of Americans are already living paycheck to paycheck. Employees will also be hit in the form of layoffs due to slowing product demand and lowered profits as people will HAVE to cut back what little "extra" spending they have. So as the Fed is trying to "reduce" inflation they are pushing borrowing costs up on a populace that is living paycheck to paycheck and essentially maxed out on their spending. At the same time the Fed is forcing companies to RAISE prices even more due elevated borrowing costs. This is all on top of 15% rising grocery costs and quickly rising home cooling / heating costs. Guess what is just around the corner? The holidays. Guess who won't be spending as much during the holidays (because they can't)? American consumers. So early next year we'll be hearing about how retails sales were down. Which will further drive the market down as rates continue to climb. And as rates continue to climb guess what else is happnening. Individual and instituional investors start selling equities and buying bonds because the rates are now more attractive on bonds. So the stock market takes another hit. Hope I'm very wrong about all the above. But I have a feeling that by the start of next Spring the Dow will be closer to 25k than it is to 40k (which we were very near not too long ago). Winter is coming. In more ways than one. Start preparing now.
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    LOL and congress only makes 120k and are all just humble servants. When you're in a position of power you learn how the scams, the revolving door and the kick backs work. Even the lowly serf state employees have ways of making bank , when you're bored check out the overtime and such these people get. Don't fall for that public servant crap they do a lot better than private and get pension to boot. Payroll Explorer | NJOIT Open Data Center
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    Prosecutors as well as the people working in their offices don’t make nearly as much as they could the private sector either. Nor do politicians. Or soldiers. It’s service, they make a choice to forgo money in order to serve. As far as respecting them, that should be on an individual basis. Judges who knowingly break the law and infringe on our rights should be taken off of the bench and shamed in the streets.
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    NJ.com reports: A gated estate, State Police protection and the Middletown PD adds patrols to the area? Any other neighborhood in the township flooded with armed LEO after cars stolen in the area?
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    The database is something required by the directive and/or the NJ Supreme Court decision adopting the Directive. It is a good thing.
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    I just jumped over there to take a loki too. Totally unacceptable, well both Dan in emails and Nappin in his Sunday "sermon" this week said they are hot on the car carry issue, I am glad at this point mine hasn't made it to the OC judge just yet. I also read somewhere (maybe even here - lol) that OC has only issued 5 permits post SC ruling.
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    I think it's just a rushed last minute/low effort action to have *something* in place. I'd love to see the faces of the legislators who wrote this new requirement when they learn of how it's implemented: "Are you kidding me!? The extent of the training requirement is that they have to click a button 26 times!?"
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    Happy to report I'm now a probationary member of OBRPC without being a NRA member.
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    FKH? Nah! The line's too long.
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    My son's 4th grade power point presentation on photosynthesis was better. What a joke. I would love to know how much $ was allocated for this!!!
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    Some Township PD's aren't actually contacting the references. It differs from township to township. Some send letters, some call. Some don't contact at all.
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    If that was the case, then Newark and Jersey City should be renamed Fort Newark and Fort Jersey City FPM!! FJB + FKH too for good measure.
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    @High Exposure when i was working people would want to carry the smallest gun possible but not put the effort into learning how to shoot it. I would take my Beretta Minx, 22 short or my Jetfire, 25 ACP and shoot a qual course resulting in a more than passing but often a max score. Have I carried the Minx or Jetfire as my only armament. Yes, where I knew I'd be in a VERY low risk environment. Most of the time now I carry my S&W Boduguard 380. About the same size as the Berettas but a 380. Higher threat? A G19 or Smith 66. I've only been carrying guns for almost 50 years. WTF do I know.
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    I used to travel to PA to do IDPA matches. If there's some in NJ I'd probably get back into it. It was fun. I've only done IDPA. It was low pressure, I don't remember any "levels". You make some friends and there are some good shooters to learn from too.
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    It's called a "MURSE"....thank you very much.....
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    At this point the slow rolling may benefit us slightly giving Strike Force a chance to get rid of some of those restrictions before our Permits are issued and we have to go through a bunch of shit to get them amended. I have a pistol I would like to ad I'm wondering how I'm going to have to get that added to my permit and the reason is I had to wait 30 days to execute the permit and now it sits in NICs purgatory that is currently 7 days behind. I also have had pleasant interactions with the Firearms crew in Records at Berkley (Bayville)
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    Honestly - I believe the Strikeforce is aware of what's happening in ALL counties.
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    They have guidance. The AG said process as before but without justifiable need. The NJ Supreme Court issued their directive in 2019 about not going over 30 days. These laws have been on the books for decades. There is nothing unclear. If the permit is approved by police after they confirm you meet all requirements the judge signs it. SHALL ISSUE is the law. Anyone who is holding this up is directly and personally responsible for deprivation of rights.
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    Yup, all these restricted places will be added targets for criminals. Now they'll know places to hit and not worry about running into someone with a PTC.
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    There would be no legal argument to be made. Nothing in written law says that if the Superior Court doesn't issue your permit after receiving your application within 30 days you are automatically issued one or that you can carry without a permit. You will simply be charged with unlawful possession of a handgun if caught. The 60 day time frame for police stations is written into law however nobody really knows how that works in practice. Meaning, what do you do if they take longer? Show up to the courthouse with receipts and ask them to process? Good luck with that peasant! If the 60 day police time frame and 30 day court timeline really worked than Jay Factor would have automatically had a permit in his hand after his 2019 application. I can't remember the exact number of days but it was over 200 days for a denial if I remember correctly. Definitely substantially longer than 60 days plus 30 days. Again, NJs timelines are meaningless. They have been blowing them off for years and they will continue to do so untill automatic issuance is law or there are consequences for not meeting their timelines. Someone who applies for their permit and than their police station goes over 60 days will need to file a lawsuit in order to get a NJ court to lay out some type of resolution on how this works in practice. Someone may also be able to contact the NJ supreme court about what to do if the 30 day court timeline is blown. However because this is just a directive and is not written into law, I doubt anything meaningful will come of this. Maybe I'm wrong, and hopefully so.
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    Deactivating the safety, or forgetting to is the result of insufficient training and practice. I compete with striker fired guns without manual safeties (Glock, P320, XD/XDm) and guns with manual safeties (1911, BHP, CZ75). I have no issue making the gun go bang when I want it to from the draw. If you don't handle your gun regularly, yes you could fluff the safety. You could also get a bad grip, not have your sights aligned at the end of the draw stroke, all sorts of things. I have even seen a gun get pulled from the holster and tossed across the range as a competitor swept his concealment garment out of the way - his hand never touched the gun and he earned himself a DQ. Words from top tier guys - "You might practice until you get it right. We practice until we can't get it wrong."
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    That's more to do with operator error, than a gun issue. Relying on a manual safety to save you from incorrect gun/holster manipulation is not the answer, IMO.

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