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    Where do you go for your favorite wings? I need a new place to go (I'm in Ocean Co.). I don't like breaded wings and they must have all of the fat cooked out of them. Nothing worse than a soggy wing. If it's a place that you can get a beer with your wings even better.
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    MD Permit: Applied and fingerprinted 9/31/22 Issued 12/1/22 Rec'd in mail 12/10/32. Something like 71 or 72 days to issue. In related NJ news... I applied for my NJ Permit on 8/6 Rec'd an email from the Superintendent's office that said it was sent to the court on 11/15 (after I sent a letter to his office). Somehow, it took over three weeks for the court to receive it on 12/7 (suspicious) I'm anticipating a hearing the third week of January. If that's correct, I'll be at about 130 days for NJ.
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    No, you and your pork roller minions are absolutely NOT "right". But, yes, I must admit... I do love you.
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    Don't know for sure, but enter your vin, picture of odometer, picture of DL is all it took to get an offer
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    Chicken or the egg on LBI. Hands down the best. Breaded or naked. Bland or so hot your eyes will water just from the steam. It's a BYOB shop unfortunately. Set up like a diner. We make the pilgrimage there at least once a year. But you're close. You wont be disappointed.
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    My wife used to work for the board of pension for Presbyterian church USA. OMG what a bunch of liberal assholes. It’s difficult to believe some of the shit that goes on there..
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    When I want wings, I make them myself. Smoked bbq wings are the best wings. Especially with a little home made bleu cheese..
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    Would like to know this too. My app got kicked back to HTPD and my refs still haven't been contacted. I sent the FA unit an email on Wed but haven't heard anything. I will call them next week. This is all so tiring and ridiculous...
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    Once again, play stupid games, win stupid prizes!
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    I just saw this morning that Sinema has left the Ds to be an I. Not sure who she is going to caucus with but this has the potential to gum up things for Chucky and co.
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    I handle shipping guns at our shop. Here is how it works... You bring the gun to me. I give you a repair receipt, I log it into my repair book, someone pays for shipping and I send it out. The repair facility fixes the gun, someone pays for shipping and the gun ships back to me. I call you & you come pick up the gun and it is logged out of my repair book. End of story. No transfer fees and no NICS.
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    Buy me a package of Taylor Ham for Christmas…I wanna try this mythical product!
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