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    I don't have to train to exercise my first Amendment rights, why should I have to train to exercise for the second? Training is great! I just don't agree with it being mandated!
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    25 permitless states require no training.....when are you guys here in NJ going to recognize what our US Constitution is really about and stop creating more obsticals for yourselves.......I can't believe some of this stuff.....your, your own worst enemies ....omo.
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    Yep, it’s that time of year again…time to make sausage. I’ve told this story before, but when I was growing up, it was tradition in my family to make sausage on New Year’s Day. We hunted between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and would take 2 deer and a pig. Dad and I would make venison sausage (while my mom cleaned up the mess!). My folks are gone now, but I still make sausage of some sort every year. No venison this year, so I’m making fresh sweet Italian, and pork sausage with white wine and parmesan cheese. I’m making it a little early this year, because I have to leave town on a business trip Monday. Today was prep day. I cut up 20Kg of pork butt, and broke it into two batches. Meat/fat is 70/30. I use metric measurements because it’s easier to get the right salt to meat ratio. Typically, one should use 15g kosher salt per Kg of meat. The basic recipe, per Kg is: 1Kg pork, between 80/20 and 70/30. I like 70/30 as it keeps the finished product more moist. Cut the pork/fat into 2” chunks. 15g kosher salt per Kg meat. 1/4 cup red wine vinegar. 1 Tbs fennel seeds. (Soak them in the red wine vinegar for about 20 mins). 2 Tbs fresh parsley, finely chopped. 2 teaspoons fresh ground black pepper. 1 Tsp granulated garlic. 1 teaspoon dried oregano (I used fresh). 1 teaspoon dried thyme (I used fresh). I chose to jazz it up a bit with 1 teaspoon of fresh sage. The white wine and parmesan recipe is similar. Same meat/fat ratio, same amount of salt per Kg of meat. 1/2 cup white wine (I used Sauv Blanc, but you do you). 2 teaspoons fresh ground black pepper. 2 Tbs fresh parsley, finely chopped. 1Tsp granulated garlic. Roasted garlic would be amazing. 1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese. (Don’t use the Kraft shit in a can!). I mix my batches up, and refrigerate at least overnight. This allows the flavors to come together. Make SURE the meat is evenly coated with the salt, and herbs. You should get your meat mixture as cold as possible without freezing it. You should also put the metal parts of your meat grinder in the freezer. You want everything COLD so the fat won’t smear when you grind it. Tomorrow, I’ll grind each batch up and stuff into casings. I had a couple of pounds of leftover pork chunks, so as a bonus, I’m making pork carnitas. They need to simmer for a few hours…this will be good in some tortillas with pickled red onion, cojita cheese, and a vinegar based slaw on top. Just sayen… More tomorrow.
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    Really....well that's your opinion.....show me where these requirements that you say "aren't really a high bar" are stated in the 2A of The Bill of Rights..........all this concocted crap is in violation of our 2A .......guess you feel it's not......suppose you love the insurance requirement also. IMO, your a prime example why we're in the shape we are here....Liberal Gun Owners....if you even own one.....omo.
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    You're absolutely right. I have no idea why I got a permit either. I'm just going to burn it and call it a day. ANJRPC, FPC, SAF, NJ2AS, et al, can you guys just give it a rest, please?
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    My 'social media' footprint is pictures of me with family and friends and pictures from business trips. My local PD is welcome to waste their time perusing through it...
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    Training is not a reasonable requirement under the US Constitution....what's next, ya want to limit our speech to so many words per hour...1A.
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    I believe there are currently 25 states with permitless carry and this is what we have to deal with.....we need a new and clear understanding of just what is meant by our 2nd Amendment Right so everyone is on the same page and not second guessing any longer.....hopefully some court judge will finally get to that.......omo.
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    Not a good move, that's another democratic vote for them.
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    lmao By any chance, are you related to Gomez (with TWO d's) Addams.
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    they were all pretty clear. the original documents are pretty clear. yet.....here we are.
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    Just when I thought I was out, the wife pulled me back to NJ! Left 16+ years ago and never thought I’d be back, in fact it was part of our agreement when we got married!! Aaaaanyway, Ocean County tax slave here. Am happy about the food at least, tired of being served ketchup and bread. You know I actually met somebody that told me they don’t like pizza?!?! After trying all the regions “Italian” joints my contempt for them turned to compassion. Got a bunch of American 3/8-1/2” AR550 steel plates and stands, is there anywhere I can utilize these or offer them up as a membership fee? Otherwise I guess I’ll keep them for out of state trips.
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    no sir.........under the Militia Act, each individual was supposed to be fitted out with a good musket, cartridge box and cuttoe / knie or ax.....had nothing to do with training.....stop making up crap you haven't researched.....your a nightmare to our cause.....omo.
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    Your food threads always make me hungry. When you show it cooked, I'm going to have to go out and get a sausage and pepper hero.
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    I stated here beginning of the week...First paragraph..............Kavanaugh's fault, why some can't just shut their mouth.. and this is your argument to confound us here in NJ vs the 2A......are you kiddin' me....exactly what I meant, our own worst enemies....what's wrong with you.
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    Here’s the basic setup… I was able to grind the first 20# of meat in about 20 mins. I used a coarse grind for the Italian sausage, as we prefer the texture like that, and it doesn’t smear the fat as much. I use a hand crank stuffer that could use an upgrade..it works well, but doesn’t have much capacity, and is kinda messy to work with. I should quit being a cheap Greek and spend some money to upgrade. Lol Don’t be afraid to STOP and put the metal parts of the grinder or the stuffer back in the freezer for awhile. Anything that touches the meat should be cold as hell.
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    5+ months, wow. Wonder if that’s considered excessive? You may actually be able to carry in January if that judge puts all the sensitive places on hold. For now enjoy getting the mail and walking the dog down the center of the street, ha.
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    As this works it's way through the courts I continue to contact my state Senator & Assemblyman. Both voted against the new laws and I'm waiting for a reply to the most recent questions i sent the. Dear Senator Holzapfel, The recent passage of A4716 followed by S3214 solely on the strength of Democratic numbers in both houses of the legislature. Will the Republican members, all of whom voted against these bills, stand by without some ethics investigation of those supporters who knowingly and admittedly voted for an unconstitutional law? Where is the outcry about the malfeasance in office and disregard of their oath of office to uphold the U.S and State constitutions. Can the average citizen ever expect to see honorable representation again? Thank you for your support of those you represent, and for your consideration of this issue.
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    Not to go off on a tangent, but if you liked that book you'll want to read this too: https://www.amazon.com/Food-Cooking-Science-Lore-Kitchen/dp/0684800012/ref=sr_1_1?crid=WBFEVGNP0LVI&keywords=on+food+and+cooking+harold+mcgee&qid=1672410962&sprefix=on+food+and+%2Caps%2C194&sr=8-1
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    For all you potential sausage makers (and those who just want to be better cooks), I HIGHLY recommend these books. Food Lab is one of those science-based cookbooks, kinda like Alton Brown did with Good Eats. There is an excellent, very comprehensive section on grinding your own meat, and making sausage. It’s a great read to learn techniques for ground meats/sausages. Food Lab covers a LOT of ground for cooking techniques, how to, and WHY you should do things in a particular way. Plus, recipes!!! It’s a MUST have in your kitchen! The other book was given to me for Christmas by Mrs. Tex. It has some good recipes to consider. If you are interested in making smoked or cured sausages, I suggest getting a copy of this one. We will talk about techniques later this eve, when I get set up. There is nothing difficult about making sausage (or grinding meat), but there IS a methodology to use so that you put out a better product.
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    Shhhh! I ground up some chick from North Jersey…
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    I’m afraid to ask, but….Does Mrs Tex like your sausage?
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    Ha! I let my buddy hunt deer this year. He missed a shot at a doe. At 30 yards. I haven’t let him live it down.
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    We used to have the rockets that you fill with water and pump them up. Boy did we have a blast with them
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    WTF do we need a Judge involved in ANY of this???????
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    Feel free to believe what you wish. The fact that "Heller’s methodology centered on constitutional text and history." was ignored for 14 years. Yet Bruen is going to result in all of our wishes coming true? I find it amazing that people who nominally pay attention to firearm cases seem to believe that leftist circuit court judges will be unable to come up with an "interpretation" of Bruen that fits whatever they want it to. All the court has to do in the "historic analysis" is believe a historian like Saul Cornell as opposed to a pro-2a one. After all, there are plenty of anti-gun historians out there.
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    Back from the ranch, no pigs or deer were harmed. My buddy got a shot at a doe, but missed (from 30 yards! I haven’t let him live it down). I didn’t see any pigs…my buddy Lou and I had a few beers with dinner that night, and I didn’t feel going out with the thermal equipped rifle was a good idea after that. We did see a lot of hog sign at the water tank. This morning in my backyard in Georgetown, I had 4 bucks hanging around. I was able to get a better pic of ‘Lefty’, and found he has a damaged antler in his right side, so he isn’t a true one antlered buck. I also got a few pics of Lefty fighting with a bigger buck. The dead tree stump is 47 yards away from me, to give it some perspective. The other two bucks, a spike, and a smaller 8 point, were outside the frame. They just stood by and watched. Great way to start my work from home day!
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    A pretty good sized buck was rubbing on this mesquite..
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    NJ also says that a TRO is inappropriate because no-one can say whether they will actually arrest anyone for breaking these new restrictions because nobody has been arrested yet. Surely, if NJ has no intention of enforcing the new restrictions, why did they write them and why are they trying to prevent a TRO to block them?
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    I really don't see a problem with Kavanaugh's comments. I think that in NJ and similar states that permitless carry is a pipe dream. Background checks and reasonable training aren't really a high bar.
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    Once you put my sausage in your mouth, you’ll want to swallow…
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    77 days at Denville PD and now 52 days at Morris Co. and next time instead of $50 for this high quality service it will be $200.
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    day 169 here and still counting.... I would have never thought when I applied back in July the holidays delays would have become a factor. They sure didn't drag their feet getting the anti carry legislation passed
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