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    I got out ahead of that boycott; I haven't been in an AC casino for many years.
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    Selling hardly used gen5 MOS with 3-10rd mags and Zev upgraded trigger. Ask any questions you need. Pistol might have 100rds thru it. It is the wife’s and she never used it. $500.00 and you pay any fees. I am near either Easton or Branchburg Herritage guild or TCC in Flemington for transfer. Please have pistol permit and understand the process before committing. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale ZEV FLAT FACE PRO TRIGGER NEW- $135.00 G19 MOS GEN5 NEW-$625.00 IMG_0014.HEIC IMG_0006.HEIC
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    NJRPC CALLS FOR GUN OWNER BOYCOTT OF ALL ATLANTIC CITY CASINOS AS THOSE CASINOS ATTEMPT TO BAN CARRY ON THEIR PREMISES February 13, 2023. ANJRPC is calling upon the Garden State's one million gun owners to boycott all Atlantic City casinos, in the wake of an orchestrated joint effort to ban right to carry on casino premises as "private property." Given the many millions in taxpayer-funded bailouts of those casinos over many years, it is debatable whether their property can even qualify as "private" anymore. But either way, gun owners are encouraged to vote with their feet and shun all establishments attempting to ban Second Amendment rights. Last week, the Casino Association of New Jersey issued a statement on behalf of all Atlantic City casinos banning right to carry on all casino property, in order to ensure "the well-being and safety of our guests and employees." See the statement by CLICKING HERE. See news coverage of the announcement by CLICKING HERE and HERE. Casinos have received millions in taxpayer-funded bailouts for many years, including recently under the Murphy Administration, which may have leaned on the owners to ban carry if they are to receive further state funding. Ironically, that state funding may jeopardize the casino ban itself, since government-funded entities may be prohibited from banning the exercise of constitutional rights. Please do not patronize Atlantic City casinos, and stay tuned for further updates. If you are not already subscribed to these free email alerts, click here to sign up -- there will be critical updates and alerts coming in the near future.
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    There have been bans on carry in casinos for years, even for on duty LE. Section 13:69D-1.13 - Firearms; possession within casino or casino simulcasting facility (a) No person, including the security department members, shall possess or be permitted to possess any pistol or firearm within a casino or casino simulcasting facility without the express written approval of the Division provided that employees and agents of the Division may possess such pistols or firearms at the discretion of the director of the Division. At the request of the casino licensee's security department and upon its notification to the State Police, a law enforcement officer may, in an emergency situation, enter a casino or casino simulcasting facility with a
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    So 47 pages of bullshit Not even worth printing to use as toilet paper lol
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    Hi 124gr9mm. I just sent an email query to the Judge’s court clerk asking the above. I’ll post what the result is, once I get a response. Thanks again.
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    Te latest law passed by Murphy moved the approval process from the courts to the PD's effectively eliminated the limitation to just the gun(s) you qualified with. The limitations were done by the courts (typically in a letter that was required to be carried along with the permit). So if you got your permit after January from the PD there is likely no restriction (though it's still best to look at the boxed checked on the permit) and you can carry what you want. If your permit came with a court order limiting you to a specific gun(s) then you'd be wise to abide by those rules until/unless you get a subsequent order nullifying the first one.
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    This is the issue. It's common to see them over $600 in local shops. For what it is, it's pretty cool: a backpack gun that can compliment your 9mm handguns. It is also more accurate than I expected. However: Out-of-the-box trigger is not good, but gets better on reset Getting a good cheek weld with iron sights is awkward, could consider RDO which sits higher It's all plastic. All Kel-Tec guns basically look like toys. Kel-Tec customer service is pretty good but keep the original retail receipt. Before I happened upon the SUB2000 in a shop I was pretty much set on the Ruger PCC. In general, Ruger makes good stuff. I wouldn't say I regret buying it, but it's in my top 3 of guns I probably should have thought twice about. But it still goes bang, and the unfold and charging handle slap is satisfying in its own way.
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    I would agree 100%. I have owned the Beretta CX4, Marlin Camp 9, Sub2k and the Ruger PC. I still own the Ruger. In my opinion, the Sub2k is a no brainer as a $300 gun. The price has now jumped up to the $500+ range. The Ruger for another $100 is a much better gun....better build quality, better sights, easier take down, threaded barrel (if no pistol grip).
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    I had one in 40 cal. a few years back. I would say spend the extra $100 and get a Ruger pc carbine.
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    It may be the law but....... Gun Lawyer #120
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    In all likelihood, if an officer knows about the TRO, or a full department, and they decide to disregard it, I would bet they'd lose qualified immunity and you can sue them personally. Any arrest would not be made in good faith.
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    Answering a legit question about the origin of information with a snarky D-bag snotty attitude is a dick move. Your post was unhelpful. You did not answer the question with anything useful, so what was the point of your post, because it certainly wasn't to be helpful or kind. Does it make you feel smart or superior to be a dick?
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    Did you try reading the law?....

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