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    I am really loathe to respond to your bait, because it just gives you undeserved attention. However, there are several points that need to be addressed. First are your disparaging remarks about "God given rights". The bill of rights does not grant you those rights, it simply enumerates them. For those that are religious, that would be interpreted as "God given". For those of us that are not religious they would be natural rights. The 2A is actually the right of self-preservation. Driving a car or flying a drone are not rights. A more accurate analogy would be, do you want the government to vet you before it allows you to practice the religion of your choice? In your opening paragraph you have already given yourself away when you allude to the "other side's" argument as possibly having more "common sense" - a buzz-word used by the anti-2A faction for years. They have no common sense. An element of common sense requires logic - the arguments they make to oppress our right are based on emotion, not logic. There is no compromise when it comes to the 2A. The antis have been selling the "compromise" paradigm for years. Their definition of compromise is that we give up something and get nothing in return - I don't think that is how Webster defines compromise. If you truly believe what you wrote, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. I'm done here - I will give you no more recognition and I hope that my fellow board members feel and act likewise. Be gone troll. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    I work from home, so if I didn't have an elderly parent in NJ, I'd be gone already - even if it was just to hop over the border into friendlier, less expensive Pennsylvania. The gun issue, though certainly important, is merely one tiny slice of everything that's wrong with the state - a trend toward increasing gov't control and decreasing individual freedom cuts across MANY issues. The cost, bureaucracy and aggravation that results from that trend is just not worth the "benefits" of living here.
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    @Underdog, if you go back in time to when this article was written, there were several prominent 2A figures creating a super unrealistic atmosphere of fear, as @Mrs. Peelsaid above. I in no way believe we should be complacent or just sit and take it (as i said in my article), but creating that fear, knowing full well it was unrealistic was unfortunate and unnecessary. I instead sought to give a realistic approach with practical advice for people. As i said above, our rights were violated, more is coming - but i am no fan of scaring people just to scare them, or whatever purpose they had in their outrageous suggestions. While most of your response was polite and appropriate, I take severe issue with your insinuation of me using this to try to drum up business. I was not the one telling people the Gestapo was coming, NJSP was going to go door to door, that murphy will have to do raids because of political pressure for his laws to work, that ownership of a Beretta 92 or Glock 19 was sufficient for police to get a warrant (on an interesting side note, my 92, which i bought used, actually came with 10 round mags from factory oddly enough). The person who did that, is the same guy who speaks from location to location for $10 dollars a head. you would think his fear mongering, knowing full well it was just that, was designed to drum up business and get bodies in the seats. Nothing in my article was about restricting free speech, red flag laws, reasonable detours, or the like. This was about one issue, prominent 2a figures telling people that the police will be raiding them for a variety of reasons related to magazines or that they face decades in jail for them. Out of curiosity, how many search warrants have you heard of solely based upon non-compliant magazines? Heard of any doors kicked in for solely owning a Glock 19 and its ability to accept large capacity magazines? How many people have been sentenced to consecutive 18 month terms for these non-compliant magazines? How many otherwise law abiding gun owners have been charged for solely a non-compliant magazine? Dont mistake me calling out nonsense with me being ok with the trampling of our rights.
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    You claim none of us will receive an 18 month jail sentence for possessing a 15 round mag yet that is precisely the purpose of the legislation. Murphy and his fellow totalitarians in the NJ legislature and judiciary want nothing less than eradication of legal gun ownership in this state. If that means throwing every gun owner in jail for spurious, unconstitutional crimes then so be it. It is settled law in NJ that "When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril". So yeah, perhaps some of us would get off with a fine and no jail time (and loss of the right to ever own a firearm again), but there's no guarantee and that's precisely the point. For someone whose dealings with law enforcement never extended beyond a speeding ticket, the prospect of a felony prosecution, possible jail time, and the loss of their constitutional rights - not to mention the potential deleterious effect on their future employment prospects - is a massive incentive to get on the first train out of here. You categorize as imbeciles those who believe the intent of this legislation is to "nail unsuspecting gun owners". Given the public record of NJ courts and the legislature, it's the imbecile who believes otherwise.
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    We should also top calling it fake news.... It's not news at all.... its propaganda. The "news" has become a wing of the democrat party.. This is not new, it's been happening for years. At this point they just don't hide it. Evem FOX (non Entertainment) hosts spread false news and glorified spin... Judge Napolitano is a great example along with Schlep Smith... Speaking of Schlep... he's been MIA... On top of this.. Fox continues to back up CNN when they complain about trump attacking the media.... its all a shame..
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    It simply depends on the cost of failure. If having to switch to irons at the range or go home early is the consequence, then most will be able to live with it. If the consequences are a blown match that cost you a couple grand to participate in, or a hunting trip to africa, then it may be prudent to buy better. If your life is on the line, then its self evident.
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    Great article and spot on. I believe it will be the FAKE media that will be leading the country into the next Civil War. The primary reason for such a huge divide in the country is due to the inaccurate reporting by the media, and they are never held to account when publishing total lies. This situation with the teenagers is just another example. ALL the Liberal media as well as Dem politicians, Liberal Hollywood, etc. all jumped on this FAKE story to excoriate the teen, when in fact, he was totally innocent. The comments people posted on social media were totally disgusting. At some point, the Liberal media will Dox the wrong person/group, and that's when the shooting will start....
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    We live in a state where 2A rights have been raped by multiple levels of government for years. A state where children have been suspended from school for participating in legal, sanctioned, shooting sports activities while under the direct supervision of their parent on the weekend. I find it offensive that anyone should dare attempt to suggest that it is beyond the capability of these socialist elitist dictators to violate our 4th amendment rights while pursuing their goal of disarming citizens.
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    Maksim's post is a well reasoned and constructed argument, proceeding from a position of freedom, historical perspective, and common sense. Phil Murphy and the rest of the progressive Democrat NJ government do not occupy the same logical space. They proceed from the assumption that they know what's best for us, the rest of us don't, and therefore it's incumbent on them to place us in an ever tightening legal straitjacket until they accomplish their ultimate objective: confiscation. My wife and I have waited together for over 42 years for something to change for the better. It hasn't. It's getting worse. And the demographics in this state offer no reasonable hope that it will get better. The two of us are out of time. So we already have one foot out the door.
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    I am not into politics.... never was, and still only dabble at the edge. But from what I am seeing for our future in this corrupt state, I want out. As soon as I can cut ties with NJ, the house will go up for sale. And it has much more than gun laws to do with it.... I cannot fathom why in order to own a nice home in NJ, it must include $1000/mo or more in Property taxes. When other states can do it for 75% less. This alone could be the reason for leaving.....
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    I did it the first time around. They are decent bino's. All we need now is the same deal on a decent spotting scope.
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    Would be great if a news org like NJ.com would ask the governors office if this was intentional or an oversight...
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    Already got one on order from @remixer aka Monmouth Arms. Can't wait to get it out to the range!
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    I knew i was Brilliant .....just a matter of time until the rest of you to realize it
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    I did not and will not :).. It was that idiotic.
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    I've been looking over my shoulder ever since i heard it was Kristallnacht all over again.
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    And the same applies to a person who others fear may self-harm. Great, you took guns away from a suicidal person… but now what? You send them home to a house full of: rope? knives? poison? pills? a car (carbon monoxide)? Sadly, people kill themselves using all types of tools. The focus needs to get off of the one particular tool... and on to whatever mental health crisis is purportedly taking place. But, that would suddenly bring up the ugly truth... that we as a country absolutely suck at dealing with mental illness. Well-intentioned, robust patient privacy laws sometimes prevent loving families from even knowing what's happening... and in those cases where they DO suspect trouble, there are unbelievable hurdles to getting someone admitted even for short-term hospital stays (because we have fewer psychiatric beds available today than in the 1950's). And THAT whole mental health quagmire is big... and messy... and expensive... and NO ONE wants to tackle it. It's so much easier to just grab a few guns... and strip a few people of their Constitutional rights, isn't it?
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    That falls under the heading of “Not my problem”. Personally - I follow that advice religiously. I don’t aspire to mediocrity and I will set myself up for success in all I do. I have preached this mindset, as have others. People follow it or not. If their equipment selection doesn’t affect me or my people, I don’t care what people buy. I will attempt to guide them, using their stated mission as a template, and reminding them of the difference between "Lowest Price" and "Best Value" an important distinction that many gun owners seem to ignore. I can direct the people under my care and control to examine their personal needs and buy accordingly. As for the rest, we can advise and guide, but we can’t mandate. There is some personal responsibility involved and some folks just can’t be reasoned with. The “just as good as” crowd, the “parts is parts” crowd, the “keep it simple” crowd - all have legitimate philosophies to some degree. The lack of flexibility in the thought process is the hard part. Ultimately, you can’t resolve a software issue with a hardware fix. Yes, 99.9% of shooters would be better served with 1000 rounds of ammo and some quality training than a new aftermarket trigger and lighter springs. But, you know what they say about leading a horse to water...
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    “The mission drives the gear train” - Pat Rogers
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    Note to self: never let Maksim borrow one of my guns or optics.
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    Everything here is absolutely correct. The fake news process has become a toxic pollution to our society. So what is the solution? How do we as a country reverse this course? It didn't happen overnight and it can't be fixed overnight, but what is the outline to get back to a media system that presents facts without biased opinions, false claims and edited videos and let's people come to their own conclusion? I know a lot of people who distrust the media and can identify the same faults with the journalism process that were identified in this blog. What is the next step? Is there an organization that supports the 1st amendment like the NRA or ANJRPC supports and advocates for the 2nd amendment?
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    I remember the day I rolled up on a GNX w/ my 79 Trans-Am. Boy did I get spanked. It was quite humbling.
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    As you can see in the photos, we uncovered some horrible rot, but I was in good hands..... as you will see....
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    67gtonut: Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us your car photos and some salient points about your beautiful GTO and how it was and is one of your passions. I can relate and empathize with you since Like you, I am also a "car nut" and appreciate the time, effort and money you have invested to modify, maintain the special and unique aspects of your car. I understand the motivations, challenges and yes, politics of taking your car to various car shows and meets. I am also active in a number of enthusiast automobile clubs and have learned much while serving as a judge over the years. When we meet others who are as knowledgeable, if not more so, about our cars, it becomes a very satisfying and inspirational conversation and learning experience. For folks like us, these cars are more than just transportation and a means to get from point A to B. They are symbols of the dreams and aspirations of our youth, rolling repositories of precious memories and symbols of what we value, along with being part of our multi-faceted personalities. All the best and I still look forward to eventually seeing your car in "the flesh".... AVB-AMG
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    Problem with NJ gun owners are we are as diverse as our population. We have gun owners that are fall with all political parties. while most do lean right there are some that no doubt lean left from our perspective but are centrists according to them. The other problem is people complain a lot but don't get out and vote, Donate to candidates that support the 2nd AD. We cant beat the left in NJ by going for the gold. We need to Baby Step it... Target 1 candidate at a time. This is the only way to give us a chance.
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    To be optimistic: I hope that they go so far that the Supreme's are finally able to save us.
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    Which is why I am seriously considering leaving in a very few short years.
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    Fun idea, but I am NOT shaving my back just so I can duct tape a pistol to it.
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    Unfortunately not at this time, however I will ask Mantis when I see their feedback about the article. I will inquire if there are any upcoming promotions for Black Friday/etc.
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    Send emails to the NJ 101.5 folks. They would love this topic.
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    I plan on making some calls to the towns and my former town. Best thing we can do is spread the message and will get a response.
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    We can take this to an entire different thread but i'll just leave this alone.
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    I worked for a County Prosecutor's Office as an agent for five years after 26 years as a municipal police officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. As a result, I have reviewed many hundreds of cases. That is what I base my beliefs upon though I have been out of the loop for the past five years so that explains my ignorance of the change. Prior to Witt it was a free for all with those telephonic warrants. Glad to see that has stopped. Thank you for the education counselor.
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    Red Flag law are very worrisome. I already had a leftwing loon threaten me personally with it.. Of course i contact the NJSP, ATF and Local PD once he said it.... Thats the problem with these idiotic laws... they are to be used against us for any reason. Never underestimate the lengths they will go.
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    Maks, a little less tangible but fits in your scenario are people that view things from an insurance policy perspective. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. For others there is pride of ownership. But think for a second how this can be a slippery slope that does NOT serve the consumer communities best interest. Think about how many manufacturers have eroded into building for the low round count consumer. They count on the avg consumer to shoot less than 500 rds a year and anyone that really uses the firearm as intended is probably sending it in for warranty work. HK is one of the very few companies that still test fires its weapons before shipping.
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    Congrats, time and hard work always has a payoff..must be a great feeling seeing your work in print.
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    No. The libs don't want violence committed with firearms. So make the penalty harsher if a crime is committed using a firearm. Make it absolute that the punishment will be handed down rather than plead away. It's not "demonizing the inanimate object". It's letting the populace know that harsher penalties WILL BE imposed if caught committing a crime while using a firearm to help commit that crime. Rather than not committing a crime and simply having a firearm in your possession is the crime. The laws right now are "demonizing the inanimate object" rather than the actions of the individual. If it's discovered that a person in a liquor store is CCing while shopping in NJ the firearm is the violation. The person has committed no crime. They've not acted with bad intentions. To use your terminology, it would actually be "de-demonizing" the object because law abiding citizens would be allowed more freedom to purchase and carry. As firearms become more social acceptable in places like NJ, their stigmata would be slowly eroded away.
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    This is just a guess, but I expect your tenure here to be a short one. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Thanks i will get them fixed :-) Im using Wolf 7.62x39mm FMJ. Got home started cleaning and was expecting a really dirty action/bolt and surprised that it wasnt bad.I used slip2000 EWL to clean/lube so i just took a rag and wiped the bolt/ etc and it wiped off clean, then lubed it again :-) i took 200 rounds and only 2 refused to fire. after repeated striking the primer.but i got 1k for 199.00 so cant complain too much.
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    Great story and history about the car. Hope to see it at a show.
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    Gorgeous! I love the smoky color. There's just something appealing about cars from that particular era. My brother had a Challenger - also that same feel. Both considered "muscle cars" I guess? Was never sure what that term meant exactly - but it always made me think of Challengers, Chargers, GTOs, Mustangs, etc. Anyway, good luck with it!
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    Please post when you go my son and I try to go to the local shows, never been to boonton will check it out. Been to DMC last year was off route 10 if I remember. And the show in Oakland not that big but a nice turnout.
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    "......all the muzzle loaders the Fudd rely on...... the shotguns with slug barrels.... .69 caliber.....and bigger....get scooped up...it will serve the 'sportsmen' right and get what they deserve for their apathy." Nah, Anthony Mauro of the NJOA will take Don Norcross on a scuba adventure, then take Stephen Sweeney out for a steak dinner and will triumph a compromise before the 11th hour. The NJOA will be heralded as the savior, and will continue to befuddle the fudd's.
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    Exactly. Had a 1987 with chip, K&N, dump pipe, and small slicks, ran 12.73. Traction with the stock tires were the biggest limiting factor for the GN.
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    1986 - 1987 Grand National. Still love that car.
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    Had no idea you had a 4 eyed fox body. Looks sweet. Really enjoy the entries.
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    Well one thing I'll add to this, having gone to Trenton for hearings a couple of years ago - when this next round starts PLEASE go but dress in a suit and tie or at least business casual attire. Don't go wearing gun related hats and shirts and the likes, it only plays into their narrative that we are gun nuts. Let them see us as normal everyday hard working citizens. While it is hard to change their minds based on facts we need to get them to see the error in their ways of wanting to ban things. I like this analogy, it makes little sense to require hybrid cars to double their gas mileage to improve the fuel economy of tractor trailers - the same applies to gun regulations. Taking away larger magazines or restricting the rights of those that already obey gun laws does nothing to reduce CRIMINAL gun usage. The solution is to enforce the laws already on the books and to stop the plea bargains they give where they don't press the gun charges on criminals.
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    Well said! My wife and I are in a similar situation. Even if we don't move right away, we're planning to purchase a property in another state, so I'll at least have a place to keep my stuff when it becomes illegal here in NJ.

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