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    Therefore, we should shut down the rail lines so people don't throw themselves in front of NJ Transit trains. We should also stop selling rope at hardware / home improvement stores so that people don't hang themselves. We should stop selling vehicles that spew CO2 into the air so that people don't run their car in their closed garage to end it all. Let's stop selling pills as well. It's not the instrument, it's the intent. Please go back into hiding and stay there. I'd use stronger language, but having already been scolded for mocking you cost me with the mods.
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    1. The majority ie if we go 6-3 or 5-4 on the case. 2. YES, Justice Thomas has wrote very pro-2A things in the past in his dissents when his fellow judges refused to hear gun cases. In his last dissent he wrote something to the following effect "As we walk the marbled halls of justice with our private armed guards, the average person that works late nights has no sort of protection etc..." you get the idea, I want him to write the majority opinion.
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    What a dumb article. Of course the US has the highest gun suicide RATE. We have the most guns. We're not even in the top 10 for highest suicide rate. The article goes on to talk about the quick decision suicides, "10 minutes or less to decide." You can't even get to a gun range, rent a gun, and watch the safety video in that time frame. The article then merges together essentially every way to die by a gun. Suicide, accidents, cops, gangs, murder etc. We know people die from gun crimes. Then random suicide statistics. Written by a moron Democrat from NY. This is literal lib Antigun propaganda. Look at the countries in the top 10 in suicide rates, they all find a way. People have had the ability to rent a gun and commit suicide like this for years and there's been a handful of incidents. More people have probably died at 6 flags.
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    Four old Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St. Peters Square . The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'." The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Grace'." The third Catholic gent says, "My son is a Cardinal. When he enters a room everyone bows their head and says 'Your Eminence'." The fourth Catholic man says very proudly, "My son is the Pope. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Holiness'.” Since the lone Catholic woman was sipping her coffee in silence, The four men give her a subtle, "Well....?" She proudly replies, I have a daughter When she walks into a room, people say, “JESUS!"
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    Just picked up a new M&P 10mm this week. Sot it yesterday and have to say that my Glock 20 will probably be on it's way out of my collection. This is the first non revolver S&W handgun for me. I have to say that it feels and shoots great. I was shooting full power loads and the recoil was not even noticeable. The chamber is a lot more supported than the Glock barrel. This matters to me because I reload 10mm.
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    Despite what you read in the right-wing "sky is falling" websites, the 2A has done very very well over the past 30+ years. In the late 1980s only a handful of states allowed concealed carry and only a couple had constitutional carry. Today it's 40+ and 20+. (digression: I consider constitutional carry to be the gold standard for gun rights, with shall-issue a close second. To me these are more important than mag caps or what type of gun you can own). Given how our rights in every other respect have been pummeled, that's a very positive thing. A positive ruling would end NJ's ridiculous ban on CC. I wonder though how far our shithole state (btw, has anyone been to Bridgeton?) will go to cling to its current status as the absolute worst state in the union for gun owners. They could, for example, introduce ridiculously high fees or crazy training requirements which will take many additional years of legal challenges to overcome, if that may be done at all short of another SCOTUS case. A "NYET" (a tribute to Mother Russia) could have very far reaching consequences, however. I'm afraid if SCOTUS re-defines the 2nd Amendment (perhaps in the image and likeness of the 2-3 "conservatives" on the court who are not very trustworthy) we could see a YUGE reversal in the progress that's been made. Especially as the legislatures and other state-level offices are infiltrated and conquered by the woke motherfuckers who are taking over every aspect of society. That trend is unstoppable, btw. We can "win" in November, but remember the Republican Party is only a couple of years behind the democrats on nearly every issue. You could see that with how they rolled over and played dead on the M-F vaccine mandates. The Republican Party is not your friend. They are better, much better, in a "lesser of two evils" kind of way but mark my words, in a few years they'll be marching in chaps at Tranny Pride next to Chuck and Nancy. The issues then will be whether there are 37 genders or only 35, and whether abortion will be permitted up to 9 months after birth.
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    Went looking for a new commode and came across the "Kardashian".
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    This is essentially what I am going to do, I also talked to Pisano. I am working on getting all my records together and then go to Pirelli so I can get a evaluation that will stand up to everything and will help to expunge my mental records later on, which I will be hiring Pisano or whomever to help with that. Thank you everyone for all the advise.
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    Perhaps we should blame Samuel Colt for people misusing revolvers, too? There are legitimate use cases for tracking devices. The misuse by some people does not remove those use cases.
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    You're on the 30 Day Clock to file the appeal. Forget the CLEO meeting. Figure out how many thousands of bucks you have to put towards this, and call a lawyer. Make sure that your lawyer is a firearms specialist, NOT a generalist that's a friend of the family. ANJRPC has a list they recommend (free initial consult to ANJRPC members btw) and Pisano (from above) is on that list! Getting someone qualified to give you "the letter" saying you won't harm yourself takes time & MONEY. It's not a single visit. Your attorney will know in what order things need to get done (filing appeal, expungement, reapplication) and about what the fees are. If you have dual residency in another state DO NOT TRANSFER any firearms. Lying on a 4473 opens up a whole new can of worms. Good luck! ---R
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    Anyone else slightly concerned that AVB’s first post since Biden was sworn in occurred in a thread about suicide?
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    That boldfaced statement is true. It's also true that Japan (one of the many countries with a higher suicide rate than ours), has the highest train suicide rate of any country on earth. And... the point I'm making...?... Regrettably, whether by a "bullet" in the U.S. or a "bullet train" in Japan, both sets of suicide victims are equally dead. I'm not saying that to be flippant...or harsh... quite the opposite! Suicide is a HORRIBLE and quite senseless act! It leaves surviving families and friends torn apart at the seams, utterly devastated, and often it leaves them guilt-ridden, too (usually undeservedly so). When done publicly, as you correctly point out, it also devastates the onlookers who are unfortunate enough to be present. As for the RTSP victim, my heart breaks for him but ALSO for his loved ones, because his act has no doubt broken them into a million little pieces! So yeah, on this point, I must agree with @CMJeepster- "It's not the instrument, it's the intent" - because that statement is, in fact, entirely logical! The suicidal intent IS the core problem. Unfortunately, there's not a country on earth IMO that does a good or even an adequate job of dealing with serious mental illness. Around the world, it's uniformly stigmatized, and there's typically sub-par access to effective treatments (although the stigma alone is often enough to keep people from even seeking treatment). Those are the "root causes" and that's where any focus needs to go. And, if we want to LEARN from recent history, I think we also need to take a harsh look at the rise in mental health issues that happened during COVID. Hmmm, whaddaya know?... as it turns out, destroying peoples businesses, wrecking their dreams and their financial futures, keeping the elderly locked up in isolation away from their families, keeping people from enjoying the solice of their places of worship, etc. - ALL of that feeds depression... and suicidality! So, in many parts of the U.S., we only made problems FAR WORSE. My final point would be that the CDC has a clear, decades-long track record of blatant anti-gun bias... I would argue that on the issue of guns, the CDC is nothing more than a government-sponsored public relations arm of the gun control movement. They are so overtly politicized around this issue, they simply have ZERO credibility! Naturally, I react to any of their cringe-worthy "reports" on guns with the hefty dose of cynicism it deserves. Any gun owner would be wise to do the same IMO.
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    How about this for an unintended consequence. Home heating oil will get caught up in diesel pricing and suffer the same shortages. If there is no heating oil, people will turn to wood burning stoves. Thousands of acres will be cut down to heat homes. So, the lefty idiots get their win by fucking up oil, but caused deforestation.
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    I have to admit, Biden did make good on a big campaign promise. He vowed to unite America, and he's done it. Everybody is disgusted with him. America has not been as united since 9/11.
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    Majority of court appears dubious of New York gun-control law, but justices mull narrow ruling https://www.scotusblog.com/2021/11/majority-of-court-appears-dubious-of-new-york-gun-control-law-but-justices-mull-narrow-ruling/ Seems like Murphy should be VERY nervous!
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    Hey phildo Guns Don't kill people.
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    They walk to Murphy's house and pee on his grass.
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    They are really misrepresenting the ‘illegal modification’, aren’t they? The shooter used a magazine that exceeded the capacity limit for NY state. That’s different than an ‘illegal modification’….it makes it sound like he modified it to be full auto
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    This should go here too.
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    Gunbroker has a couple for around $800, with transfer fees and compliance work figure about $1000. I mentioned Monmouth Arms because its one stop shopping but you pay a little extra for that convenience plus it includes a ten round mag.
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    My mom passed 17 years ago, but I treated my stepmom and wife to a lovely dinner last Thursday night.
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    DI= direct impingement. Normal gas system on AR rifles. The Colt 6920 is an excellent choice.
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    Perhaps my expungement timeline may help you. My began in January 2020 and was finally executed in September 2020. Then after serving all parties of the notice it’s always recommended to still allow some buffer. For them to officially adhere to the order. There is nothing in an expungement order that says when municipalities or state police have to execute the order. Now this was during the pandemic so maybe nine months was long and could be shorter but I think by end of year is best case scenario in your situation good luck
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    Love the use of 1by!
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    am i the only one that noticed that the wa wa waaaa woman had revolver earrings?
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    Friends don't let friends buy Promags
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    OK... gentle reminder: let's try to keep the debate spirited yet respectful. I know the issue raised is a particularly difficult one to grapple with, and it strikes at some core values (for folks on all sides of the issue, I'm sure), but that's not a reason to let this thread turn into a free-for-all either! Kindly keep the anger/sarcasm in check.
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