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    Could the tsunami kindly wait until after the new owners close on the house, and we are out of here?
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    A private sale will net you the most money, if you can find a local buyer. For that purpose, you should put up a Want to Sell (WTS) ad here on NJGF after becoming a Premium Member (even if it's only for 1 month at a time) Setting up a sale on Gunbroker incurs fees (both FFL and Gunbroker charges) that you would not incur with a private local sale. On the other hand, setting up an Gunbroker auction may, in fact, bring you more net money than a fixed price sale (private or Gunbroker) if you are selling a particularly desirable gun. Trading it in or selling it to a local FFL means you are selling it at wholesale, as the FFL needs to mark it up to resell it at retail. My humble opinion: Pay the Premium Member fee and put up a WTS ad here and keep it in our NJGF 'family'. If it fails to sell here, you can always choose from the alternatives I explained.
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    In case you haven't heard, George W. Bush is headlining a fundraiser in Texas for Liz Cheney.
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    Too late to take out flood insurance? Here's the good news. If a tsunami does hit they'll blame it on climate change. And Trump.
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    For today's laugh see if you can spot a Trump supporter in this group photo taken at the September 18 'Jan 6 Protest' in D.C.
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    IF YOU ARE TRAVELING WHOLLY WITHIN NJ: You can travel with loaded magazines even in the same case as your firearm as long as you are in a vehicle with a trunk and the firearm and ammunition are locked in the trunk. As long as the loaded magazine is not inserted in the otherwise empty firearm, you are good to go during Intrastate travel within NJ. For vehicles without trunks, and for Interstate travel, the answer will be different. Ultra conservative attorneys may tell you differently, but the law is the law. I am not a lawyer, but I have dated a few Holiday Inn managers.
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    I'm nearly ready. I only need one more animal pair...NJ mountain lions.
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    BIGGEST risk is loss of more rights as they try to take them to keep us safe.
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    Bigger risk is the mega-volcano under Yellowstone.
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    Covering this so they don't have to cover Afghanistan, the border, inflation, the continuance of covid, bowing down to China, Russia, taliban, no longer energy independent, etc., etc.
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    It certainly is a bogus argument, and you are are only proving my point. Based on the advice of the cop, it's only dangerous because a cop could confuse it with an actual firearm. If cops are blowing away people because they are shooting airsoft or bb guns in their back yards, we have a problem. Since I'm not reading article after article of cops slaying airsoft wielding homeowners, I guess cops can tell the difference. Yes, there have been a couple instances where someone with a pellet gun got themselves popped, but they were playing stupid games and won a stupid prize, the grand prize of stupid.
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    Gee, I hope it doesn't hit the capitalistic Obama compound on diverse Martha's Vineyard.
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    More good news. If New York City and Philadelphia are inundated and removed from the equation, New York and Pennsylvania instantly turn Red. If Miami goes too then Florida is a lock.
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    They would blame it on Trump anyway.
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    I am selling a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 full size pistol. The pistol is in great condtion. The gun comes with two 10 round magazines. This gun has been 100% reliable since I have had it. The first " I'll take it" gets the gun. I am asking $300 for this handgun. Transfer fees on the buyer. I can meet at an FFL close to Gloucester , Camden, Burlingotn, or Mercer County. Any questions please let me know. Thanks!
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    Both are lightly used, fewer than 200 rounds each. 500 has a pistol grip and adjustable stock with shell holder. I’m willing to throw in a Blackhawk adjustable pistol grip stock for it which I never got around to installing. 590A1 has adjustable rear ghost ring, sight and speed feed stock. Asking $300 for the 500 and $400 for the 590A1. I’m in Wayne, willing to travel a bit to FFL of your choice. Also down in Seaside Park a lot, so Ocean County is OK as well. Feel free to pm me or post any questions. First to post “I’ll take it,” gets the sale.
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    I own both the HK VP9 and walther PPQ. HK is hands down my fav gun out of the box. The trigger is the best factory trigger on the market. Accurate. Will eat any ammo you can feed it. 115. 124. 147. +P.. Brass. Steel aluminum. This gun does it all. Not one jam or even a hiccup in over 3k rounds. Its the gun in the safe buy my bed. I got the PPQ in .22lr when the world started to go to shit, because 9mm was getting stupid expensive. I try to shoot once a week. It is a great gun fun plinker. If you are in north NJ I shoot at RTSP. You are more than welcome to try em.
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    I need to find a place to print these in poster size so I can rotate them weekly on my front lawn.
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    The monthly knockdown steel match at CJ will be held Saturday 9/25. This match has been modified to be ammo friendly yet a lot of fun. It's open to members and non-members. The signup begins at 0815, first shot at 0900. We aim to be done and cleaned up before 1:00 PM so this is usually a quick match for the shooters. Sign up at www.steelscoring.com or just show up to shoot. Last match we featured a man vs. man side match for anyone interested. This is a pistol iron sight side match. Everyone kicks in three dollars and the winner takes the pot. The rules for the match can be found at https://cjrpcknockdown.com/
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    Just jump right in!! LOL! HEAVEN!
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    I think I have the same fake can. Moerse Lekker (before they shut down)?
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    You can sell out of state through the mail - no FFL. Just cannot ship black powder and caps with it. What is your price?
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    A good article by gun crime researcher John Lott on why DGUs are typically so hidden from public view. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2021/09/22/there_are_far_more_defensive_gun_uses_than_murders_in_america_heres_why_you_rarely_hear_of_them_794461.html
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    Personally, I wouldn't trust the moving van.
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    I sent a certified/return receipt letter to my police chief when I got to ~6 months, it seems to have expedited the application. Details here:
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    I think it was 90 for me at my ffl.
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    To the top. Make an offer if you see something you need or want. This stuff has to go before I build another rifle!
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    The S&P does 5% drops around 3 times a year and a 10% drop every year and a half or so. Give it a few days to settle and buy the dip. This is probably caused a little by the impending Evergrande Chicom implosion and also because it's September. Everyone expects the market to drop in September....so it does.
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    So a trip to the store for eggs, bread and milk isn't going to suffice this time?
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    Oh please. Who wrote this garbage? ACB didn't humiliated anybody. Every time the court is accused of being made up of partisan hacks, which they are, btw, a member of the opposing side that's making the accusations comes out denying them. it's SOP. and, a second BTW, ACB and Kavannaugh were horrible picks that will turn out to be worse than Souter. The only difference between them and Souter is that will take them lesser time to be relaible leftwing votes.
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    I hope you paid with a credit card. You ca dispute the charge as they didn't perform the work you requested as well as vandalized your property.
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    This is precisely why I’m flying my wife to Texas, while I drive…it’s a MUCH higher probability that both of us will make it.
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    My road trip days are over. Shit "My wife want's to choke me out on the ride to Costco"
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    in the short time i've been on this forum i have seen too many times when we all "KNEW" the scotus was gonna smack down nj's illegal scheme. accordingly, i'm not really overly excited. i'll believe it when i see it.
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    Thank you so much for the replies! I plan on joining Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe once I actually get my firearm (these approval times are insane). I’ve signed up for the NRA home gun course it through ROC training at UHGC. That course does not require a firearm and seems to have a lot of good knowledge for first time gun owners. It will also get me more exposure to the club.
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    I would start the list of essentials as follows: Safety instruction Hearing protection Eye protection Cleaning supplies Targets

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