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    You know we will now reactivate the three cases! 2 carry and 1 15 round mag! Biden, Murphy, Hochul, and Adams are deeply unhappy and concerned today. Too bad, all I ever wanted for me and my family is the same level of protection that we pay for them to have 24/7!
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    I posted this elsewhere, but I think it got lost. I would advise patience here. This is brand new. NY’s justifiable need clause was cast out as unconstitutional. Great. That doesn’t necessarily mean that NJ’s was as well. While the meat of the laws in both states are similar, the details are different. it may require a similar SCOTUS case with NJ, or it may not. As of now, nothing in NJ has changed and I imagine the AG and DCJ are determining the next steps for our state. Don’t rush. We have all been patient for years. A few more weeks to let the dust settle and see what’s on the horizon won’t hurt. Remember, a denial is forever. It would be a huge waste of time and money to get denied now, and have to deal with that at every step going forward, when you are so close. Like the man said, “Patience is a virtue.”
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    I offer not only a well-deserved Thank You to Justice Thomas for penning this freedom-loving and long overdue opinion, but to the other justices who agreed with it, AND (though he certainly irks the hell out of me at times, lol) I think some due credit needs to go to former President Trump as well. His many conservative appointments to SCOTUS and other Federal courts, as it turns out, are really providing a bulwark against the encroaching attacks on Constitutional rights that we've been seeing as of late.
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    I wouldn't want to be Phil Murphy's dog today...
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    Stop your orgasms. Just remember. It aint over till the fat lady sings. Also remember. We should all be constitutional carry. Its a win. But a far cry from the constitution as written if we still have to jump through hoops and fill out alot of paperwork to have our God given right for the pursuit of happiness
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    My plate carrier identifies as a weighted exercise vest.
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    I wrote to the NJ legislature critters:
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    Taping with Dan tomorrow. We will have better intel Sunday.
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    I would put down: For all lawful purposes as per decision - New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, Docket 20-843
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    The PRNJ can now shove their "Justifiable Need" up their ass!
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    To all the Dads Have a great day.
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    As Dan Schmutter said on your show. A superior court judge who gets one of these applications across his desk will be in a bind. I am perfectly happy to make them squirm after denying us our rights for decades. In my view they have to have been deliberately ignorant to fail to understand the plain language in the 2nd Amendment to keep denying people over and over again, no matter how many times it was explained in legal briefs. I'd be just fine if they were thrown in jail for breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment didn't change today. It was just made undeniably clear that JN has been illegal all along. Any further denying of our rights is inexcusable.
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    On hid Birthday today. no less. This Sunday GunForHireRadio #789 Dan Schmutter will give his take. Next week Scott Bach!
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    On Thursday, Murphy called the Supreme Court decision tragic. “Based on a deeply flawed constitutional methodology, a right-wing majority on the United States Supreme Court has just said that states can no longer decide for ourselves how best to limit the proliferation of firearms in the public sphere,” he said. “Let there be no mistake – this dangerous decision will make America a less safe country.” And just like that, the Bill of Rights in no longer above his pay grade...
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    Me either. (I turned 70 last month.) Be sure to wear protective gear when you go out today, as liberal heads will be exploding all over the place! This is indeed a great day that I never thought I would see.
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    Phil can eat a bag of horse shit. SCOTUS has spoken, and that’s the law of the land.
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    Happy Birthday Justice Thomas and THANK YOU!
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    BRUEN DECISION IS OUT!!! https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf
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    NJ just had its "we don't care if you're eligible under LEOSA, you still have to get a NJ carry permit, and you can't carry hollowpoints" restriction struck down: https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.njd.434536/gov.uscourts.njd.434536.60.0.pdf ------ -----
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    Honestly I’m more excited about mag and AW bans being thrown out than I am CCW. Let me have normal mags, stocks and unpinned barrels!
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    FRom the press conference. In court: Oh we aren't suppressing demand, nobody actually wants one. now: We expect demand to be about 200,000 applications.
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    Listening to the Governor now. Sounds like he/NJ will accept the Supreme Court ruling and no longer required justifiable need. However he is calling for legislation to define an expansive list of "sensitive places". These to include bars and restaurants where alcohol is served as well as "BY DEFAULT" private property (malls, homes, etc.) without the permission of the owner. DA's office to issue a directive today to NJ law enforcement with revised guidance consistent with the SCOTUS decision.
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    Immediately after the presser Me, Bach and Schmutter will pow wow and then tape GunForHireRadio #579!
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    That’s where you are wrong. Nothing is up in the air. Effectively, nothing has changed in NJ - yet. It will, but that takes some time. If you apply today you will be denied, just as if you applied yesterday. You may eventually win in a lawsuit, but that will take time and money. No one, not Police Chiefs, not County Prosecutors, not Judges have been given any guidance with which to change current standing directives. In the absence of a new set of rules to guide the process of applying for a CCW in NJ, the old process still stands - and - under the old process, you will be denied. This is too new. No one knows anything. Take a breath and wait.
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    Thank you. I’m a week or so we will know clearer. I hope. For now if anyone says that know what you need or ask for money to start the process. It’s a scam. ant.
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    I am pretty sure someone (like Anthony) has this all figured out already. Patience all. I will take bets that if it becomes a true reality and these permits are being issued then GUNFORHIRE will offer everything you need to get it done. I cant wait and have full faith in Anthony to tell us when to come down and get it done.
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    Cool. Im putting a deposit down on a warthog
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    Even better, keep reading. Thomas flat out says 2a laws must be judged using the 2a text and history and cannot use any other criteria to determine if it is constitutional. So if 2a doesn’t say magazines can only be 10 rounds and there is no historical context for the limits, those laws are gone too… amazing ruling!
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    Qualification for CCW---one shot with snub nose 38 to hit target at 250 yards...GO!
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    The statutes and Admin Code tell you what you need. I will be scrutinizing them and getting my app in ASAP. Making assumptions based on what other States require is folly.
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    I love the fact New Jersey was mentioned too. I never thought I would live long enough to witness this.
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    He stole the election, now he's trying to add to his creds for his 2024 presidential run. What evil people he and his cohorts are.
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    Those idiots tried again, but apparently someone already pointed to the Heller decision. Fuck them for all of this!
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    Murphy is a cun_, period, end of story.
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    Last night I had a nip of the Japanese whisky I brought back.
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    Had a little fun this morning at a local pond. Caught 8-9 panfish and a small bass. Forgot how much fun they are on a fly rod!

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