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    No worries bruh, I got your back. There are two 20# sacks of Goya jasmine rice on the way to a food bank tomorrow morning. In fact, I'm going to put your name on them. Courtesy of Greenday. It will be our little inside joke. Feed the poor.
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    I don’t care for trump, but GOYA has donated millions of dollars worth of food during many different times of need, including food banks throughout the US as well as to Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria devastated the country. They are the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States employing thousands of Hispanics. They stand as an icon of Latin American success in the country, and bring pride in sharing products from all over Latin American countries to tables around the US. The CEO makes one comment regarding politics and everyone wants to see the company fail? I don’t understand why people would want a company to go under that employs so many people who most likely don’t share the same views as their CEO. This cancel culture shit needs to end.
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    The left is trying to destroy Goya foods since the CEO of Goya came out for trump and God! I am one who is guilty of walking past the Goya section in my local Acme with my brain saying, Spanish food...Not a fan. Many of the canned goods and other products are not just Spanish. I find that many items that Goya sells, are the same items that Del Monte and others make. We need to stand behind those corporations and there are not many, who have the balls to stand up to the left wing socialists! I will look closely at what Goya offers and I will purchase their products whenever possible! Please join me!
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    Announcing Team Kulak by Bob Hess Team Kulak was formed in late July of 2020. It was the desire of Kulak Arms owner, Richard Kulak II, to sponsor a small team of just regular shooters – unspectacular participants in the shooting sports, the “backbone” of the sport, like those that make up the majority of competition shooters today. This is a diverse team that spans 40 years in age and represents 110 years of shooting experience. The youngest member of the team is 29 year old Zack Becker, with Ed Jackowski at 51 years old holding down the middle spot and, yours truly, bringing up the rear at 69. The three of us participate in the three main handgun practical shooting disciplines, those being: the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE), the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). The majority of the matches we attend are local, club level matches made up primarily of shooters much like ourselves. Zack is the shining star of this small team and the one that, should he decide to pursue it, stands the greatest chance of being ranked among the top echelon of shooters. He consistently places highly overall and within his division. Zack has only been shooting handguns for eight years, many of those years with the only handgun he owned at the time, a Walther PPQ M1. He is the epitome of the cliché: Beware of the man that only owns one gun – chances are that he shoots it very well. While Zack has expanded his battery to include a CZ P10F that he uses for the Carry Optics divisions in both IDPA and USPSA, he also has a new S&W Model 686 that he uses for ICORE. Zack is in tooling sales in the packaging industry and recently moved to Besalem, PA. Ed owns and runs a very busy nursery and landscape business (Jack’s Nursery). It is sometimes tough for him to get out to matches during his busy seasons, but he always makes the effort. Ed was an active duty Marine from 1990 to 1997, playing with decidedly larger guns – 155 Howitzers. Ed is probably the fastest of the three of us, but is often undone by Zack’s good, if not blinding, speed and unsurpassed accuracy. It is often a tough battle between these two teammates. Ed resides with his wife, two daughters and two Dalmatians in Hopewell Township. And then there’s me – the dinosaur of the group. I’ve been shooting since I was nine. My father was a shooter and hunter and I literally grew-up around guns. I shot some informal bullseye, but my first venture into real competitive shooting came with the advent of handgun metallic silhouette in the late 70’s. I shot that for about 8 years before getting involved in practical shooting with a club out of Target World in Chalfont, PA. I took a fairly long hiatus from organized shooting, but discovered IDPA about 10 years ago – and subsequently USPSA. Most recently I’ve started shooting ICORE, which is contested only with revolvers. However, I choose to shoot revolvers in all three disciplines, just because I enjoy them. While I have competed mainly with S&W’s I have started to work a Ruger GP100 Match Champion into the rotation. I also collect S&W revolvers. I am retired after 35 years in the automotive industry, which is probably why I’m captain of this little team – it certainly isn’t because of my shooting prowess. It seems that, at this age, any advancement I make in the shooting skills department is usually offset by some physical infirmity. I live in Hopewell Township with my girlfriend of 34 years and our German Shorthair Pointer. We all look forward to representing the regular “anyman” shooter in these club level competitions. Team Kulak Sponsored by: Kulak Arms 450 Lawrence Rd. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 609-695-1043
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    On Thursday I went to my local gun shop to see what guns have come in. All of the gun shops are well stocked where I live. They had a Dan Wesson Heritage. I picked it up and was impressed by the fit and finish. I was not familiar with the Heritage so I Googled it from my phone. I saw that it was on the lower end of the price scale for Dan Wesson and the price was almost the same as I paid for my Sig Emperor Scorpion 1911. I bought it and took it home and fired four magazines through it. It is easily the smoothest shooting semi-auto handgun I own. It is also extremely accurate. I have three Dan Wesson revolvers and now see myself heading down the Dan Wesson rabbit hole. If the lower end gun is this nice, then the mod to higher end guns must be incredible. I am now thinking about getting one in 9mm which is something I never considered before.
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    Finishing up a restoration on this beauty. My dad passed this down to me, he bought it back in 71 new. Gonna be a great keepsake.
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    Here is an interesting tidbit. Just out of curiosity I googled "Goya competitor" to find out what company would profit the most from a Goya boycott. Any guesses? As it turns out, Goya's main competitor is Del Monte. Do you know who owns a boat load of their stock and holds positions within the company. If you guessed Paul Pelosi, Nancy's hubby, you guessed correct. Mr P owns $17 million in Del Monte stock, and StarKist (a Del Monte division) is a major league donor to Nancy's political machine. The pelosi-del monte story goes way back to when del monte hired paramilitary to clear natives out of ancestral lands in American Samoa so the company could grow some pineapples.
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    Still waiting for my noob issues to be worked out. 60 years and counting.
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    After numerous years of "working" on them, I've gotten my good friend and brother both working on or about to start the process of getting their FID & first firearms. For those that saw my thread about introducing my nephew to target shooting, that's my other brother. He's a Former Marine and had a firearm long before I did (I have multiples more than he now though). A good friend / co-worker got his FID before I knew him, but never got a firearm due to some concerns his son had at the time. Since his son has moved out, I've been working on him to get something. He's not anti-gun, if anything he's more right-wing than I and his father is a retired Newark cop. I'm not sure what his reason for the delay is now. I'd like to see my parents armed/protected but they have zero interest/concerns. I haven't given up though.
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    Escaped Central Jersey and moved to Southern Jersey where I could finally have some elbow room! Went from a 40x120 lot to a 7 acre lot, finally have ALL my toys in one place! Been working on a new pole barn which is 40x60, yes, half the size of my ENTIRE LOT at the old homestead! Can't work on the race cars yet until I have the concrete floor poured, but been working on outside lighting in the meantime. I did not build the structure, I just watched!
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    wrong forum, Dude. You need the pussy forum for this crap
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    SO ,yesterday A friend who is also registered for MR. Stu's IDPA intro class went shooting to knock some off the rust off. I left thinking this. 1. Its very easy to miss a 8 inch circle target at 10 yards. 2. There is no such thing as too much practice 3. When you think you got it down , you are just figuring out you dont know Sh&t. 4.. I waited an hour to shoot, due to crowds, whatever BS is going on out there is getting very real, the place was loaded with people you would never see at the range before. 5.. The gun and ammo shortage is very real. 6. Shooting the course with a glock 19 is very possible but you better practice. I Told my friend Im looking at the glock 34 for this and future events and he said something I have no answer for , which still goes round as a philosophical exercise in my head. Its defensive pistol right? He said im gonna shoot what I carry. That my friends is the truest statement I ever heard. Even though the 34 is designed for competition, I would never ever carry one but I do carry the 19 and the 43. So? whats more important to try and win ? Which I believe everyone that does something should strive to learn and excell in, or work with something that may give one an edge but would never practically use outside the range? I know its a silly exercise in mental gymnastics . my 1 cent for today
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    We bought more Goya products today!
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    Do yourself a favor.. Since you are moving, move out of NJ. Problem solved
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you arrive home to a packet from the Department of Justice.
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    Would we expect anything less.
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    Where in NJ are you? I work sales at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor (Tuckerton). As of Sunday, we had 2 Mini-14s on the shelf, as well as some NJ legal AR rifles. $700 gets you into a S&W M&P-15. We had a few of those left Sunday night. We also had some Ruger PC Carbines available. Pm me and I can provide an inventory update tomorrow around 7pm if you want.
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    760s are hard on brass.... damhik They 'like' fresh brass.... Its not tough per se...there are nuances....nuances that you need to know to be safe....items that you learn as part of steps... Ok so start with 38 special...a d in a model 10...good strong k frame.... I have 38 brass up the yin yang.... i 'may' have a second set of 38 sp dies.... i have powder, primers, heads (wc's)...and a nice single stage press... I can outfit you for 200 plus rounds easy to start with.... but 1k primers...etc... I am in SC now visiting my daughter..when I get back i will send pics.... The good news.....it will be a very very fair price...BUT you gotta come up to Vernon to get it.... your call...if you want to... its a lyman Spartan single stage...i believe i have every part for it...i gotta check... 1000 small pistol.primers 250-300 38 special cases i have a pound of win231..or autocomp for ya... might have the dies...hmmm....maybe not..bet on NOT... You come get it all....gimme...say 50 bucks...i need a new mold for my victory revolver...lemme know...!!!
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    I belong to a private outdoor range in PA (it was the best, closest option to my residence), and a private indoor range in NJ - but I was also going to a commercial range in NJ (TTC in Flemington) primarily for a women's shooting group I belong to. Not only will I go to TTC once those chapter meetings resume in-person, but I intend to go to TTC on my own this summer at least a handful of times... even if it's inconvenient and even if I have to endure some wait times. Why?... Because our Governor is biased against these businesses (he's made that abundantly clear) and the easiest way we can fight back against his authoritarianism is to throw these ranges our business, and plenty of it! If not, as @SJG rightly pointed out upthread, these businesses will surely go under - giving our Governor and his minions exactly what they wanted! Can you imagine how difficult it will become to introduce new shooters to the sport if the # of ranges in this state shrinks considerably? So, you can certainly do as you wish, but I would urge you to consider making at least one visit to a NJ commercial range this month. It's bad enough this administration is overtly hostile to them... they should at least be able to count on NJ's gun-owning community to support them and to keep these facilities open for new, incoming shooters. Just my opinion!
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    My NJ Retail License to Sell Firearms is in the mail. Left Trenton on the 23rd according to the trooper. I went to Tuxedo Park, NY and got my fingerprints done this morning for ATF (paper/ink) and as soon as I have my NJ License in hand I will submit my ATF paperwork. I was advised by ATF to not submit until I actually have the paper in hand as any delay in receiving it will delay my ATF paperwork which is less than desirable. I am truly on the move now and am hoping to have it by end of August.
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    Common sense. By definition, the mag must be able to feed ammo into a firearm. If a part is missing, it won't work. Also, you can't possess all the parts spread in different locations that you have access. If you could, everyone would have a disassembled machinegun.
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    This was yesterdays afternoon project. I cooked dinner for my wife. Ribeye steak , garlic mash potatoes and corn. And finished up dinner with a couple shots of Berentzen Apple
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    While the Bolt is quick, it's not that quick. All sources that I've found quote a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds. And your 120 mph is pure fiction, considering the Bolt has a governed top speed of 91 MPH. I'm a dinosaur so I drive dinosaurs - give me cubic inches and naturally aspirated horsepower. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Get a Beretta. It's like a sexy Italian supermodel. A Glock is more like a burly, lesbian East German gym teacher.
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    If you are buying ammo...like food...by the days or week..... you are behind the curve..... We are teetering on potential societal collapse...pay whatever you can, to get whatever you think you may need to help you survive.. Or if this is just a thread where i wanna plink and ammo costs too.much...whambulance... you should have stacked it high and deep when cheap....
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    I feel guilty of blowing through 300rounds of 9mm147g..... Nope..... Want to ban guns...ban ammo and make it too expensive to shoot.... You don't reload? Too tedious? My time is worth more than that? Its boring...? I have inexpensive range days..and will for years to come.....
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    Hey everyone, Lifelong NJ resident, new to guns and this forum. Recently received my FID and went shooting for the first time last week. Excited to be a part of this community. Looking to gain some useful knowledge and potentially purchase a firearm or two. Looks like I came to the right place. See y'all around in here. Drew
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    It can't..it will fracture and split into the reds and blues... Read peoples republic
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    It's a great idea in principle, but many of us would have severe repercussions if our political views were widely known. It's a disgusting, crying shame that in a country like America you need to self-censor, but the enemy is vindictive, malignant, and out to personally hurt people whenever possible.
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    Side note - I have been saying this for years - and usually taking shit for it on this very forum. Carry what you shoot the best - not what’s easiest to hide, or lightest on your belt, or most comfortable against your hip/stomach. On the worst day of your life, do you really want “I wish I had my _______ that I shoot the best and am most confident in my abilities with out of all of my guns, instead of this pocket/subcompact/compact pistol that I never train with and shoot mediocrely at best.” Running through your mind? • That being said, a G19 is doable for everything you want it to do. You can compete and carry easily. • On the other hand - with the right belt, holster, and a slight wardrobe adjustment, you can easily and comfortably carry a G34/35 With RDS and X300U 24/7 all year long. Plenty of people do. Hell - bad guys routinely carry and hide full-size guns 24/7. Why are good guys so adverse to this? Personally, I shoot a G34 the best. I shoot my G19 just marginally worse - but a RDS on both guns makes them almost equal. I used to carry the G34 With X300U all the time. Now I occasionally carry the G34 but - thanks to the RDS - 90% of the time I have a G19 with TLR7a and Holosun 508T. BUT - I am at the point with having RDS on both guns and shooting both guns A LOT - that when I carry the G19 I do not feel underprepared or like I have a worse performing option. I am 100% confident in my abilities with the G19. Now, you just need to decide which direction you you want to go from now forward.
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    braided the garlic
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    Cancel culture is the latest flavor of hypocrisy for tolerant liberals. It’s no longer enough to agree to disagree. Anyone who thinks differently must be destroyed. Companies closed, people put out of work, families made to starve. They are ardently begging for war.
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    Fucking Class Act right here! BZ Scorpio!
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    Not to be a party pooper, but I think that's William Penn.
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    @Mrs. Peel you hit the nail on the head. It's an absolute shame that shortsightedness and ignorance infect so many NJ gun owners. Scanning this thread I see an attempt by provocateurs to throw hand grenades to stir crap up. Sometimes it makes me wonder what their agendas are and if they enjoy looking like schmucks suggesting radical actions that have dire consequences. Like boycotting commercial ranges due to an enforced 25% capacity rule during weekend operational hours that already had wait times prior to the plandemic and not caring if they shut down forever. The "ME" generation is rampant here with all of the complaining, and the majority of "Big Picture Thinkers" turn towards lurking instead of speaking out for fear of being "judged". You wanna know why no other #2AHeavyLifters routinely post here. This is why...

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