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    You are very uninformed, ANJRPC IS our NRA affiliate. They are doing plenty.
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    84 CJ7 fiberglass tub, soft top, 31 mudders, 350 Chevy, EAG front bumper, EAG spiderweb doors, Smitty built rear bumper, Best top top and seats, winch etc..
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    Good! Come to the range with me this weekend. I need a target holder.
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    I think people should join whatever 2A orgs they want to (preferably more than 1). But, I think facts matter... so again... technically, ANJRPC is the local NRA affiliate, and as far as I recall, ANJRPC's lawsuits have always been done in collaboration/consultation with the NRA HQ's DC-based law firms, etc. Edit: oops, sorry... I see I was posting this at the same time as @Tunaman. He made the point already.
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    This. Murphy folded like a cheap suitcase AFTER the ANJRPC filed suit.
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    In my opinion, re-electing Trump to get at least one more conservative justice is worth the vote.
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    You do realize getting gun shops opened and outdoor ranges opened was largely the result of anjrpc lawsuits. That is the state nra affiliate organization
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    Started early April under an LED light indoors, that's basically 40 day head start. Most plants produce in 60 days. They exploded over the past week and half outside. I had Greenbeans before I even transplanted, and both zucchini plants were flowering. The fact I put them in sizable pots under light gets me an extra harvest In the season. My next house will have a dedicated greenhouse, or at east a spot for one. Right now I'm on a hill with garden boxes. Gardening is a relaxing activity for me.

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