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    Well, well, well. The Supremes Just woke up NJ -High Court Considers Taking ANJRPC Appeal February 19, 2019. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court required the State of New Jersey to file a brief in response to ANJRPC's petition asking the High Court to hear its challenge to NJ's carry laws. Under the Supreme Court’s order, the State of New Jersey is required to file papers by March 21, arguing why the High Court should not agree to hear ANJRPC's appeal. NJ had previously ignored the appeal. https://www.anjrpc.org/page/SupremeCtRequiresNJFileResponseinCarryAppeal
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    This gun likely wasn’t shot for years, and from cleaning, I’d say it had quite a few .22 Shorts through it. Amount of lead I pulled out was unreal. My father didn’t remember the gun from his childhood (one of four boys), but likely one uncle picked it up, and then was taken by another uncle after his death. Probably at least from 1997 until around 2002, this was underneath a bed... until my father found it when cleaning out my uncle’s bedroom after he died (second one who died). Was 14 at the time, so when we got it home, I cleaned the barrel, wiped it down, and it went in my father’s safe for 17 years. Had a shotgun I was looking to get rid of, so got that and another gun in trade from my father. The rifle was not something I’d want to shoot in the state I got it. I though the magazine tube was welded to the barrel... due to grime in the gap. Fought me most of the way, but once I got the magazine rings off the barrel... I knew I was good to go. While it isn’t that great looking, definitely a lot better than it was... It is a Winchester 62 in .22 Short... but little oddity with how it is setup. Serial number puts the receiver as a Model 1906, which was the second model off the original 1890 Browning design. Winchester did put together a few of these as “cleanup guns” prior to World War II, but the serial number is a little low for that time. Works out to being produced in June of 1931. Yet, Model 62s weren’t started until spring of 1932. Barrel does not look to be a replacement from the proof marks. It also has a 62A bolt, as the firing pin stop is held in by pins... earlier design used screws for that. But unlike most Gallery Guns, this one matches both halves with the serial number. Can’t wait to take it to the range, as the barrel looks great. I’m thinking an almost 88 year old gun would be a nice addition to my collection. But with the family ties to it, I really just want to keep it around to teach my children (when I have some) on it... as well as pass it down to them.
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    Here's a funny story....So I picked up a 2017 Grand Cherokee High Altitude...triple black mafia staff SUV. full time 4 wheel drive, raising suspension, etc etc. 20" stock ties (uh oh). But its a lease so I dont want to invest in real tires until I decide what to do with it. I like to head over to Island beach state park and cruise down the sand to the Barnaget Inlet where I can waste hours catching small Bluefish and jetty rocks. But the view is nice. Heading back up as the sun was setting...toward the access path where the air pumps are located. I air down to 15 psi on these tires to get a little traction, but they are mall driver tires any way you put it. As long as you keep moving, it is ok. But nobody sticks to the trail and the ride is a bumpy mess going through all the ruts. So I figure the clean flat sand near the water would be a better drive. And it was until I slowed down to swing left near the access point. STUCK! the tide was coming in and the sand was like soup. I got axle deep in a minute. So now it is dark and the water was lapping on the passenger side by now and here I was underneath trying to shovel out. No luck, nobody around. So I call for a tow. Takes them an hour to come in from Seaside Park and air down a 16-wheel tow truck. Eventually took 3 of them to pull out the Jeep using steel cables. Paid $300 for the service. Back at the shop (to pay), they showed me a scrapbook of hundreds of floating cars they pulled out of the surf. Bottom line, I wish I had a rig like yours and this would not happen. And it wouldn't cost over50 grand either.
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    You dont feel that NJ requiring citizens to first obtain a FPID in order to exercise their second amendment rights is unconstitutional? I definitely feel like that is unconstitutional but I would not shoot anyone over it.
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    The court had not asked for a response until today. Respondents are not in contempt as they filed a waiver indicating they would not respond unless requested to do so. State is looking to extend this out as long as they can though I don’t really think they bought any time here because even if the court would have granted cert this Thursday in conference the case wouldn’t have been heard until the fall anyway. Can see the docket history here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/18-824.html
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    Yeah ok I'm sure that will work out well for you. Did you shoot the police that issued your FPID card?
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    sexy piece, I keep coming back to open the centerfold
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    There are "gun owners" and "gun people."
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    regardless of the reason .. I still can't get past how something like this happens and the gun gets put away with it being being noticed. Seems to stick out like a sore thumb to me.
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    My ballot arrived in the mail today. Bullet voted for Anthony(#2 on my ballot) and Tom King. Will be mailed back first thing in the morning.
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    What kind of LYPKDM (Light Years per kg of Dark Matter) are you getting with that Dodge?
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    My complex is close but it's a senior assisted living complex. If I get you in they may not let you out!
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    Pretty sure I'm going to work from home - If you need a place to crash overnight, Rosey, Let me know. I'm so close to the venue
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    For those who dont know what a Squib is... Here's an example I'm boxing it and shipping it... That's my job since i sold it to him.. If it were a transfer then he would be doing this
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    Only those who voted for Murphy We forgive you. If you live in Northern NJ AKA Suburbs of NYC then its Tayor ham.
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    This one started life as a Colt Match Target 6400. The rifle resides on the ranch in Texas, and has now been ‘de-banned’, with a real collapsible stock. ALG ACT trigger. The upper was worked over by Ken Ellison at SAW with the 6944-SE package, and has his 14.5-16 package on it. OAL barrel length with the flash suppressor is 16.045”. It also has his reliability package on the upper and BCG. Optic is a TA-31RCO M4 ACOG on a Larue Mount. Magpul sling. http://www.specializedarmament.com/14-five-16-barrel I sighted it in today, it’s lovely!
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    I will delightfully swim in the tidal wave of irony if the most anti-gun governor and attorney general in NJ’s recent history are forced to recognize the right to carry.
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    The winch cable on my jeep would reach no problem. But I'll just enjoy watching the bear, I have no plans to hunt one.
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    Thanks to Shane for my “in” to the world of KAC. also, my LWRC.


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