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    Glock? Greek diners? Miata? WTF? Mother F'ers jacked my thread! Even Peel!
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    WOW! Virginia is one thing, but I didn't dare hope to see that in NJ. I hope this picks up steam!!
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    and lack of info from LEOs... no information on shooters and no info on type of rifle except "high powered rifles". Are they preparing the semi-auto ban in Trenton tonight so they can vote on it tomorrow. Famous line: "Never let a crisis go to waste".
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    I believe the expression is 'all hat and no cattle', but my ranch days were in Idaho. We'll see what the Texan has to say.
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    Is that sarcasm? It happened in a Hasidic community and allegedly pipe bombs were found. I'm not to jump to conclusions, but this is pointing towards a particular direction which isn't drugs...
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    Wait, you don't love dogs???? Are you a terrorist?
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    They will probably use that petition to start their Red Flag list.
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    Pizza Bob is on point. There are several SASS clubs in NJ, and I'm sure what ever happened to your SA has happened to others' in the past. I'd seek those SASS folks out as a resource that might be able to point you in a "single" direction ~R
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    Every week, I enter the state lottery hoping to win; I never did. Finally, I prayed vigorously and, hoping for God's message, as I walked around the State Fair. A flash of lightning struck as I was passing by Nadine's carnival stall. She was bending over and I saw she was not wearing panties. I could see the number 7 tattooed on each of her butt cheeks. I bet on 77, as I thought God had given me a sign. Sadly, I lost again. The winning number was 707. Moral of the story : Never underestimate the importance of assholes in your life.

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