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    Better call your insurance company. Someone stole it off the transom.
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    Only if he illegally had obtained the gun. Purchase legally and he is toast.
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    You better move quick, Walmart is taking them off the shelf: Walmart has removed guns and ammunition from sales floors in stores where those items had been displayed because of isolated incidents of “civil unrest” in some areas around the U.S. — but the retail giant will continue selling the items. “We have seen some isolated civil unrest and as we have done on several occasions over the last few years, we have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,” Walmart said in a statement. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/29/walmart-pulls-guns-ammo-off-sales-floors-because-of-civil-unrest.html
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    Gun ownership has been more or less obliterated in merry old England over time, and yet, interestingly...London's murder rate has gone way up. Just a couple of years ago - for the first time EVER - it even surpassed NYC's! The increase was driven overwhelmingly by the number of gangbangers fatally stabbing competing gangbangers. The lesson: never focus on the TOOL! They should have been focused on programs to put more money into their gang units, start community programs to pull kids out of gang life, increase prosecutions to put more gang leaders in jail, etc. It's the criminal intent/criminal enterprise that needs to be controlled, not the gun, the knife, etc. Look at Australia, which liberals tout for their mandatory gun buyback (a.k.a. confiscation!) many years back. Do you honestly believe there haven't been any mass murders down under since that happened? If you did, you'd be WRONG. They have had a number of ghoulish mass murders... interestingly, many of them by arson. So, how can you stop people from buying gasoline and matches? You can't. Nor should you try. It's a fool's errand. BTW, though most of you already know this, that chart that @Sniper shared above refers to ALL rifles - including traditional bolt action rifles, etc. AR-15's and other semi-auto rifles (wrongly termed "assault" rifles) are only one portion of the rifles owned in this country - so that number of murders can't even be attributed to semi-auto rifles. The exaggerated focus on "controlling" "assault" rifles is so illogical, it's actually absurd. Anyone making those arguments IMO has either: 1) zero familiarity with real-world crime data, or 2) is so locked into other aspects of the issue (fear? politics?), they have their heads stuck in the sand and have literally lost their ability to harness logic and reason.
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    The poster which Sniper had quoted, which I refuse to repeat.
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    His systemic NJ bias is blinding him to the fact the this is how it already works in free America.
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    you forgot that a vote can be much much more dangerous than a gun.
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    No no no. Dave you said i bought your last garand
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    If Joe doesn't die on his own, Kamala will surely suck (what's left of) the life out of him.
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    They don't need to be locked unless you are going through a state like NY. FOPA requires the case to be locked. Transport within NJ only requires unloaded separate from ammo and out of reach from front seat so towards the rear of your vehicle is fine. I have an FJ Cruiser and transport that way all the time. OP enjoy the 15-22. My wife has one, muddy girl purple of course and it a blast to shoot.
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    We don't have to exactly agree on all points....lol.... most are good
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    Maybe if he threw in a few boxes of ammo with the boat, someone would buy it.
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    JSE is selling these Anderson lowers. I kinda want one. The only thin that would make this lower perfect is if the fire select (safety) said SAFE and MAGA
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    10000000% No disagreement there - notice I always state it should not be an impediment, a hurdle etc. However, you would I am sure would agree, that we must carefully ensure that there is no limitation of peoples rights as enumerated in the BOR. But, at the same time, we can look to expand and preserve those rights with enhancements that might lead to something that is good for the whole. Assume, we can mandate training and as part of that training, you can now obtain a CWP - nationwide, or in your state, which I now you can ! SC has the CWP class that must be passed in order to carry in state, within the rules as set forth and laws that have been promulgated. Are you suggesting that SC for example should be like VT, and be Constitutional Carry? Now, there is a difference between ownership and carry, I know, but I do think that training can and should be offered free and be part of the ownership process.
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    This is not on par with what is being discussed, I would respectfully submit, you say the above very tongue in cheek. I do not think the suggestion is the limitation of a persons right to keep and bear arms, focused on a training hurdle. I think the suggestion is that mandating some training, aligned in a manner that does not create a hurdle to the right to keep in bear arms, is better for all in the long run. I do not think it is a fair comparison, to apply the same logic used in firearms ownership, as presented in this thread as being applicable to the right of free speech. However, if you are truly sincere about the above statement, I would say that a certain level of knowledge prior to pulling the lever and or ticking the box for someone, as it may be. That knowledge of the candidates, the issues, and at least a common understanding of what is being presented - be required prior to the cast of a vote. something like that - LMAO
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    ^^^^^^^^^^ This - I love get muzzle swept with a loaded firearm at the range...part of my wants to get a vest with side plates. I kid you not. I see where you are coming from and this is not about "feelings" - this is about actual practical safety/knowledge and I think it is a *very* good discussion with all the "new" shooters entering our ranks. The idea here and I think that is being presented, is that a certain level of familiarity with a firearm and how to use it safely, is not a bad thing. Most of these new shooters do not know and have not been educated on the finer points of firearms usage. This is also not about making a mandate for training as an accessible path and/or hurdle - for a right to keep and bear arms. But that very right TO keep and bear arms comes with a HIGH level of responsibility and associated knowledge. Two stories. First Handgun range, guy sitting at bench with a 6" 44mag...his friend is to his right, I am on his left two benches over...every time he went to talk to his friend, his muzzle of his hand cannon just seemed to cant left towards me...it took the second time, with the WTF! look on my face and out of my mouth to get attention of the RO to speak with him. I packed up and left.... Could that behavior be prevented? I say yes - there is no space for incorrect muzzle discipline anywhere. Second I am up in the shop one Sat fixing something or another - Joe's busy with someone, guy comes in looking lost carrying a Beretta 92 case unlocked. I walk out from in back and ask him if I can help him. He tells me that his new 92 is broken and he wants his money back. I ask him what the problem is - he says "it don't shoot" - and he places aforementioned unlocked case on counter, opens it to a 'loaded' 92 and says this thing is broken while trying to hand it to me muzzle first. - I take possession of the weapon, drop the magazine and open the slide, expecting to find a live round. No such thing in there...I slide lock it. I empty the mag of the live rounds and proceed to tell him he should not be doing that and that he needs a locked case etc. ' So what's the problem ' I ask. He says he loads the gun and it doesn't shoot - I ask him how he loads the gun and why doesn't it shoot....verbatim answer: " I load the clip with bullets and put the clip in the hole in the handle and pull the trigger and nothing happens " Can this type of problem be prevented? I say yes, yes it can. A certain level of training and some of it mandated, free - is a good thing - No?
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    If you've got guns in the car, why are you smoking pot and driving like a douche nozzle at 2:30 am? He must have been up studying for his Mensa test and needed a slurpee at 7-11 to keep going.
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    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I would have no problem with some level of training being required, and I'll tell you why. Other than some of the scary shit I've seen at public ranges, the gun culture in this country has changed. It used to be that at a certain age you were given a gun by your dad, and he took the time to teach you basic firearm safety and marksmanship. I was lucky, I was a scout, my dad was a scout leader, and he taught me to shoot an an early age with a single shot Remington bolt action .22, which I still have. Hell, in 7th and 8th grade at Raritan elementary school we had a gun club run by the shop teacher, who was also an NRA instructor. But that sort of thing has skipped a few generations. Many new gun owners never grew up with guns in the house, and have little idea of the rudiments of gun safety. Just think back on some of the behavior you've witnessed at gun ranges. Part of it is up to us as experienced, responsible gun owners to help train the next generation of shooters, but I, for one, would feel safer at a public range if I knew that everyone had gone through at least some basic safety instruction.
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    Let's take a breath here... Just because a politician says something on his web site and means it with his little hart, doesn't mean it will happen. Hell I want to make love to Angelina Jolie, and even got a theoretical pass from the wife. Does that mean it will happen if I post this on my web site? My point is, and if you let your blinding hate for Biden or anyone that is not Trump aside for a minute you may find it valid, that changing the gun laws is not something that the president can do. Further more with state rights, it is not clear if even congress and senate can do a significant change. Just try and count on you hand the actual major changes to gun laws done in the last 20 years....
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    While I cannot forecast the election results, I can with great accuracy forecast what Biden, if he wins, will do to the gun and ammo availability. Nothing! Absolutely nothing, sure there will be a lot of sheep running to stock on guns and ammo for a couple of months but any of us that owns guns in case of needing to use them for real, already have enough guns, and probably enough ammo. And the sad truth is that nothing can be done about gun laws in the US, sad because in a state like New Jersey there are so many restrictions that do not make any sense, while on some other states the laws are way to loose. I'm sure we all here agree that to check for mental health and criminal record, and have you a day or two when you get your first gun, are not unreasonable expectations. I doubt you have enough democrats that will take on the gun issue at the risk of alienating their voters. And the republicans are sure not touching this. So I forecast, nothing, no actual legislation, but there will be some talk and some sound bites.
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    Way back in the 90's we used to have this thing called a telephone. We'd open up this other thing, an off line hard copy database called the Yeller Pages. I know it's old technology, but it could save you a lot of time. You will probably have to use the inerwebs to get phone numbers though. The problem though, you will have to talk to people and ask questions by voice, another fading skill. If you find yourself having trouble, just pretend the person on the other end is Siri or Alexa.

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