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    Mec Gar all the way. They used to be the OE supplier to Sig. Here is where you'll find them for a good price and get good service... http://gregcotellc.com/cart/sig-sauer-magazines-c-123/sig-sauer-p226-9mm-10-round-blued-finish-mecgar-mgp22610b-p-613.html get shiny ones for a dollar more, if it matters. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    They will sell in NJ for that price point... People might burn a permit on one if they cant figure out what they want or just dont want to lose a hard earned permit.
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    Nope. That's one of the attractions to them. Since it's on wheels, and not on a foundation, the towns have no say. That's how some kids get away with building them so shoddy. They're treated like a travel trailer, although some towns take issues with allowing someone to live in one full time.
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    I vote 7.62x39 AR Its my new favorite ar to shoot.
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    How about one, regardless of caliber, that you will keep in your trunk so that when the shit finally comes down (as it will soon, I predict) you have a way to get where you are going safely. Loaded on stripper clips and kept in your trunk in a waterproof container, a mix of 62gr penetrator and 55gr soft tip .223 would be my personal recommendation.
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    What about keeping with 5.56, and building a different configuration? I don’t know what you have already, but everyone needs a 20” rifle in the mix. I prefer an A4, or A2, but there is something lovely about the simplicity of an A1.... Oh crap, now I want an A1...
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    Can you upper-deck a washing machine?

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