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    Dude. Did you miss the part where I mentioned how low base metal stocks have gotten? To go with that the price has jumped up. And you have all the "clever" people why decided this is when they'll start reloading. The bullets with the least silly problem are coated lead pistol bullets. The fancy rifle bullets for match grade have loads start setting up as the machines that make them can make more, cheaper bullets that use less raw material each. And those go into ammo rather than the reloader. Those businesses that cater to us don't necessarily have the ability to expand a day either. Of they supplied a thousand customers like you in 2019 they are probably trying to service 5-10k now.
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    I want one, but not that bad. Thanks a lot for on the where and who @JohnnyB it was much appreciated. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s really worth it for me at this time since, I already have lowers lingering. It was a nice dream bubble that burst lol
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    They wanted like $150 at one place! I know you would do much better for @0Jeep4!
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    Nice. No need to go elsewhere
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    No buddy. Not bustin balls. Just saying that a squib isn’t possible at noted charges. I know you know your stuff. Not discrediting. Sorry if i came off that way. Working with mrs peel on sensitivity classes.
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    I don’t know, but both of the trivially defeated safes in the videos above are CA approved. To me, that means the CA DOJ approval is worthless.
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    I'm just sorry didn't load up on 7.62x39 when it was @ $170/K
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    @EdF The first part of your answer is correct. The second part is completely FALSE. If the OP is named in the Will as the new owner, they're HIS, no paperwork needed. 'Cept maybe for a hand-written receipt from the Executrix of the Estate. OGAM goes away too, since there's NO paperwork If the OP @Gosnellus is NOT named in the Will as the new owner of the personal property, then the OP must file all the regular paperwork for purchasing both long guns (and pistols if so desired). Once the permits come thru, the OP can submit an OGAM exemption form, naming the firearms to be transferred. What people THINK doesn't matter....what the LAW SAYS matters. Rosey
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    Yahoo and its obvious bias is a joke! Notice the title: "...CEO Bizarrely Says Trump is Still The 'Actual President"..." as though it's so incredibly shocking that people might deny a newly elected President... EVEN THOUGH WE SAW NOTHING BUT THAT for the prior 4 years!!! Here's just one of the many sympathetically written articles published by Yahoo about the "#notmypresident" movement that was birthed almost immediately after Trump's election: [Title]: "After Trump victory, ‘not my president’ becomes liberal rallying cry" - https://www.yahoo.com/news/after-trump-victory-not-my-president-becomes-liberal-rallying-cry-155948405.html - and here's a quote: "Many liberal and moderate Americans, who had joyfully anticipated Hillary Clinton shattering the glass ceiling as the first woman president, took to Twitter to lament that the nation elected a man they consider to be singularly unsuited for the role of commander in chief. So, Trump supporters not accepting a Biden presidency are labelled "bizarre" - but Clinton supporters not accepting Trump were... what?... just decent Americans 'lamenting" an election loss? Ummm... yeah, OK, Yahoo. Got it! Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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    You are trying to pin the shortage down to one single entity, and it simply can't be done. Yes, there are a lot of people and companies exploiting the situation, but none are completely responsible as individual factors. The sum total of all the factors combined, add up to more than the individual factors. For instance, a single factor on it's own is X. If you combine four factors, it injects a multiplier into the equation that creates a greater sum total causing exponential increases in price.
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    Is this the way you understand how primer makers have always operated, or just during this crunch? Primers have never been a surplus item, the retail market for reloading components dates back 150 years. With few exceptions, the primer makers are all ammo mfgs too. CCI, Federal, Rem, Win, Fiocchi, so yes, they are going to channel primers to their own ammo plants to run the loading machines 24/7, decreasing the primer supply. Why sell primers at 3 cents a pop when you can sell ammo at 3x the normal prices. Big profits generate big dividends. btw, the primer/ammo shortage exists only in the USA. My friends in PR, Aus, Germany are having no trouble finding ammo or reloading components. The prices overseas have gone up, but not even close to the extent we are experiencing in the good old US of A. As far as I know, there is nothing to stop foreign manufacturers from filling in the gap. Is some left controlled bureaucracy preventing foreign suppliers from upping their imports? If so, that would be an artificial manipulation of the market. By it's self it would not drive up prices, but it certainly contributes to the pressure. The supply chain was definitely a factor. Especially when you consider that a substantial portion of the precursor chemicals used in powder and primer come from China. We may never know all the details, but there is no doubt that there are forces pushing and pulling the ammo/primer market. It's a situation where chaotic events are being exploited, some are a natural predictable consequence, while other events have been artificially generated and it has created this feedback loop that just feeds on it's self.
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    Tony, love the look of that Blue against the Black! Very "Striking". Just picked up a lower from Tony at WESHOOT on Thursday and this is the result. Very simple in .223 Wylde.
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    I love my Spikes NJGF lower!
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    With a 50 yard zero you can shoot 0-200 easily with a red dot, not a huge change in POI, no magnifier needed.
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    still waiting since june on lindenwold. state finished their stuff in mid/late june........talked to office at lpd 2 days ago and was told probably another week or 2....... THIS is what the suits should be filed over, not the carry permits. get us to the point where we can purchase like free america first.......
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    Gee, thanks for clearing that up. I hope you feel really good about yourself. So smart. GFY.

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