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    Announcing Team Kulak by Bob Hess Team Kulak was formed in late July of 2020. It was the desire of Kulak Arms owner, Richard Kulak II, to sponsor a small team of just regular shooters – unspectacular participants in the shooting sports, the “backbone” of the sport, like those that make up the majority of competition shooters today. This is a diverse team that spans 40 years in age and represents 110 years of shooting experience. The youngest member of the team is 29 year old Zack Becker, with Ed Jackowski at 51 years old holding down the middle spot and, yours truly, bringing up the rear at 69. The three of us participate in the three main handgun practical shooting disciplines, those being: the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE), the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). The majority of the matches we attend are local, club level matches made up primarily of shooters much like ourselves. Zack is the shining star of this small team and the one that, should he decide to pursue it, stands the greatest chance of being ranked among the top echelon of shooters. He consistently places highly overall and within his division. Zack has only been shooting handguns for eight years, many of those years with the only handgun he owned at the time, a Walther PPQ M1. He is the epitome of the cliché: Beware of the man that only owns one gun – chances are that he shoots it very well. While Zack has expanded his battery to include a CZ P10F that he uses for the Carry Optics divisions in both IDPA and USPSA, he also has a new S&W Model 686 that he uses for ICORE. Zack is in tooling sales in the packaging industry and recently moved to Besalem, PA. Ed owns and runs a very busy nursery and landscape business (Jack’s Nursery). It is sometimes tough for him to get out to matches during his busy seasons, but he always makes the effort. Ed was an active duty Marine from 1990 to 1997, playing with decidedly larger guns – 155 Howitzers. Ed is probably the fastest of the three of us, but is often undone by Zack’s good, if not blinding, speed and unsurpassed accuracy. It is often a tough battle between these two teammates. Ed resides with his wife, two daughters and two Dalmatians in Hopewell Township. And then there’s me – the dinosaur of the group. I’ve been shooting since I was nine. My father was a shooter and hunter and I literally grew-up around guns. I shot some informal bullseye, but my first venture into real competitive shooting came with the advent of handgun metallic silhouette in the late 70’s. I shot that for about 8 years before getting involved in practical shooting with a club out of Target World in Chalfont, PA. I took a fairly long hiatus from organized shooting, but discovered IDPA about 10 years ago – and subsequently USPSA. Most recently I’ve started shooting ICORE, which is contested only with revolvers. However, I choose to shoot revolvers in all three disciplines, just because I enjoy them. While I have competed mainly with S&W’s I have started to work a Ruger GP100 Match Champion into the rotation. I also collect S&W revolvers. I am retired after 35 years in the automotive industry, which is probably why I’m captain of this little team – it certainly isn’t because of my shooting prowess. It seems that, at this age, any advancement I make in the shooting skills department is usually offset by some physical infirmity. I live in Hopewell Township with my girlfriend of 34 years and our German Shorthair Pointer. We all look forward to representing the regular “anyman” shooter in these club level competitions. Team Kulak Sponsored by: Kulak Arms 450 Lawrence Rd. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 609-695-1043
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    Still waiting for my noob issues to be worked out. 60 years and counting.
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    After numerous years of "working" on them, I've gotten my good friend and brother both working on or about to start the process of getting their FID & first firearms. For those that saw my thread about introducing my nephew to target shooting, that's my other brother. He's a Former Marine and had a firearm long before I did (I have multiples more than he now though). A good friend / co-worker got his FID before I knew him, but never got a firearm due to some concerns his son had at the time. Since his son has moved out, I've been working on him to get something. He's not anti-gun, if anything he's more right-wing than I and his father is a retired Newark cop. I'm not sure what his reason for the delay is now. I'd like to see my parents armed/protected but they have zero interest/concerns. I haven't given up though.
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    wrong forum, Dude. You need the pussy forum for this crap
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    My NJ Retail License to Sell Firearms is in the mail. Left Trenton on the 23rd according to the trooper. I went to Tuxedo Park, NY and got my fingerprints done this morning for ATF (paper/ink) and as soon as I have my NJ License in hand I will submit my ATF paperwork. I was advised by ATF to not submit until I actually have the paper in hand as any delay in receiving it will delay my ATF paperwork which is less than desirable. I am truly on the move now and am hoping to have it by end of August.
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    I feel guilty of blowing through 300rounds of 9mm147g..... Nope..... Want to ban guns...ban ammo and make it too expensive to shoot.... You don't reload? Too tedious? My time is worth more than that? Its boring...? I have inexpensive range days..and will for years to come.....
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    Hey everyone, Lifelong NJ resident, new to guns and this forum. Recently received my FID and went shooting for the first time last week. Excited to be a part of this community. Looking to gain some useful knowledge and potentially purchase a firearm or two. Looks like I came to the right place. See y'all around in here. Drew
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    BCM 14.5" barrel with mid-length gas system -Originally purchased from BCM in 2012 -Pinned/welded Battlecomp 1.5 -Daniel Defense free-float Omega rail -BCM FA BCG -BCM Mod 3(medium) CH -KAC flip up BUIS -BCM Stubby VFG -Surefire flashlight with Malkoff M61 LED upgrade -GoGuns Gas Pedal (pre-production) $900 obo This is a complete, sorted, ready to shoot, duty quality upper that I would trust in any real-world confrontation. Will consider selling the entire rifle (OG NJGF Lower!). Aimpoint not for sale.
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    Bought a gun yesterday! Someone told me to check out rkguns and I found an M&P 22 compact in the low $300s. Plan to put a few thousand rounds in that, then upgrade to a 9mm once all my noob issues are worked out. Super psyched!
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    It can't..it will fracture and split into the reds and blues... Read peoples republic
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    I've taken a lot of new shooters to the range. I've taken a lot of teens who were new shooters to the range. I got my NRA instructor's certification because my teen daughter liked to take friends shooting. Moms were nervous when my daughter's friends asked if they could go shooting with me. It was an easier sell when they could add "Mr. ZZZ is a certified firearms instructor and offered to teach me gun safety." My advice is don't "introduce" him to shooting. That's heavy and has baggage. Just take him shooting. No lessons. Let him have fun instead of getting instruction and he'll come back. I always go over three safety rules before we pick up a gun. I show how we are going to walk behind the shooter and how we're going to keep the guns unloaded whenever anyone is at or in front of the firing line. Then we just shoot targets and have fun. The occasional tip is fine but don't worry too much about technique on the first, or trip to the range. Consider it a pickup game of basketball, not practice before the big game. And be sure to say "good job" when he gets one in the middle. And let him take his target home to show mom and dad. And let him decide what you shoot. 90% will want to start with handguns. Teens seem to always have fun shooting clays. I agree that rifles are a good way to learn the fundamentals but the first step is to let shooting be fun. Otherwise, the lessons are a drag and he'll never want to come back.
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    It's a great idea in principle, but many of us would have severe repercussions if our political views were widely known. It's a disgusting, crying shame that in a country like America you need to self-censor, but the enemy is vindictive, malignant, and out to personally hurt people whenever possible.
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    Just waiting on optics. Holosun 510C w/ magnifier on the way. - Radian Model 1 lower, upper, and handguard - Wilson Combat 14.7 barrel w/ Surefire Socom brake (will pick up a warden as well) - JP adj. gas block - Sharps Rifle Co. Enhanced BCG - Geissele SSA trigger
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    Welcome. "Purchase a firearm or two". Newbies are so cute. I remember my "I'm only going to buy one or two" years. Nine firearms later I'm like "this is a nice start"....Lol
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    I just checked my last TSUSA receipt for 9mm from early 2019...sixteen cents a round. Those were the days. Now my wife understands why all those heavy boxes were delivered way back when...
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    Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ!
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    But, how many entrepreneurs will be willing to even make that gamble of time, resources and money, when they now see that the government can kill their business indefinitely, with the stroke of a pen and a unconstitutional edict? Based on how I saw businesses screwed over, indiscriminately, there's not enough money in the world to make me start another business. Look what Murphy did to restaurant owners right before the 4th of July. They got screwed.... twice....
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    CTD gouged the last time so we expect that from them. They will NEVER see a penny from me!
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    Some of us have an anti-Facebook bias - myself included. That said, I'm not convinced it's the right choice either, for the reasons you mention. Keep doin' what you're doin'. It's important that Facebook doesn't become an ideological echo chamber.
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    I’d say rifle first. . Or all them. But make sure he finishes the day with a win. Even if it’s 10 yards with a rifle
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    Generator started on the first pull. Have plenty of gas, propane for the grill, charcoal for the smoker, bourbon, and beer. The house is at the top of a hill-water drains away in all directions. And we had the two giant-but-dying ash trees next to the house removed last month. Bring it.
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    My employer gets contacted every time I apply for permits. They are in Texas (and most all of them, good GUN toting Texans!)...and they think it’s ‘cute’ that the NJ State Police calls them about ‘permission’ to buy a gun.
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    I decided the risks were not worth the reward. Primers are volatile. If they were to explode in midair in a plane - that would potentially get traced back.. and cause a world of shit. It's not just the fees - I looked into it. You have to have hazmat certification training - several hundred dollars (if not thousands) of training.
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    Just a note: After having played with the progressive press, I prefer my single stage! I don't like the fact that the metering for the Clays powder was just too inconsistent for me, coupled with the fact that I want to SEE the powder level in EVERY round! I use the progressive press to deprime and resize and set the new primer. I use my stand alone powder measure and finally, set the bullet with my single stage press. I know it takes more time but it makes me feel better about my end product!
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    You just wanna wear yoga pants, Zeke.
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    When you build the lower, double check the hammer spring. It's easy to put it in backwards on your first build and will result in lite primer strikes! I know, I did it once!
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    ...Victory revolver....S&W historical research Paperwork says it went to India... 38 S&W... not special... She seems to like .358 as that is what the bore slugs.... used a 190gr mold to drop .363 WW lead...sized and lubed to .358 in a star press. First pic is 1.7gr of bullseye from the late 70's....yes 70's. Next pic is the same powder and boolit...over 1.9gr of the dame powder....see a difference..?? I do... The old gal likes it a bit hot... gonna try 2.0gr and see what we get....hey its a K frame.
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    These people are unreal. The only way this get dragged out is if trump wins.
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    I've taken a number of women shooting, and something a lot of us forget about is "fit" - most guns are designed around guys. NJ does not help things by limiting options for semi-autos, so what is comfortable for my 6'2" frame is probably less comfortable for a 5'6" teenager or woman. If you have an adjustable stock rifle, that may be best - an improper fit can make shooting less pleasant for smaller statured people. Also remember to show them how to focus the scope (if using one) because their eyes are likely different than yours, and having blurry crosshairs or parallax set wrong would suck for them. I personally always start everyone off with a .22 rifle loaded with a single round (typically on a bipod with a scope), after covering the basics of safety and operation of the rifle. Once proficient with a single shot, I move to multiple rounds in a mag, then .17HMR, .223, etc. Once I (and THEY) are confident in using the rifle, I will start them out on handgun, again single shot typically and usually a .22 - but fit does still come into play. For example, I have a target S&W 22A with large target grips, even for my hands. Most women will not be able to hold it very comfortably, so it is an option they can try, but not an ideal starting gun. By the end of my first day with a former girlfriend, I had worked her up to trying a mosin, and she shot 2 or 3 rounds (with a limbsaver, making the damn thing even longer). Had I started her out on the Mosin, it probably would have been a very short, one shot day. Make sure ear pro is properly worn - if the foam ear plugs are barely in, having extremely loud, ear damaging noises constantly going off will be a turn off. If possible, be off to a side where fewer people are. Some people will be quite self conscious when starting, especially if they aren't hitting things at first. If you have a place to shoot reactive targets, bring them. Those tend to be more fun than simply shooting paper. Something I made up for new shooters: http://malice4you.com/images/realsteel/gunsafety2.pdf A one page (double sided) little handout to try and cover as much as possible while also trying to not be an overload. If I can get people to read that before we even go, they seem to have a better grasp of things, and I'm less likely to forget to mention something important.
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    Welcome & Congrats. Fair warning if you stick around here and follow LGS fb sites it will be far from the last. I just, as in minutes ago, bought another (used) pistol from a fb ad. Bad part is I've got a three week wait for my 30 days to be up. Please consider following and joining/supporting one or all of the 2A Orgs we have in NJ that fight the good fight on a daily basis.
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    Guys...the cure for Covid will be announced on 11/4...people just need to chill...
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    Uhhhh... @Zeke that’s because you are a Sig snob.
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    I have a FB page. Rarely if ever do I put anything personnel on it other then a comment to a friends post. Mostly joined it to access other FB pages I wanted to explore. Anything I put on it is either funny or political. The only friend request I except is from friends I know. I have NO time for anyone who doesn't like my political posts or sense of humor. And just like here, I don't use my given name. (that I hate). A friend of mine almost lost his job because someone hacked his account and started placing racist stuff on it. So be forewarned. What I don't understand about FB is people that need to put their entire life happenings on it. That I don't need either and will unlike if they find it necessary to tell the world where they are or what their doing every moment of the day.
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    There’s help for people who cook like you...https://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/worst-cooks-in-america And to add value to this thread, I use a FoodSaver. I’ve had it for about 15 years and it still works perfectly. Bought it at Costco. We buy bulk meats and break them down (I just did a whole beef tenderloin last weekend). We seal and freeze meals too. It gets a lot of duty around my house.
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    Just shot a 94/100 at a sporting clays range last Thursday. A personal best for me, I've still got it.

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