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    Buy a 3% patch. I think that's how that works.
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    I am staying in this state. To be honest, the rest of the US can’t make a proper pizza
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    Stand and Fight. You can't just retreat... Look at Virginia and Florida. Just moving out doesn't help - because the wave of blue moves too. If you keep retreating, soon there will no longer be anywhere to retreat to.
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    My point was it's not easy or even possible for some people to just pack up and move hundreds or thousand of miles out of state. If you did, great, I'm happy for you, not all of us have that luxury.
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    Their endgame is: Confiscation and the elimination of civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny and persecution can begin.
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    Anyone here have back problems? Try this inversion exercise. Inversion Exercise.mp4
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    lets make this guy ( https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/BIO.asp?Leg=419 ) the new governor.... why you ask??? because he actually cares and responds to emails: I sent him the below email (black and red text) after the Murphy presser...and about 30 min later his response in bracketed text Agreed. Tony Here's my beef on these items (taken 1 by 1). Reworking the Firearms Identification Card system (FID) to include mandatory firearms safety course completion to even those who own firearms. Why do I have to jump through more hoops to get a FID card. I already need references, a clean criminal record, and fingerprints. (All that's missing is a note from my mother and a 4 page essay on why I want to own a gun). Plus if the purpose of all this is to prevent crime, why even add the safety course? I can see it now ... all the members of MS-13 are at the range today to get their required safety course done. FYI - my wife did get professional training when she got her FID and firearm. Legislation which would require mandatory storage. I already have a large safe in my basement and a vaultek safe in each night stand. BTW, the vaulteks are really really nice storage units. I am not against the safe storage of my firearms, I just don't want to feel that my storage habits could be subject to an inspection by the state police. And what exactly does this have to do with street crime? Raising the age to 21 for FID card issuance for long guns Ya well, when I was growing up the official drinking age was 18 and we all survived. So in NJ if you were 18 and wanted a gun you would need to join the army? Microstamping. This legislation would require all new semi-automatic handguns to be equipped with microstamping technology This technology doesn't work, and I can't tell you how often I have found used brass in my pocket a few days after being at the range. My wife now has to check her shoes for trapped brass in her soles, after we found some of our brass in our neighbor's yard. What's the point anyway, after a shooting the police can trace the casing to a legally owned firearm? Don't most crimes get committed using illegally owned weapons? If I was a criminal (which I am not), I would simply sprinkle other people's brass to obfuscate my involvement assuming that I, again as a criminal mastermind, decided to legally register my gun Forced market acceptance of “smart guns” by mandating that gun shops sell them I can tell you with 100% certainty that there is no market whatsoever for this hardware, despite the guys at NJIT who think otherwise. Telling the FFL that they have to hold this stuff in inventory will result in them painting their compliance sample gold and putting it in a trophy case high on the wall. A .50 Caliber ban. This is a firearm that weighs about 30 lbs. You probably can count on one hand with 9 fingers to spare the number of people who legally own a 50 cal weapon in Morris county. BTW how many crimes got committed with a 50 cal round last year? Electronic registering of all ammunition sales. I would like to see this go in the other direction. All the shops, customers, think the current paper system is a needless pain in the backside. Riddle me this batman, has the current paper system ever been used to even partially solve a crime? Registering of firearms brought into the state by residents relocating to New Jersey. This is the same stupidity that almost had Born To Run become the official state song (even though the song is actually about getting OUT of NJ). We won't even talk about how In The Navy by The Village People was an angel's breath away from becoming the US Navy's recruiting anthem. I doubt this is a big problem, it's just another way that some poor guy who never knowingly broke the law can accidentally find himself facing a felony charge.
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    "Half of gun homicides occur in only five cities" ... but if you don't live in these five cities we will punish you anyway because you probably didn't vote for us.
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    Running buys you a couple of years at best. Stand and fight!
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    they should've left it alone. if we don't need standard capacity, then neither do leos. if leo's need standard capacity, then so do we.
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    That’s the thing. A bullseye shooter will tell me my targets suck. And for their goals/discipline they are right. It all depends on what you are doing. Cheflife, best thing you can do to start is get to a class with a reputable instructor. Let someone train you then practice the skills you were taught. All the rest, working your drawstroke and transitioning between targets can be done with dry fire at home. Spend 10 minutes a couple times a week in dry fire and you will see HUGE improvements and, all it will cost you is time. Combine the dry fire practice with regular low round-count, pre-planned, deliberate, live fire range days and you are good to go. If you can consistently keep 10 rounds in the black on a B8 target at 15 yards, slow fire, you are doing great. The speed will come.
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    I think we should name the ffls and their prices. Nothing wrong with helping forum members save money.
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    Finally got around to finishing my sporting clays cart. Found a 3 wheel baby stroller on free cycle and decided I needed my own cart for Lehigh. Anyone else done this? Post your pics here.
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    I'll do you one better. Wait until you yourself is a senior parent and is now living in a senior building in order to make financial ends meet. I have 100+ neighbors here who would absolutely shit themselves if they knew the extent of my totally legal collection. And hearing the discussions in the lobby about the 'situation of the day' and how great 46 is after 45 ruined the country raises by blood pressure by unhealthy amounts. So I remember the adage about not arguing with a fool because people might not be able to tell the difference. And I go on living MY life. RSO shifts, teaching the kids in Junior Rifle basic safety and marksmanship, and running matches at the range, and sometimes just old fashioned plinking at the range. Now if ammo were plentiful and cheap again ... Ahhhhhhhh.... for the old days
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    Join the 1 percenters and work your way up
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    Lmao.... join and immediately ask such a question with the first post...lol maybe the second will be “ anyone know where I can buy a ghost gun, an assault rifle with the thingy that goes up without a background check with “high capacity clipz” “
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    New member from Ocean County, but certainly not new to the hobby. I look forward to learning more and meeting new people. Btw, it’s pork roll. Lol.
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    Yeah, honestly... I was really surprised he uttered that little truth out loud. It flies in the face of his often repeated claim that there's a gun violence epidemic all across the state... which of course, there isn't. There's a violence epidemic in the worst neighborhoods of our inner cities. In all the other communities, gun crime is pretty rare.
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    Again guns are but ONE reason.... However, it is apparent nothing is changing here... you know it.... others know it.... ranges and associations know it... attorneys know it. Think of it as not a retreat but a consolidation of forces to more favorable battlefield... States will and can push back....some states won't... LIFE is too short to be unhappy.... 12k a year in taxes is insane.... 8k a year in car insurance and we have stellar records... is insane... This state does not have the representation in numbers to flip the switch the other way.... If you are not plugged INTO the gun community there is NO community... Meaning i see no pro gun media, I see no pro gun advancement, I see NOTHING pushed outward by the ANJRPC for engagement to other groups... all the gun groups in nj do, is preach to the same old choir...with the same old rhetoric, using the same old mantras. The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over again and again and expecting a different outcome. Sorry man, its just a fact....
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    right not it is next to impossible for me to move out of state. unless i want to desert my mother and let her land in a home........which of course no self respecting man would do.
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    There are more than enough reasons to leave NJ....and guns is only one reason to leave... NJ is done...you can't win...you don't have the numbers...BUT, nothing is impossible - so maybe...but unlikely.
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    The years of political harassment were depressing. I had to step away from the conversation. Now I am stepping away from New Jersey, to a state that doesn't attack and harass its legal gun owners. Sorry.
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    Its just like when a criminal breaks into your home here, better just run and hide rather than protect those you love. Nj sucks.
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    you really don't think that the state pd keeps track of long gun nics checks?
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    The DC Project-NJ is running a HUGE event with Dick Heller next month on May 15th in Moorestown, NJ. Theresa Inacker, our CNJFO Communications Director & DC Project's NJ Delegate, is running the Cocktail party fundraiser. Here's the story I wrote. I'm going to cross post it soon. CNJFO is loaning DCP our software set-up to collect funds and garner registrations. We've also donated $1,500 to DCP so they can hire the caterer! Mutual Aid is what it's all about. Egos get checked at the door... DC PROJECT-NJ WELCOMES DICK HELLER! PUBLIC INVITED! MEET SUPREME COURT SURVIVOR AT DCP FUNDRAISER! by Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Black Wire Media Editor in-Chief YOU can help make it happen! Please join the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners in the battle to educate NOT legislate by supporting The DC Project's mission in whatever way you can. Tickets for this exclusive Cocktail Party with Dick Heller are on sale NOW! Please join CNJFO in welcoming some of the most talented #2AHeavyLifters to ever come to NJ! Space is limited, so get yours TODAY: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4209093 . Evening includes remarks by Top Shot Gabby Franco and our esteemed DC Project Delegates from around the country. A mystery door prize, silent auction/raffles, and history-making memories to last a lifetime awaits! Sponsored in part by: COALITION OF NEW JERSEY FIREARM OWNERS (CNJFO) BLACKSTONE INVESTIGATIONS GROUP ELITE TACTICAL ACADEMY LEGACY INDOOR RANGE AND ARMORY JOHN PETROLINO (Decoding Firearms Author) ROC TRAINING SEPULVEDA INC. SECOND AMENDMENT INSTITUTE SIG SAUER SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Women are the most powerful force on Capitol Hill. Time and time again, organized groups of women anti-gunners with their red uniform shirts demand our legislator's attention, screeching their message of ignorance, divisiveness and a tyranny-inspiring laundry list of GUN CONTROL Bills. These past weeks the nation endured their onslaught and more gun control is planned. NOW IT'S OUR TURN! It's time to build our war chest to fight TYRANNY! It's time for our "TEAL FOR 2A" Patriots from The DC Project to represent all gun owners and turn the hearing rooms TEAL! And you can be a part of HISTORY! Can't make the fundraiser but still want to make a tax-deductible donation to support these Second Amendment warriors? Please visit: https://www.cnjfo.com/page-18139 . Sponsorship opportunities are plentiful! Businesses and individuals with products and services a new(er) female gun owner can make use of are urged to contact New Jersey's DC Project Delegate Theresa Inacker at: Theresa@cnjfo.com for info. For more info, to make a "Teal For 2A" apparel purchase or to join The DC Project, please visit: https://www.dcproject.info .
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    Eh, though I disagree with him on a few salient points... it does sound like this guy is FINALLY figuring out what many of us figured out a long time ago >>> though there are undoubtedly some well-intentioned people among the rank and file of gun control groups, the leadership of those groups absolutely don't give a DAMN about saving lives! They're all about power and control and adhering to political orthodoxy. The violence interruption programs that he cites in his op-ed DO, in fact, have proven effectiveness... because they focus on the PERSON, not the TOOL. For example, I've long promoted the programs developed by the criminologist David Kennedy which rely on community-led efforts to pull kids out of gang life. They have an excellent track record. However, by their very nature, those programs can't help but shine a bright light on the politically uncomfortable aspects of gun crime - like the wildly disparate crime rates (by demographics), the family dysfunction/absentee dads that helps spawn criminals, the abundance of "repeat offenders" and the broken justice system that puts them right back on the street to re-offend. The gun control movement (which tends to be overwhelmingly progressive in its political affiliation) doesn't want to touch those issues with a 10-foot pole. But, if they were actually concerned about saving lives, they'd be all over those issues! And ironically, they'd find themselves on common ground, I think, with many independents and conservatives.
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    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out , That one segment of society is 75% of the problem. jmho
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    Have placed a few orders from these fellows. Just received most recent order in ten days! Haven't had a chace yet to load up any of their bullets but they seem to have a great reputation. Some of their order have taken MUCH longer but considering the strange times we find ourselves in, it's nice to find ANYTHING that you are looking for. if you are looking for bullets, check them out. https://www.rmrbullets.com/ LOVE the sticker they included. Package came in very discreet USPS mailing pouch and box inside it was very well taped and secured. Will definitely continue ordering from these guys.
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    The best of today's crop.
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    I am normally the stand and fight guy but also recognize that there is no way to win in a state packed with illegals and others who vote for communism. The traitors have the numbers, when they don't, they cook the books.
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    We don't have to go far to see the stupidity of gun owners still supporting and voting for people wishing to eliminate us; we have a few of them right here.
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    Well, given the speed at which we are spiraling into Communism, getting bread might become as difficult as getting a gun soon.
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    I'm thinking about moving to WV. Like many, I have overstayed in NJ due to family reasons but I've had enough of the Covid tyranny and Gun Law BS in NJ. WV seems to be the closest common sense state near NJ.
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    annnd more registration is in there. we NEED to vote these people out. every. single. one. of. them.
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    I find some of this incredible - like the school-based stuff - "prohibit rewarding children for fighting off potential gunman during a drill" - whaat? "Fight" is always ONE of the options recommended by experts when all else has failed. What's the deal here? Teachers should train kids to welcome the bullets... in all circumstances? That is INSANITY!!
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    I had the same issue with my 1100 and found a worn O ring in the gas chamber. You might want to clean and inspect that area.
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    NEW JERSEY GENERAL AND PERMANENT STATUTES (UPDATED THROUGH P.L. 2021) 21:1A-133 (A): No permit shall be required for the storage, transportation or use of smokeless powder which is used by private persons for the hand loading of small arms ammunition and which is not for resale. For this purpose not more than 36 lbs. of smokeless powder and not more than 5 pounds of black powder shall be stored or transported without a permit. The "limit" refers to possession without a permit.
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    @High Exposure, remind me never to F with you where guns are involved!
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    Meh, take out suicides and drug/gang related shootings and as a country we have less gun related issues than the EU, that is the reality. Fix the issues with the gangs and drugs and figure out how to help people who want to kill themselves and we get rid of 95% of the issue but that doesn’t push the narrative so we can’t do that.
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    So, why do YOU think the gun control movement doesn't focus on actual criminals then? That's what the gun rights crowd has been promoting for years! How impressed should we be that someone in the gun control movement finally came to the same view, a decade or 2 later? And also, FWIW: we're certainly NOT the highest level of gun crime in the world, despite our high gun ownership rate. Though murder (by gun or otherwise) is, as you say, "awful" - let's not forget that our rate of gun homicide has been played like a fiddle and wildly exaggerated by the press and the gun control movement. There's no need to buy into that spin. This is a country of 330+Million people - even rare events rack up a high body count pretty quickly, simply because of our massive population size. if we're talking about saving lives - and want to focus on sheer numbers - we'd be far better off starting a national diet & exercise campaign than focusing on guns! Gun homicides are simply dwarfed by obesity-related deaths. Gun homicides - last I checked - don't even hit the "top 20" causes of death in the U.S. I'm not adding these last 2 points to minimize the issue - but merely to offer a rational, fact-based perspective and sense of proportionality.

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