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    Yeeeeeaaaah Buddy!!! Anyone that buys 6 lbs if Pork Roll - Case, Trenton, Taylor’s, whatever - is a person of taste and a damn fine American! Anyone that gifts someone 6 lbs of Pork Roll is, as my buddy Drew says, “Bro as Fuck!”.
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    that's not Donnie's fault the reality is we should have a flat tax, everyone has same skin in the game
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    Go big or go home. PORK ROLL! Six pounds!!!!
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    It will never get to his desk. Not even if we had the house too. And just say it did, States such as NJ, NY, etc, will cry States rights, bla, bla, bla, something, something, and tie it up in courts for years. You are never going to be able to carry in NJ, accept that fact.
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    did someone say something? did someone try and chime in yet again with an oz of nickel knowledge? lol, boy how times have changed and how rounds go a flyin 4 20rounders and 2 30 rounders is max with mags loaded down a round was pretty common for Iraq patrol 2 kinds of patrols in iraq, foot and trucked, trucked carried 2-5k in magged reserve the stan was less with additional load out in the vees anything else anyone wants to know
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    Relax. This is Jersey. What could possibly go wrong?
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    Not because of Trump but because of Murphy and Sweeney.
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    We're all going to die.. Oh, wait... Now if we stopped testing everyone and their brother, like Trump wants, the number of cases would drop like a rock, because all the asymptomatics would go un-noticed.
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    I’m all for the push for it. If only to force the anti-gun crowd to play defense for once
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    This is a lot of back and forth about nothing. The diagram above explains everything. I have an "other" I built on my own. I have posted all the exact parts. If you need any more information PM me and I'll go back and look up what I posted if you're too lazy.
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    Fictional Starships Size Comparison Video...
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    Factory what? Cheap plinking? I load match grade bullets, at match level tolerances.. how much does that ammo cost on a normal day?
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    Herters 9 is typically re-branded S&B, very good ammo.
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    Don't bother, dont waste your time.....*everything* is an argument I often find that those that think they are the smartest people in the room, usually are far from it. Your stance on reloading is spot on..... Casted, sized, lubed, loaded 750 rounds of 147gr 9mm this past weekend... i think the totality of time was like, dunno 4 hrs... plus/minus I don't worry about going to the range to shoot having fun and practicing...why? I reload and have ammo I learn more about ballistics and nuances about each gun i shoot.... why? I reload....and learn I know what's most accurate in some of my favorite rifles.... why? I reload...and tweak the round, sometimes to the .x grain
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    Jus once again. Gotta say i nailed it huge. Biggly. Learn to reload. !!!!! Im still in at 13 cents a round for 9mm. 223 @ 17 cents 308 sierra hpbt around 23 cents. Same for 6.5 c. Huge learning lesson for y’all. Be well.
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    I know this is gonna piss a lot of people off... I don’t buy from CTD, but I don’t disparage them for rasing their prices. Some people call it ‘price gouging’. I call it capitalism. Ultimately, capitalism is self correcting. Don’t like the price? Shop around, someone else usually has it cheaper. That being said, I’m surprised that they are still in business. Most of the gear they sell is utter crap.
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    That sucks. The guy is the image of strength and courage.
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    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/atf-suffers-rare-court-loss-in-ohio-short-barrel-rifle-prosecution/ There is some good information in there. Specifically,
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    It didn't get to him but you blame him?
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    There are no primers available unless you want 209, 50BMG or percussion primers!
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    @Charlie C @FunGun OK guys, you're not the first ones to jump to a conclusion prematurely. I myself have done that. What I learned was: consider all the possible explanations before pulling the trigger on what might be the worst one. And confirm what's actually happening. It's an imperfect world. No harm, no foul. Sounds like you made it right out there in the world. Now, if Twitter and Facebook don't block your rectifications...
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    And a bonus- those tiny boxes let you pack a lot in the cans
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    Sop here. This forum is typically the least responsive, slowest and downright aggravating to me. Could be my home support system but almost all others sites I visit work in real time. Oh well.
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    I have a lot of cases of factory ammo stored, but I only shoot my reloads (centerfire handgun). When figuring labor costs you don't get paid while watching TV or surfing the web. I reload during times that are not billable, my time off. It is relaxing and I am still shooting 300 to 400 rds per week on average. All reloads. I reload 45ACP, 44mag, 44spl, 38sp, 357mag, 45 Colt, 500 S&W and 9mm cases more times than you would think possible. It does save loads of money and still allows me to shoot as much as I want. With my Dillon presses I can reload 400 per hour easy. Rifle takes a lot more prep, but I don't shoot rifle in the quantity than I do handgun.
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    Price is high but it's available... https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/Ammunition/Pistol-Ammunition
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    Pm me if you need help to figure out reloading. Im more than happy to help my brother shooter
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    @blakejenna you can get some at 45cpr from a forum member.
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    The trigger pin was, pressed in...it took an arbor press to remove it for changing of the trigger return spring ! And broad arrow marked, red backed grips.... *if* - it could talk....
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    I work at a NJ FFL and I have not rec'd any information about the new system. As soon as I get any info or see one of these E-permits, I will let y'all know.
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    There's no "pistol weight restriction" in free america. Only New Jerseystan.
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