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    Greenday sat down at the bar and told the bartender, 'I'll have three shots of whiskey, please." The bartender replied, "Three shots? Are you celebrating something?" "As a matter of fact, I am. I just experienced my first blow-job." Greenday responded. "That's great!" said the bartender. "I'll give you a fourth shot on the house." "Don't bother," said Greenday. "If the first three shots won't get rid of the taste, nothing will."
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    My neighbor texted a little bit ago that a Bald Eagle was in his tree. I grabbed the 600mm zoom and got some cool shots!
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    Heres another F U... Right here in my town of North Hanover, virtually in my backyard, just through the woods... He'll have a hard time stopping it since its already done.. And a really really hard time 'embargo-ing' 47,000+ flags... Ironically, as he announced in his press conference today, he will be there this holiday weekend...
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    I’m kind of surprised no one else has mentioned this yet, but of course guns are allowed on boats. How else are you going to lose them in a boating accident?
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    Thanks for the heads up, but even if they were 11 boxes for 1 cent they can shove it! I have an excellent memory and Dick's will NEVER get one penny from me ever again!
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    I often spend my evenings in front of the TV while also perusing eBay for S&W ephemera on my iPad. I came across this Italian leather covered, S&W embossed presentation case one evening and bookmarked it to watch. Imagine my surprise when closing time came and I was the only bidder at a very low opening price... The case exceeded my expectations. Of course that begged the question, "What to put in it?" I not only scan eBay but also a number of firearm auction and for sale sites, and sometimes other forum's classifieds. I probably scan a thousand or more listings a week. I came across a model of S&W (what else?) that I already had, but this was in a different finish. They made this model in a blued finish as well as a nickel finish and a real color case-hardened finish, by the master: Doug Turnbull. I managed to secure it at a slightly better price than I paid for the nickel one. I figured these are the perfect duo to do this case justice... As the placard indicates, these are S&W Models 22 - 22-4 to be specific. These are part of S&W's Classic Series that reprise famous guns from their past. In this case, the .45 ACP Model of 1917. The CCH gun came from a large gunstore in the Pacific NW and it was not a great experience. I won the auction and had no communication from them whatsoever. Sent funds and the license and heard nothing. E-mailed them 3 times and used the message function on their website and heard nothing back from them. Tried calling several numbers listed for them and either got cut-off after the first ring or was told the voice mailbox was full. I actually joined a gun forum in that region and enlisted some help from them. The support and boots-on-the-ground help from that quarter was terrific. The gun community is truly something special. Finally, two and a half weeks after the close of the auction, the gun just shows up at my dealer. I would have been fine with the delay in shipping, I understand that these are extraordinary times - all they would have had to do was communicate that to me. A simple pre-formatted message would have taken minutes to send, but they couldn't even be bothered doing that. Water under the bridge. There was an upside. On the forum I joined out there I came across a .45 Target Model of 1950 (a pre-model 26) and managed to separate it from its owner. Fodder for a future thread. Stay healthy. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    So, uh, what do you do if you have a deadly force confrontation under normal daylight conditions? You know, where a bad guy can see you, and therefore your mere presence gives away your position? Do you quickly throw on your cloak of invisibility? You can’t quickly discriminate a deadly threat from a non-deadly threat, if you can’t see. You can’t accurately shoot a positively IDed threat, if you can’t see. You can’t accurately determine if your shots hit, if you can’t see. You can’t verify that your hits worked to incapacitate your threat, if you can’t see. The ability to see, and the mentally process what you see, is the single most important factor in deciding who wins a gunfight. Why should you engage in a gunfight and remove your biggest advantage ON PURPOSE?!?!? The weapon light is not for navigating your home. It’s for friend/foe identification and for making deadly force decision with proper information. I don’t care if you can somersault around your house blindfolded and never bump a wall or piece of furniture. That’s not what the light is for. What’s important is determining if what you are pointing your gun at is a deadly threat that is a valid target, or not - and doing it faster than your opponent By getting inside their OODA loop. But, but, but ambient light and stuff!! Even under full daylight conditions you may need a weapon light to target discriminate a threat, let alone ambient light. Here is my son, in my kitchen during the day. (This is simply for demonstration of light conditions and how we “see” the world, even when it isn’t dark out. I’m not advocating shooting children burglars in your home, or even offering up a scenario for discussion. He is simple the model I had on hand to demonstrate this very common setup of bright background with shadow.) What’s in his hand? A SIRT training pistol or a TV remote? How fast could you make the determination of a shoot/no shoot under these common daytime, normal, lighting conditions if my son was actually an unknown person?
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    The only logical conclusions one can draw from this incident are: 1. Criminals will always be able to obtain access to firearms. 2. Having legally-armed citizens interspersed through a population will greatly diminish the impact of these criminals.
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    So, after much thought and some serious discussions with my wife and some friends, I have decided to pursue getting my FFL. I will be located in northern Bergen County. This will be a side hustle so hours will be on a by appointment basis and I will try and accommodate clients as best I can. I will be doing transfers, compliance, consignment, and hopefully will transition into some full build/custom work. I will also offer shipping for those that sell and need to ship to a buyer FFL to FFL and will try and keep that as reasonable as possible as it can get extremely pricey. I am planning and hoping to chronicle my journey thru the paper work and red tape that NJ and federal agencies require for such an undertaking. I will try and update weekly, more often if necessary. My first order of business was finding space. As I'm sure most are aware, finding a landlord that is "firearms friendly" can be a challenge in this state. Given I'm in Bergen County, finding someone willing to allow a small firearms business to come in with reasonable rent is even harder. Well, thankfully, I believe I have found such a place. It's a small office with just enough room for a desk, a safe, and a few chairs. Easy to secure as there are no windows, cameras on the outside already. Really, just a nice spot. I contacted the owner and he is comfortable with my usage and had me call the town to be sure it would work with them. It does. I took my wife there and we looked at the space and it is a very well maintained building. Clean community restroom and most importantly... no bugs. So, as soon as I hear back from the owner I will be signing a lease and getting things moving along. I have filed for my LLC and that should be finished up within a week or so. Thanks to all that stop by and please, wish me luck.
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    No worries bruh, I got your back. There are two 20# sacks of Goya jasmine rice on the way to a food bank tomorrow morning. In fact, I'm going to put your name on them. Courtesy of Greenday. It will be our little inside joke. Feed the poor.
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    So I woke up My dog is laying on the back patio covered in dirt with a rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit's not bloody, just dirty. My neighbor's kids raise blue ribbon show rabbits. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. So I took the rabbit away from my dog, rushed inside, and washed all the dirt off it before my neighbors could come home. It was stiff but I heard some animals play dead when they are afraid but I couldn't remember which ones. I took it and placed it back in one of the cages in their back yard then I ZOOMED back home. Not 30 minutes later I hear my neighbors screaming so I go out and ask them what's wrong? They tell me their rabbit died three days ago and they buried it but now it's back in the cage.
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    I've been working on the Rail Road. All of a sudden I'm not a geek no mo LOL
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    Who do you think you are, Nostravirus?
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    This is a pretty cool video of a log across a stream...
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    ^^^^ This There was a line that Reagan said about making a difference.... This is also a proud father moment....so indulge me.... My 25yr old daughter and husband out in West Reading PA, live in a very nice apt complex... We discussed preparing for now up to eight weeks...the school system they teach and counsel in closed for the next two. They are still actively stocking which is good....some light panic out there...very last minute charlies, but not them, which is good.. But, she tells me they made fliers last night and placed them under the doors in their area of the bldg, and elevator - offering to shop for any older people that are nervous about going out and they are doing some shopping for them.....! I could not be prouder of them - these are the types of stories that the news needs to report !!!! NOT the assinine fist fights over bumped carts! I can leave this life knowing i left it better by virtue of my kids..... Sorry for the long winded promotion, but i am just proud of them and thought it was a good story to share...
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    @Sniper - I see posters asking reasonable questions/making reasonable points, and in a reasonable tone, and then I see you responding with condescension and insults. Get out of fight mode, pls. Walk away from the keyboard. Go walk your dog... or have a glass of port. Come back when you're less belligerant. This is a community. Let's be civil.
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    On my way back home. Massive turnout, lots of angry Pro-gun people, no antifa, no violence and several new friends. Met up with Rosey, Theresa and Alex from CNJFO. Photos later.
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    Cape May County becomes the first county in NJ to pass the resolution! Cape May County is now a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County!!
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    I don’t care for trump, but GOYA has donated millions of dollars worth of food during many different times of need, including food banks throughout the US as well as to Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria devastated the country. They are the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States employing thousands of Hispanics. They stand as an icon of Latin American success in the country, and bring pride in sharing products from all over Latin American countries to tables around the US. The CEO makes one comment regarding politics and everyone wants to see the company fail? I don’t understand why people would want a company to go under that employs so many people who most likely don’t share the same views as their CEO. This cancel culture shit needs to end.
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    You should be ashamed of yourself. Clearly conditioned thinking that escaped NJ... Their and their family's safety is no more important than mine and my family's, and more importantly, they don't have special privileges over others, especially with a guaranteed right that is being obstructed by an overzealous and tyrannically motivated State (and in which heaven forbid they didn't abuse some of the power granted to them, as well). Neither current cops on duty nor current off-duty cops nor retired law enforcement should have (or support the dualistic) privilege over the people they work/worked for. They shouldn't get special privileges, especially to defend Statist Politicians, and especially if those Politicians, with the corrupt and fake media as cover, are going to disenfranchise the people of their natural right to self defense. They didn't earn shit, and they chose that profession. They got paid for it and earned an ambitious pension at the burden of the tax payers, their employers, for their service while those they work for and are suppose to protect largely don't have that safety net. And I presume many will move out of state and spend their money elsewhere and enjoy freedoms that this corrupt and egregious bankrupt state won't allow. Rethink your stance.
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    Interesting how all the laws you support and agree with are on the books in Canada and a fucking old man that worked as a denture technician was the mastermind behind the evil. He single handedly circumvented all your bullshit laws and won the day. Bravo Karen.
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    What the fuck is “too deadly”? In 2018, rifles were used in 374 killings. In the same year the following were responsible for: • Knives/Blades - 1604 deaths • Blunt Objects (hammer, bat, etc...) - 472 deaths • Hands/Fists/Feet - 656 deaths I don’t know about you, but I have never needed a permit for a hammer, a bat, any knife, or to take a Jiu Jitsu class. If they are responsible for so many more deaths, shouldn’t there be some restrictions on them, you know, for safety? Oh, maybe because guns can kill more people quickly at one time. Well the worst mass murder in US History ever was carried out with $1.50 in gasoline and a match. So, where’s the permits to fill’er up? Or the restrictions on how much gasoline you can buy in 30 days or at one time? The only accessory that makes a weapon “too deadly” is the gray matter found between your ears. People are evil. People kill. People are deadly and dangerous. An adjustable stock, a suppressor, a flash hider or removable magazine have no bearing whatsoever on “Deadliness”. You had the right word in your opinion that I quoted above - irresponsible. You just chose to ignore responsibility and focus on inanimate objects instead. How do you not see that THAT personal choice of irresponsibility is the deciding factor in the equation? What the fuck does this have to do with safety. I am assuming you are referring to an adjustable stock. I can buy 6 identical rifles and pin my stock at each of 6 positions and that’s totally OK. But if I have one rifle with an adjustable stock that stops at each of the exact same same 6 positions, that should be illegal? That makes zero sense. In 40-something other states you can have AR pistols with folding stocks. Do you see the streets running red with blood there? Because I sure don’t....
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    You are basically asking on a public forum if people are going to break the law... so don't expect many answers.
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    I’m going to start calling you “The Seagull” because you fly in, squawk at everyone, shit on everything, then leave.
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    The left is trying to destroy Goya foods since the CEO of Goya came out for trump and God! I am one who is guilty of walking past the Goya section in my local Acme with my brain saying, Spanish food...Not a fan. Many of the canned goods and other products are not just Spanish. I find that many items that Goya sells, are the same items that Del Monte and others make. We need to stand behind those corporations and there are not many, who have the balls to stand up to the left wing socialists! I will look closely at what Goya offers and I will purchase their products whenever possible! Please join me!
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    quesadilla pierogies are two words that should not be used in the same sentence let alone reside on the same plate. You either get a quesadilla or you get pierogies. The pierogies must be boiled first then sauteed in butter with onions and served with sour cream and salt and pepper.
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    So the correct response to having too much fuel on hand is to find other fuels to use instead of the stuff you have too much of and don't know what to do with. You give new meaning to special.
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    Nobody even reads what you say. You are literally that guy
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    You been living in NJ to long. Look up amendment 2 in the bill of rights.
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    Gotchya! Only a Dick would buy from Dicks. Support 2A companies this holiday season.
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    Want to send a message to the NJ Legislature to stop their assault on NJ Gun owners? Get out and vote this Tuesday, 11/5. Make your plans now for where you will vote - find your polling place and hours below and...GO...VOTE! Every NJ assembly seat is up for election, and we can send a message by voting out all the incumbents who helped pass the new laws that implemented 10 round mag limit, the Red Flag seizures, the end of private sales and bans on even the purchase and possession of 80% lowers and parts. Rumor has it (per Anthony Colandro at GunForHire) that the next NJ legislative session will see an attempt to ban *all* semi-automatic rifles in NJ. Did you sit out the gubernatorial election in 2018 and through that inaction help Murphy buy his way into the governor's seat? Here's your chance to redeem yourself. General info on the NJ Assembly Election: https://ballotpedia.org/New_Jersey_General_Assembly_elections,_2019 List of towns mapped to districts: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/districts/municipalities.asp Where to vote based on your address: https://voter.njsvrs.com/elections/polling-lookup.html The NRA ratings of candidates for your district (Yes, I know, the NRA has issues and needs to clean house, likely of top leadership. However, I do trust their ratings which are based on past voting behaviors and/or questionnaires. ): https://www.nrapvf.org/grades/New-Jersey I'll simplify it for you - vote for Republican assembly candidates in this election. I'm no staunch Republican, and dislike partisan politics in general, but as a NJ gun owner I realize that the Democratic stranglehold on the NJ legislature has to be broken in order to stop the express train of punitive anti-gun legislation.
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    For crying out loud, would you guys let up on the noobs already. Take your lithium pills, check your tin foil hats and chill out for corn sake, every new member is not a minion of Murphy. You are creating a bad atmosphere for new members. It does not matter what the questions asked here are. As long as they are answered without giving bad (illegal) advise, there is no problem. We, the experienced and knowledgeable, should be helping in a positive manner. Calling out almost every new member as a troll is just plain stupid and not helpful to the 2A community image.
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    Im sure someone said the same thing about tasers being legal to own and carry in NJ. Every bit of change that goes in our favor, were made possible by people not giving up. If everyone is optimistic, we can be proven wrong or right. But if everyone is pessimistic, we can only be proven right.
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    Do you work hard at being a Schmuck or does it just come natural? I wash my hands. I don't wear a FACE CONDOM in my vehicle. That's "Mr. Asshole" you scumbag!
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    He is a beauty all right. Done more for the 2A community that you ever would or could. If you dont know the facts you should keep your mouth shut.
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    ^^^PROOF that you've already been brainwashed into a good little, still wet behind-the-ears typical NJ gun owner that wants to always pick up the TURD in the swimming pool by the CLEAN END! I've been doin' this firearms thang for over 48 YEARS. In all of that time I've never heard of a "perfectly clean case" of a gun owner getting hung out to dry. Allen, Aitken, even the 70+ yr old history teacher from So. Jersey with the 300 year old flint-less flintlock hand gun (a piece of metal pipe with wood wrapped around it, since a FLINT in the jaws of the guns' hammer is required to make a spark for ignition!) wrapped in a dinner napkin & stored in a car's glove box. They all had fingers pointing at them. They all had been pulled over for a tiny infraction. Don't hold yer breath waitin' for it (the TURD with the CLEAN end) to happen either! There's always some piece of minutia that gives guys (it's ALWAYS GUYS---cause women are MUCH smarter when it comes to this shit!) the bravado to point fingers without knowing ALL of the facts, and then try the case in their own tiny minds and then broadcast the results on social media. As IF we actually CARE what the uninformed think about OUR RIGHTS & how we exercise them, lol. Then they need a SAFE place when guys like me that have seen it all & done it all call them out. I rode around with a scattergun all day today. Did the same since SUNDAY. Might do it again tomorrow too. It's legal, even here in Jersey, so why not? "riding around with guns while not going to the range". Really? You mean forgetting he was driving in the Communist People's Republic of New Jerseystan, right? WHO was he hurting besides brainwashed NJ gun owners? As a "2A Leader" I don't get to pick & choose age, race, marital status, education level, hard-headedness, laziness, number of cavities in their mouths, stupidity level, etc., etc., of the VIC of overzealous NJ gun law. I DEFEND you no matter how many forum members want to throw you under Da-Bus. WHY? Because I care MORE about the 2nd Amendment itself, and the ABUSE of 2A than I do about the opinions of a Stockholm Syndrome-affected NJ gun owner that thinks a "firearms inspection" at a range is acceptable. @Mrs. Peel @Zeke USRifle30Cal I need a drink!

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