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  1. half a case? So how many rounds? The thing is... it is not $100 more... you are comparing an "on sale" price of a Heritage and not taking into account the transfer fees, and comparing it to a full sticker firearm. The difference between the two today is about $50. For the $50 you are getting a lifetime warranty, a USA made gun, much better finish on the gun and a better brand. Is that worth $50? YOU BET! It is even worth $100 or more difference. What other 22lr quality revolver are you going to get for under $300? Btw, I hope you shoot the Heritage in 22lr only. In some independent testing, with 22 WMR the guns started cracking cylinders around 5,000 rounds. Literally, the price difference is two bricks of ammo. This is partly why every FFL/distributor is begging to get more guns in. The heritage is a great value for $150... but the Wrangler is a MUCH BETTER value for just a few bucks more. We are not comparing a Heritage vs a $600 Smith 617. =)
  2. lol. I know of a few people who bought theirs for $200 from local vendors here. Maybe they will post here. Beyond that, Ruger is targeting a $200 price point on these. Yes, you may have a few dealers charging more... because they can... there is a huge demand for them and short supply for now, distributors are not giving out too many. MSRP is $249. @Krdshrk
  3. If you are legally purchasing a firearm in NJ, you should have a pistol permit for all of the guns that you bought. In either case, if one of them was lost at some point, pistol permits have 4 copies... 1 for state, 1 for buyer, 1 for seller and 1 for your town. Even if all 4 are lost, that gun is logged in your FFL's log book. There is a paper trail for all guns there.
  4. If that 4th gun was purchased in Newark on the streets and used in crimes... yes you may have an issue. In general, if you legally purchased a gun, you are fine. Some people will drive around with a copy of their pistol permits in the case, others will not. But there are plenty of people who acquired guns while living in other states and then moved to NJ.
  5. You can buy that for around $200 at FFLs... they are NOT charging you the transfer fee... just NICS. And I think once availability gets better, you will see these for around $175.
  6. +transfer + nics.... So your savings are $50 tops. There is a big difference between them... lifetime warranty and actually reliable and safe. =)
  7. Maksim

    Recommend handgun

    Was that the stuff we shot outdoors that day that was stupid quiet? Or was that different ammo?
  8. Maksim

    Recommend handgun

    Can we put this on a t-Shirt? =) @jasonx the above is perhaps the BEST way to summarize what most people are trying to say.
  9. Maksim

    Recommend handgun

    Just wondering... have you ever shot/rented handguns at a range yet? I think once you do... you will have different questions. =) And generally recoil is not what makes it easier or harder to hit a target... it is lack of training with a firearm. Not all recoil is bad but in general, a 9mm will not give you issues with follow up shots. You are not shooting a 357 magnum revolver with a 10 lb double action pull out of a snubby.
  10. IF NFA has a hard enough time updating their website to flag NJ orders and allegedly does not have technology to track orders past 90 days... do you think they have the budget to fight NJ, or even multiple states? I don't know but I doubt any of the other companies sued into oblivion survived?
  11. Maksim

    Recommend handgun

    In that case the noise and muzzle flash will not make a difference anyway. Only thing that would be hearing safe WITHOUT a suppressor would be like a 22lr shooting cci quiet (borderline) or CB caps, etc. Will wait for an LEO expert to chime in here but generally, IIRC in those situations, your body automatically "shuts down" hearing expecting it, or something like that. If you want quiet and no muzzle flash, move to America and get a suppressor. Otherwise, work within the guidelines. The reason I mentioned recoil is because you did.
  12. Yes... I do think the issue needs to be resolved. Although I am afraid New Frontier Armory will likely close up shop before that happens.
  13. Maksim

    Recommend handgun

    Jason, Just wondering... do you have hand or wrist issues that you are worried about the recoil?
  14. So while Nick was merging I lost my saved draft... Here is the thing, they said they were complying... NFA then sold on May 23rd. The problem for them is, if they feel secure, I don't believe anyone has yet won against NY, NJ, CA in these types of suits. And it should not be difficult at all for a company like NFA to update their site to flag orders to banned states. And pretty much lying about not having records going past 90 days? lol. Feeling secure would be taking a position... "We are a NV corporation and are not subject to NJ laws." but saying you are going to comply and then apparently not doing anything about it? Or perhaps word got around that they would ship non-compliant stuff to ban states? This is already national news and I would not be surprised if CT, NY, CA and others join in.
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