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  1. aha Won't be THIS gun with a convertible cylinder as 22lr is the safe limit. BUT... this gun in 38/9mm... cool idea. I suggest you use the "tell the ceo" feature on ruger's site and suggest it.
  2. It is an AR with a "non-semi automatic" trigger... thus exempt. Take a look at FA's other posts on this gun. In essence, it is a huge FU to NJ and its tyrannical gun laws.
  3. This.... Walmarts here in PA have 9mm Federal for $7.97 per box. As far as range ammo... lots of choices... Federal, American Eagle, Blazer Brass, Fiocchi, Remington UMC, Winchester White Box... in that order. All of it will be fine for range use.
  4. So it is quite possible... the folks I spoke with are the product managers and PR folks. They have also seen massive appeal for the gun and know, it will sell very very quickly. The Heritage arms is around $150 and that is precisely the price point that Ruger wanted to target... Distributors will absolutely get $200 for it and folks right now would easily spend $250 for it... I am focusing on the past hype rush, so looking 8 months down the road... they are targeting it as a sub $200 gun and it was manufactured for that price point and they can still make money there. Heck, even at full MSRP it is a really good value and the build quality. I shot a few hundred rounds through it and was quite impressed and everyone was happy with the finish on the gun. Just like the LCP and other ruger products... we all know perfectly well that the EFFECTIVE price will be under $200 once you factor in the buy 5 get 1 free deals and all.
  5. I am telling you what Ruger is expecting this to end up around. Straight from horses mouth. Is it worth $200 though? Yes. Once hype wears off will be under $200 and in the $175 range.
  6. Another +1 for the GSG1911. They also sold a conversion kit of just the slide and a mag. Not sure if still avail.
  7. Maybe will push this video up first? The reason for this gun was that Heritage/Taurus was selling hundreds of thousands of these guys a year.... yet during testing Ruger found that most of them crap out after 5k rounds or so. Far less with 22 wmr cylinder. Ruger said they will only keep this 22lr as anything bigger is unsafe.
  8. Should be about $150 steeet price. Was a great little gun and much better build quality than the heritage/Taurus ones. Was amazing to see all the seal/delta guys at the event go crazy over it.
    Another flawless transaction! Thanks Todd! Worst part is waiting for the paperwork and tax stamps to clear.
  9. The inner slav in me came out...
  10. Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Mlock Rail

    © Maks @NJGF

  11. Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Mlock Rail

    © Maks @NJGF

  12. Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Mlock Rail

    © Maks @NJGF

  13. Brand new Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Mlock Rail

    © Maks @NJGF

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