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  1. NChander

    New to NJ

    Thanks for all the tips and recommendations, very much appreciated!!
  2. NChander

    New to NJ

    Come to think of it, I did cross a few rivers so that's where they probably got lost.
  3. NChander

    New to NJ

    I must be a masochist since I've lived in Maryland, Massachusetts, and now Jersey...all Constitution loving 2A states... Of course, all my firearms got lost during the moves to these various states so I will need to register to purchase a new one.
  4. NChander

    New to NJ

    Thanks for the welcome and the meat info!
  5. NChander

    New to NJ

    Howdy folks, Recently moved down from Boston to Basking Ridge NJ and getting used to all the exits... Looking forward to joining a local rifle club /range and meeting fellow enthusiasts. On a side note, I thought the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts was anti-2A, this state might be worse. Take care, NChander
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