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  1. Howdy Folks, My wife and I are PA residents, but my wife works for her family business in the Newark area. I really dislike that she has to go unarmed everyday to work. She carries all the time in PA and is well trained (always training), but sadly. NJ has some stupid laws when it comes to guns. I feel bad for you guys. Hoping things will turn around there soon! Heck, if there is a protest, within a couple hours from me, I would totally drive there to help! Anyway, One of the owners of the company (her family). Has been thinking about getting a shotgun (Mossberg 500 most likely), to have with them when they are working late some nights. I have a strange feeling this isn't legal. So thought I would ask on here before hiring a lawyer to find out. Also is it true that self defense isn't legal in NJ?
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