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  1. anyone know or can ask a dealer friend if they can bring in a hk sp5 with a pinned SBT5A brace and a forend that will accept and come with a vertical foregrip to make it an "other firearm" ???
  2. this is an "other firearm build" so its not required to have a break. if you were looking for a 3 or 4 prong for a standard rifle i think we are outta luck. i havent seen any modified 3 or 4 prongs that are nj compliant. if any has please post a pic
  3. thanks . yeah agreed. the 4 prong goes for way to much for what it is
  4. shoots great. 4 prong makes a "pingy" sound when shooting. heard that goes away after carbon build up on the flashhider tho, i dont know. but yea, im real happy with this build. 100 percent reliable so far after only about less 500 round thru it.
  5. mk18 cloneish build. geiselle 10.3 urgi clone upper with pinned and welded surefire 4 prong. colt lower. colt BCG. Knights armament front sight in taupe with NSN number. Knights micro 300m rear sight. SBA4 brace. geiselle ssa trigger barrel length 12-7/16 and OAL is 26-11/16
  6. anything below an 11 or 11.5 inch barrel you would need to pin and weld your muzzle device and just use a standard receiver extension. using a bcm 11.5 with a standard buffer tube got me 25 7/8 of an inch. other 11.5 barrels may be different but thats what i got. for a 10.5 inch, just using a vltor a5 will not get you to the minimum length. i would just pin and weld your muzzle device on a 10.5 to get you the length. unless you want the vltor a5 system which is an upgrade. just be aware of the 2 types of a5. they got the 6 and 7 positions, re a5 and re 10 a5sr respectively some sba braces may be finicky with the vltor extensions whether it be the 6 or 7 postions so it will be a trial and error. i use a sba4 with a re10 a5sr and it fits pretty good. just an 1/8 of an inch gap between the castle nut and brace when fully collapsed. not a big deal but might be for people with OCD.
  7. im at around 26 5/8 with an 11.5. . so im guessing you would just make it over 26 with a .2 inch shorter barrel
  8. ya. my bcm 11.5 came up 25 7/8 oal with a milspec buffer tube. you can get away using the 7 position a5. just when u fully collapse forcefully, you might have to wiggle it out 1/4 inch or so to have it fully click in. with the 6 position though, i can forcefully collapse the stock and it will click in smoothly. kinda hard to explain buts thats just with the sba4 brace. other braces might be different
  9. correction. the brace does fit flush with the 7 position. just tried it now but it was stiff as hell. plus it does not click in all the way in. you have to jiggle the stock in and out alittle for it to click in the most collapse position. with the 6 position it clicks in smoothly when fully collapsed i dont know. these braces are wierd with some extension tubes. u gotta do alittle trial and error to see what fits when you by an A5 extension
  10. for some reason, they have the 7 positions a5 instock everywhere. but NOBODY has the RE-10/A5SR which is the 6 positions, in stock. the sba4 brace that i have on my BCM 11.5 build fits almost flush (1/2 inch gap) when fully collapsed with RE-10/A5SR 6 position. i also have the A5 7 position, but theres an inch or more gap between the brace and the castle nut when fully collapsed. i bought my RE-10/A5SR 6 postion years ago but forgot where. i just looked every on the internet and its out of stock. dunno why
  11. thx. btw im thinking of doing a geissele mk18 clone-ish build. URG-I Complete, Near Clone, 10.3" Variant, 5.56MM im gonna need to have the surefire flashider pinned and welded. this should be a LEGIT legal build as far as im concerned. puting on a sba4 brace and a magpul vfg i found in my junk drawer if i fall short i will just ad a vltor a5 but i dont think i need too
  12. does any 1 know the exact oal of a 10.3 barrel with a surefire 3 prong pin and welded would be with a milspec buffer tube????
  13. i did a bcm 11.5 inch build with a milspec receiver ext. got 25 7/8 inch so i was short. i just threw on a vltor a5 buffer system in and now im over 26 inches. didnt need to pin and weld my muzzle device
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