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  1. Here is a link for a brief synopsis of the changes made after Judge Bumb's Koons V. Reynolds decision on 1/9/22. But please note - the information in this link is subject to change: https://www.mendhamnj.org/documents/Summary A4769.pdf Also a link to the Koons V Reynolds forum page:
  2. I worked for him for Anthony Colandro for a time. Great guy, treats everyone like family! I doubt anyone else has the stones he has, could walk the path he has and endure the arrows and threats he's had to face. Not to mention the overhead, payroll, insurances, personalities, standards, and compliance... He has been an advocate for all of us, beyond what we can comprehend, and has been the face and voice of opposition in Trenton and DC, when 99.9% of NJ gun owners don't even show up. I disparage no one or their opinions, but try not to judge since I can never know the full story. Just my 2 cents, not picking a fight.
  3. My permit (Morris County) has the "See court order" box checked, as well. The court order only has the handgun info listed (make, model, caliber, and serial number), and that i must carry "this ORDER" at all times. I also carry a printout of the NJSP statement that Critical Defense/Critical Duty, etc. is not considered hollow point ammunition (just to avoid any confusion or questions). I ordered a bifold Minimalist Wallet Double ID Holder from ...amazon...to put it all in and it fits well. I do have the permit and court order screenshots on my phone, as well, but figured giving an officer the physical paper is better proof of authenticity, won't create a distracting glow in his/her face if reading in low light (hopefully making them feel safer), and worst case, keeps my phone handy in case I need to make a call for counsel, if further clarification is needed. I think the last thing any LEO wants to do in bright sun or low light is try to enlarge/scroll a phone screen while maintaining peripheral situational awareness. I think (just my worthless two cents) our job as responsible citizens is to help make them as comfortable when dealing with us as possible, since this is nee to them too, at least in NJ. I'll try to attach the wallet screenshots below.
  4. I don't know but I should have asked Det. G. I didn't think of it at the time. Thank you! I'm still in a pleasant state of amazement.
  5. Yes, we will meet sometime! (I'm actually stopping there for a minute right now)
  6. It does specifically list the make, model, and serial #'s of the 2 I qualified with. Nothing on the permit though, just the court order. The permit does state "see court order". I'll update with a (cropped) picture when I get a chance
  7. Update to Morris County. (Mendham) 7/7(?): Dropped completed packet to Detective @ July 7 7/20: Identogo appointment, confirmed with local PD by email 8/30: Money order cashed (Permit and court order signed on 8/30) 9/08: Received call from, and picked up permit from local PD PD noted that it is a "Carry Permit", (either concealed and open) "No Restrictions", "See Court Order" Court Order includes the Model and Serial #'s Signed by The Honorable Michael E. Hubner, J.S.C.
  8. Same experience, same places, about 3 weeks ahead. The detective there has always been extremely helpful, can't say enough good things about him!!!
  9. IIRC, firearm must be measured with the brace in the closed position because minimum overall length must be greater than 26" for it to be considered not concealable. Under 26" is considered concealable. Regarding the extended length, I was told it referred to a "rifle's typical length of pull" (which was in the vicinity of 13", sorry for not being more specific or having the links bookmarked for pasting). Therefore, if the extended stabilizer has a LOP around 13" it could be construed to act as a shoulder fixture rather than a forearm stabilizer or cheek weld. I will try follow up with links later.
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